Review Batman Eternal #1 The new series launches with a mystery
Batman Eternal #1 cover notice the faces

Review of Batman Eternal #1


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Batman is 75 years old this month and to mark the occasion DC has launched a new Bat title called Batman Eternal.  It is a weekly title which I always find intimidating.  I thought I would definitely check out the first one at the very least.

First the cover is pretty cool.  Batman is striking a pose in a rain storm, blood covers his chest, and in his cape we see the full crew of Bat's friends and allies.  This may be one of my favorite covers I have seen in awhile.  Very simple but moody with cool water effects.  The blood on Batman begs you to ask whose blood is that?

Then the book starts.  How does it start?  With a mega batfist to the brain that's how.  The first page is titled the end and if it is the end then lets just say it does not end well.

We then go back in time to meet incoming new cop Jason Bard.  Jason Bard was handpicked by Jim Gordon from Detriot PD to take over the commissioners old job as a LT.  Meanwhile, Pyg is causing issues that Batman and Gordon are trying to clean up.  Bard's first day is about to get interesting.

If the first page does not suck you in, the mystery created around Jim Gordon's fate near the end of the book likely will.  I actually reread this book a couple of times to see if I missed something, they definitely start a mystery that makes the reader want to read more.  The story telling was solid I was worried that it would focus on too many characters at once and it did not do it all.  The art work, from the cover to the end is solid.  It is not full of action but offers some good moments as well.

All in all, it is a very good book and I may now need to pick it up every week.

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