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Want to spice up watching the Walking Dead finale!  Planning on having a party need some conversation pieces?  There are a whole arsenal of crazy walking dead themed toys, items and Freelies.
What are Freelies?  Freelies are items that are real, tangible props that are ripped right out of the fantasy world of a tv show or video game and brought right into your living room.

Freelies from Gentle Giant:

Gentle Giant ltd

Gentle Giant Digitally prints out items from shows then combines puts them in nice tidy display cases.  The Walking Dead items from Gentle Giant also often sport autographs from the actors that use the prop.  These are not the actual props used on the show but recreations.

Daryl Dixon's Zombie Ear necklace
Includes a signature of Norman Reedus

Rick Grimes Sheriff Badge

Badge in Display case
Andrew Lincoln's Autograph

They also make a variety of character busts:



Other Items:

Walking Dead Survival Kit is an actual Survival Kit with a Walking Dead theme.
It is sold through ShoptheWalkingDead 


Sun's Coming Up... Like A Big Bald Head: Photographs by Norman Reedus

 A book of photography by Norman Reedus
Can be found at ShoptheWalkingDead 


The Walking Dead Soundtracks at ShoptheWalkingDead 
The Walking Dead Soundtrack Bundle


Walking Dead Vinyl Figures from ShoptheWalkingDead 
Pop! Television Vinyl Figurine Bundle

Michonne's Zombie Pets found at ShoptheWalkingDead 
Michonne's Pet Zombie Figure (Pre-Order)

Walking Dead Minis
ShoptheWalkingDead you might also find them at Target

The Walking Dead Mystery Minis Series 1

Daryl Dixon Chopper Figure at ShoptheWalkingDead
Daryl Dixon Chopper Deluxe Box Set Action Figure

Tyrese Figure at ShoptheWalkingDead
Tyreese Action Figure

Board Games:

Zombie Board games:
There are also a variety of themed board games for Walking Dead however my personal preference is for some of the other Zombie themed games.  I will try to get a full review of some of the more popular games out here my personal favorites are Zombicide, and All Things Zombie.
Best defense Zombie Board Game
The Walking Dead: The Best Defense Board Game

If you are looking for game pieces that are themed (similarly) to the Walking Dead I would check out

Studio Miniatures:

Survivor Family from Studio Miniatures

Survivor that looks vaguely familiar to me

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