Preview of Serenity: Leaves in the Wind #3 and Review of #2

Beware there could be some spoilers:

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Review of Serenity #2

The crew is vulnerable and hiding but are now faced with a dilemma.  One of their crew needs medical attention and the only way to save them is to re enter civilization.  The comic had some good action and ends with the crew in a precarious position.  The story moves forward well and the heat on the crew definitely heats up.  The only problem with this comic is there was very little light hearted humor that I am used to seeing in a Firefly story.

Meanwhile, Jayne and his new pals in the resistance movement continue to hunt for Malcom in all of his old hiding spots.

Meanwhile, the Boba Fett esq Jubal Early has devised a special way of finding Firefly.  You may or may not remember Jubal Early.   He appeared in one episode of Firefly called Objects in Space that I do not believe ever aired.  Which was a damn shame but lets not go there.  I would recommend watching the episode its pretty awesome and he is one of the more intimidating characters they meet.  At the end of the episode they leave him stranded in space.  Apparently, he survives this, though I am not sure how.

He is an awesome character and I am happy to see him back in action.

 He is back
What lurks in River's head?
Preview of Serenity #3
Jubal Early will be striking in this book with a vengeance.

Mal will meet the new leader of the Alliance resistance movement

Also of interest will be the crew's attempt to mine River's memories for more Alliance secrets that they can use as leverage.

The crew also has a new very young member they will need to take care of.

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