Joker's Daughter #1 Review

Joker's Daughter #1 Review

Joker's Daughter #1 Review

Spoilers, Spoilers and then some Spoilers

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Where to begin with this book.  It is fairly old at this point but I saw it and was curious and picked it up.  I have heard of the Joker's daughter ruling in the sewers/nethers of Gotham and was intrigued enough to pay 5 bucks to read it.
Verdict - I did not like at all.
I will try to do an honest review of it.

Finds Joker's face

So the Jokers daughter is ruling the sewers, who is she?
Basically an insane spoiled teenager who hates beautiful things so she tries to make herself ugly.  She runs away from home, finds the cut off face of the joker, smooshes it on her face.  Then Takes over the sewers from the crazy people there.  The crazy people don't put up much of a fight.  Why?  Supposedly because she has Joker's face.  That seems pretty farfetched.

She turns the crazy women on the men and puts the women in charge.  YAY girl power....wwwait.  The guy in charge goes by the name Charon.  Charon actually seemed kind of cool and nice.  Then she goes around burning jokers smiles into everyone's faces. Not really a girl power moment.  Maybe it was supposed to be but it comes across more as a WTF  just happened moment.  It all feels like a very shallow, stupid take on Patriarchy and Matriarchy but it is a poor analysis of both.

The book contains her origin which tries to explain her psychosis and add depth.  It is hard to add depth when all you hear is a whiny spoiled kid. Lots of self mutilation and gross out moments so if you are into that then this character is the one for you.

I don't find the character believable, relatable, understandable, or any other able.

Is she meant to be a new Harley Quinn?  I really like Harley Quinn but this Joker Daughter character is just too over the top and gross for me.
To be honest on this book and play devils advocate with myself I need to ask the question.  Do I as a guy not like this character because it is an "Ugly" female and if it was an ugly male  would I like the character more?
I don't think so.  I really don't like the idea of self mutilation be it a guy or a girl.  I don't like the faceless joker I just think it is an unnecessary gross out.  The kind of stupid stunts that writers do when they run out of good ideas.

The art is ok, and did not get in the way of the story...though perhaps it should have.

My advice - Skip it - Get Batman Eternal or Batgirl instead

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