Who is Korath the Pursuer?

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Who is Korath the Pursuer?

Korath is a character in Marvel comics who has been depicted as both a villain and a hero.  He is a scientist of the militaristic Kree race, who gave himself super powers.  Korath is in the film Guardians of the Galaxy and is played by Djimon Hounsou.

First Appearance: Quasar #32 (1992)

First Appearance Note: One of his robots actually shows up in the comics prior to his first appearance.  The pursuer robot appears in Inhumans #11 in 1977 and Korath does not make his first appearance until Quasar #32 in 1992 (15 Earth years later)

Real Name:  Korath Thak

Species:  Kree

Title:  The Pursuer

Home Planet:  Hala

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Korath Thak is a member of the Kree aliens.  He is a genius cyber geneticist who is a master at combining machine technology with biology.  Korath is a loyal agent of Supremor aka the Supreme Intelligence and leads what is called the Pursuer project.  The Pursuer project purpose was to create cyber warrior hunters for the Kree militia.  At first he created a range of pursuer robots.  One of these robots battled the Inhumans.

Korath is decommissioned and sent to a fringe world factory.  Unhappy with this he decides to use the pursuer project technology on himself.   The pursuer technology gives Korath superhuman strength and the ability to hunt people by isolating their brain wave patterns.

Korath joins the Kree super-team called Starforce in the Kree Shi'ar wars.  On the team he serves with other well known Kree heroes such as Ronan the Accuser.    Supremor orders Korath to attack the Avengers who are on Hala.  In the battle Korath battles the hero Captain America.  He is present when Deathbird becomes the new leader of the Kree and then Supremor taking over after her.

Korath is sent on a mission to assassinate the Lilandra the Queen of the Shi'ar during this time the Negabomb goes off wiping out much of the Kree empire.  He returns with Lilandra and joins in a mission to help rebuild the Kree empire.

Korath apparently died when he was assimilated into the Phalanx and became one of their select.  As zombie of the Phalanx he was killed after attempting assassinate Adam Warlock.

Powers and Skills:
  • Super strength
  • Super stamina
  • Super durability
  • Cybernetic Tracking capabilities he can hone in and follow people across the galaxy by tracking their distinct brain patterns

Expert in cybernetics, highly trained in the martial arts of the Kree

Cyber armored battle suit - composed of unknown highly durable metals and can fly
Batons- Can stun anyone for a time, have been shown to even work on Eternals

Korath is in the film Guardians of the Galaxy and is played by Djimon Hounsou.  He does not appear to be blue, but still looks otherworldly and bad ass.

Korath will be joining the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy as a Lego mini.
Korath Lego Mini

Korath will also have his own Hasbro action figure.  Notice he has some similar markings on his armor as does Ronan.  Ronan's appear much similar to the markings on the Blue Alien in AoS.  Perhaps, his markings are special to the Blue Kree:
Korath Figure by Hasbro

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