Review Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude #1

Review of Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude #1

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This is a hot book at the comic stores right now.  There is a lot of hype around it coming from a few sources.

First - The story segways directly into the upcoming movie Guardians of the Galaxy.  A movie that looks freaking awesome!!!!!!!!
Second- It bring back two of the best Guardians of the Galaxy writers Abnett and Lanning
Third -It has great artists
Fifth- It focuses on Nebula and she looks bad ass

Does it live up to all of that hype?  For me not quite.  The story is structured moving from the time just before the movie begins to the past through flashbacks.  Some of that moving around gets confusing and also stops it from having a single, strong cohesive moment.  Abnett and Lanning are trying to tell quite a lot through this story and I think it gets overly packed and ends up feeling like it was forced out a quantum torpedo tube.  It would have been better perhaps if they had used one more book to tell the story, but this prelude is set up such that it jumps around in time and amongst the characters.  Prelude 2 will focus on Rocket Raccoon and Groot.

Does it have this great action or dramatic moment- No not really

Where this book does not fail is giving us a view of the Cosmic world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  On this point it really delivers and I would say even answers a few questions I have had brewing in my mind since watching the Guardians movie trailer.

In this book we meet Thanos, we begin to hear his philosophy and get a feel for who he is.  We also see Gamora, and Korath.

With Korath I have been wondering who he is going to be.  The Korath in the comics is an engineer who serves the Kree empire and the Supreme Intelligence. He is the creator of the Pursuer project that effectively creates superhumans.  When the Supreme Intelligence is ousted by Ronan the Accuser to lead  then Korath is forced out to the edge of the Kree Empire (It is a big empire).  He is disgruntled and experiments on himself with his own Pursuer Project.  He becomes superhuman but he is not a soldier or a experienced warrior.

By contrast the Korath we see in Guardians trailer looks like a very experienced soldier.

Likewise, Nebula in the comics is a space pirate who only claims lineage to Thanos.  Thanos denies she has any relation to him and brutally kills her, then zombiefies her as a punishment for making the claim.  From what I saw in the trailers Gamora and Nebula seemed to have a history, which seemed to tie Nebula more to Thanos than in the comics.

We are given some explanation here.  Korath, Gamora, and Nebula are all trained together by Thanos.  He has the three compete against each other in ruthless, brutal missions.  It is dog eat dog style competition where teamwork is frowned on and weakness is severely punished.  All three seem to take orders from Ronan as well, so it seems all 4 either directly or indirectly are working for Thanos.  Ronan perhaps is the first trainee and is like a drill instructor training the new batch of agents.

Thanos's philosophy leads directly into how Nebula gains her cybernetic parts.

Leave what is weak behind and pursue strength.

Flesh is weak, metal is strong

As Nebula fails she loses her flesh parts and gains replacement metal ones.  Slowly the girl evolves into the strong assassin that Thanos wants her to be.

Thanos does not mention Death or his love of Death, only strength.  Could this be the philosophy of cinematic Thanos?  He is a tyrant seeking ultimate power and strength and not trying to end the universe to court death.  This avoids the weird brother of Thanos, Starfox who has some bizarre baggage.  Starfox the lover of life if you will is credited in the comics of helping form Thanos's obsession with death.  Marvel may have found a way around that weird story by tweaking Thanos's philosophy.  I would personally be in favor of Marvel cutting out Starfox one way or the other.

Guardians of the Galaxy Character Hub 
Who is Rocket Raccoon?
Who is Nebula? 
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