SPOILERS Who is the Clairvoyant - First picture of the Clairvoyant!


4-7-2014 - I have now seen Captain America 2 and I think if the below theory is not right then it is a HUGE red herring of biblical proportions.
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Here come the Agents of SWORD? 

Realize this is both a Spoiler for Captain America 2 as well as Agents of Shield!

Update: 4-16-2014:
The show seems insistent that Agent John Garret is the Clairvoyant.   That reveal is so wimpy that even Raina the girl in the flower dress seems disappointed.  I don't think it all makes sense either, the Clairvoyant was running a massive operation in Centipede/Deathlok/EyeSpies and we are to believe that Garret did this while also running a day job of being a highlevel SHIELD agent.  It is also weird and doesn't fit when you consider that the eye spy mission where they go after alien writing.  Why would Garret be interested in the alien writing.  All that said Garret for now is considered the Clairvoyant.  From Cap 2 we know that Baron Von Strucker and Zola are active in Hydra so perhaps the show will slowly reveal more.  Garret could not have been the Clairvoyant by himself.  ALSO WHERE IS DEATHLOK?

Below is a promo image of the Clairvoyant however after watching the episode we know that he was simply at patsy.  The Clairvoyant took a person and hooked them up to the machine and had the machine talk like he was the Clairvoyant.  Caulson and Skye have learned that much of the information that the Clairvoyant knows comes from SHIELD itself.  Leading them to believe that Victoria Hand and associates are the Clairvoyant:
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My prediction is we will find that rogue SHIELD agents are working for a real Clairvoyant who has ties to HYDRA this I think will likely end up being a MODOK and Arnim Zola hybrid type of character.  Centipede may end up being run by rogue SHIELD agents / HYDRA.  I plan on seeing the Captain America 2 movie this weekend and I think it will clear up exactly who the Clairvoyant is.

It is looking like Arnim Zola the Red Skull's scientist in Captain America The First Avenger will certainly be involved in the character.

Why Zola will be the Clairvoyant:
A) He does have a man's voice.
B) He has ties to Hydra/AIM
C) He has ability to calculate probabilities
D) Sketch of his suite shows up on film
E) Could explain his obsession with Caulson's overcoming death as he is obsessed with immortality


F) Tony Jones signed to return as Arnim Zola in Captain America 2.

See the picture below for future evidence.
Clairvoyant Patsy not the Real Clairvoyant

Arnim Zola the scientist in Captain America 1.  A sketch of Zola suit was shown once. This is likely how he will end up on screen.
Note he does NOT look like this exactly Captain America 2 however he is not that different either.  I would not be surprised to see him return in Captain America 3 in the form below.  

Blue prints in Cap 1 Zola putting into Brief case

Zola looking through Magnifying glass Cap 1 a hint?

Arnim Zola in Robotic form

Big news the actor that plays Arnim Zola (Toby Jones) is signed on to be in Captain America 2.  With him being signed on for a movie that Agents of Shield ties almost directly into it seems clear he is the Clairvoyant.

What do you think?

Here come the Agents of SWORD? 
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