From the Vault -Where Monsters Dwell #6 - 2nd Appearance of Groot


Where Monsters Dwell #6

Where Monsters Dwell #6 is an interesting book.  It is the 2nd appearance of Groot.  Printed in November of 1970 the story is actually a reprint of Groot's first appearance in Tales to Astonish 13 (1960).  The old story was taken and reprinted as part of a monsters series, only the cover and ads inside were changed.  Interestingly, only a few things were altered in the covers.  Groot's tie to Planet X was highlighted in the original 60s version but taken off the cover in the 70s. Also Groot looks grayish in the 60s version but Brown in the 70s.  The gray color may simply have been a limitation of the ink.  Hulk initially looked Gray due to limitations in printing ink. One thing for certain when looking at this book is that Groot certainly did not evolve as a character during his first 10 years.  He is still a big powerful angry alien Monster.

Tales to Astonish Vol 1 13
First Appearance of Groot
2nd appearance of Groot

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From a value perspective Tales to Astonish #7 is worth a lot more.  Where Monsters Dwell goes for between $20 to $200 based off quality, while a low end Tales to Astonish will be worth over a thousand.  Tales of Astonish #7 can go for around 4 thousand for a high end copy.  The moral of the story is that if you want to read the story you are much better getting a copy of Where Monsters Dwell.  I would not read the Tales to Astonish version if you have one you should submit it to CGC rating and getting it sealed.  I would suggest doing this no matter how beaten up the book is.

Groot really goes back to the days when Horror/Monster/Sci Fi comics were popular before superheroes ruled the roost as it were.  Not many characters survived from that genre so his evolution into a super hero is very interesting.

Groot lands on earth and it is witnessed by a young couple.  He begins absorbing trees and wood structures making himself larger.  He violently begins to take over a town and tell its citizens he plans to take it back to his home planet, Planet X to study it.  He is immune to fire and attacks and creates an army of trees that he can control.

Groot then begins to grow roots that he claims he can use to transport the town to his home planet.  Mean while the hero doctor runs away and everyone calls him a coward.  People being trapped by giant tree can be so mean.

The Doctor has a plan though and at the end of the book he unleashes special termites that seemingly kill off Groot.  Of course we learn a few years later in a Hulk Comic that Groot survived.  He is still a big bad monster in the Hulk story though.

The Incredible Hulk Annual #5 (1976) Groot appears again.  This book is interesting because it effectively brings in a bunch of Silver Age monsters from the old Tales to Astonish books into the main Marvel continuity.  This is the first time that happened.  It sets up Groot as a character that can be used in Marvel Super Hero stories.  Groot would not appear again until decades later.

Interesting Facts:
Groot applied to be the nanny of Luke Cage's infant, he lost the job to Squirrel Girl
Groot's vocal cords hardened and now he can only say "I am Groot" he remains highly intelligent
Groot is one of most intelligent minds in the Marvel universe
Groot is the last of his kind

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Who is Groot?
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FROM THE VAULT -Where Monsters Dwell #6 - 2nd Appearance of Groot

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