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Is Coulson really Mar-Vell?

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Ok, at the bottom of this page will you will find a list of tweets from Roger Wardell concerning Coulson being Mar-Vell.  Wardell claims to be either or have connections to Marvel Insiders.  He is the current Nostradamus of Marvel and some of his claims make sense and pan out and others?  My honest opinion is that his information is more often off the mark than on it but his tweets are fun.  I am going to try to tie together a big mess of his tweets and arrive at a condensed version of what Coulson is.

Please let me know if you interpret what he says differently, because honestly?  Not sure if I have this right. 

I actually had to make 2 different Scenarios 

Scenario A:

Mar Vell is a Kree living on earth.  He spends time living on Earth, perhaps as a double agent to the Kree empire.  He gets blown up in an accident.  His body is saved by Shield and put in suspended animation and an effort is made to move his mind into the body of a human Agent who had just been killed, Agent Coulson.  When Coulson is killed he is important because his subconscious still contains part of Mar Vell.  Caulson's body, along with Mar-Vell's subconscious is healed using the serum GH325.  GH 325 basically being a genetically xeno serum from the Mar-Vell's original body. 

Scenario 2

The body Mar Vell may have already been mentally tied to Agent Coulson pre Loki Scepter death.  Potentially, he was a live in the pod watching living Coulson's life through a virtual reality machine created using the Nega bands.  Basically, he crashlanded and his mind was immediately merged with a human potentially through technology or through a power he had.  When he is killed by Loki, Fury knows he has Mar-Vell info or potentially learns it after Coulson dies.  Desperate, to save the info he has the DNA of Mar-Vell added into him to save him.  The GH325 reacts violently with Coulson's physiology as his body is human.

Coulson's subconscious stills contains Mar-Vel on a subconcious level.  Coulson's body now contains at least some Kree DNA.  He is not aware of he has Mar-Vell in his mind yet.  Mar-Vell may be able to exert himself in times of crisis.

Coulson lost his soul in either the procedure that brought Mar-Vell's mind into him or when he died and GH 325 brought him back.

 Coulson/Mar-Vell have the power to change their own particles to change forms/ shape shift.

 I also think its interesting that he says that Dr Strange and Magic will be based on energy and consciousness.  


  1. He's in a state of suspended animation of his own that mimics the one that Drax is in above...
  2. And in some ways he's a backup for the subconscious of a captured Kree warrior. Inside his tube captain Mar-vell is almost dead...
  3. However the real Coulson did die in Avengers.... And he can never know they are now using his genetics and body...
  4. Later on if he chooses to take the form of Coulson, he still has much of Coulson's memories of life growing up on Earth.
  5. His subconscious mind is Mar-Vell, but his conscious mind is actually that of an agent who was once named Coulson.
  6. Time to re-explain the Coulson/Mar-Vell story. :)

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