Who kidnapped Beth on Walking Dead?

Who Kidnapped Beth?

It is looking like none of the options I wrote about for this theory are correct.  Not one.

Beth is in a place called "Slabtown" what is it?

New and perhaps best option:

In the game Survival Instinct based on the Walking Dead.  In the game you play Daryl Dixon.  You run into a character who named Noah Cruz who is thought to appear on the next episode of the show.  Noah Cruz is being held by a crazy nurse who is experimenting on him in an attempt to find a cure to the zombie disease.  By the looks of what we see in the trailer it looks like Beth could be held by someone experimenting on her in a hospitable setting.

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3 Options:

Option 1: Terminus/Hunters

She is at Terminus:
Terminus is based off the hunters in the comics.   The hunters were a group that killed Dale in a brutal fashion.  They are cannibals who find it easier to hunt, and brutally eat people than hunt animals.
Terminus seems much like a much larger version of the hunters, and it is possible they have packs of armed men searching for victims to bring back to Terminus.  Perhaps, they even use kept houses with food in them to lure people in.
The counter to this idea is that likely the person that captured Beth is the person that fixed up the walker bodies respectfully in the mortuary.  This person did not seem like a cannibal and also had a fair amount of food.

Chris of the hunters

Option 2: Father Gabriel

Father Gabriel -

Who is Father Gabriel Stokes? 

He first appears in Walking Dead #61 he is pseudo good guy in the comics.  He is a cowardly reverend who hid in his church while his followers were all killed.  He basically locks himself into the chapel while everyone else dies.  He does feel very bad about this, but justifies it because it kept him alive to preach God's word.  When Rick and crew are wandering around without the Prison they cross paths.  He offers them sanctuary in his church and they are very skeptical of him.

The person that kidnapped Beth is likely the same person that was fixing up the bodies of the walkers.  Most likely that person is a religious person and had some affiliation with the grave yard and mortuary.  The car that she was taken in also had a cross.  The cross would also point toward a religious person.  Father Gabriel seems like a good bet.

The car that took Beth has a cross on its back windshield

If this is true that Beth is very likely alive and well.  Though it is hard to be sure as we know nothing of what the shows version of Father Gabriel will be like.

Option 3
She was captured by the Saviors.  It seems very early to introduce them but perhaps this is part of a long drawn set up.  The saviors do use some religious symbolism which could explain the cross on the car.  It could also explain fixing up the dead ....though that seems like a stretch for Negan and his crew.

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