Visions of MODOK on TV or Movie

What would MODOK look like on TV?

Here at Toylab we have been discussing a few ways that M.O.D.O.K. could appear on TV.  This is important because MODOK is front runner to be considered as the Clairvoyant in Agents of Shield.

While MODOK is a cool character his look in the comics of being a giant floating head would present a couple of large problems when brought to TV.

1) A large special effects costs
2) Large head type of villains are always creepy and sometimes too creepy.  One of the major flaws in the Greenlantern movie was the big head villain they chose.  He turned people off.

Realizing this we have begun designing a few ways that MODOK could be brought to TV that would not require a massive budget and would not be overly creepy.

1) MODOK possibility A -Guy plugged into Computer

2) MODOK possibility B -  Brain enclosed in a little robot with a tele face

3) MODOK possibility C -  Ordinary man with cybernetic implant

4) MODOK possibility D -  Floating encased brain in giant robot with a teleface

 5) MODOK possibility E -  Digital AI personality like Jarvis gone crazy.  Too close to Ultron?

Also here is what the new MODOK looks like being used in the comics.  I believe he is actually making weapons for the SECRET Avengers.

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