From The Vault - Quasar #32 - First Appearance of Korath

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Quasar #32 from some reason mine has a #1


The Toylab Vault holds a large collection of comic books and every once in a while one is pulled out, and dusted off.  Lets see what secrets it holds...

Today we are going to look at the comic Quasar #32 it is mostly an overlooked book.  I actually bought it years after it came out for a  measly $1.40.  Which is nothing considering a few of the interesting things that happen in the book.

The appearance of Korath the Pursuer is a major part of this book in terms of investing.  Korath has appeared in the film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 and is now going to make his second major appearance in the film Captain Marvel.

The numbering #1 or #32:
One bizarre thing on this book is that it was sold on stands with a #1 on it.  This was to represent the #1 of Galactic Storm an event it was leading into.  However people who were getting Quasars received a copy with #32.  Just for giggles I own both a #1 and a #32 I do not know which is more rare.  I personally had more trouble finding a copy with #32 on it.

Historical Significance:
First appearance of Korath the Pursuer
First Kree and Shi'Ar war
Also one of the first appearances of the Shi'Aar imperial guard.

Story Summary:
The bulk of the story concerns Quasar paling around with StarFox going to the tomb of Mar Vel.  There they run into a couple of trouble makers from the Kree empire Captain Atlas and Dr Minerva.  They inform Quasar that the Kree and the Shi'ar are now at war.  This is the beginning of the first  Kree Shi'Ar war.  The two are at Mar Vel's tomb to retrieve Mar Vel's Nega Bands.  Which will be used later to create the massive Negabomb.

Quasar quickly subdues the two interlopers however he is then immediately what seems to be the entire Shi'Ar Imperial Guard.  These end up being illusions.

The real interesting thing in this comic happens in two pages in middle of the book. We leave the action at Mar Vel's tomb and enter a factory on the edge of the Kree empire.  An angry cyber geneticist named Korath-Thak is disgruntled.  He is has been placed as a lowly foreman in a factory on the fringe of the massive Kree empire.    Apparently, the new leaders of the Kree empire who took over for the Supreme Intelligence did not see the value of Korath's Pursuer Project.  Not one to take things lying down Korath uses his technology on himself turning himself into the super human Korath the Pursuer.
First Appearance of Korath the Pursuer

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