2014 Comic News and Events

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There are some amazing comic book stories and events planned for 2014.  There is a lot to be excited about.  It is a good time to be a nerd.

For Toylab we have planned to begin having a full on comics section that will include comicbook reviews, coverage of comic events, and also a series we call From The Vault.  From the Vault posts will feature a specific comicbook from the past and talk about its history and significance.  We will also pull this comic literally from our massive vault of comic books so you can see the actual book.

Upcoming reviews:
Reviews of Batgirl and Gail Simones recent run
Reviews of Serenity the Firefly series
Reviews of Superior Spiderman
Reviews of Walking Dead - All Out War arc

Upcoming from the Vault:
Quasar 32 - First Appearance of Korath the Pursuer
From the Vault - Quasar 32 - First Appearance of Korath
Captain Marvel 16 vol 5 - First appearance of Phyla Vell
Where Monsters Dwell #6 First appearance of Groot


The Walking Dead:
End of All Out War story line and beginning of who knows what.
Something is going to change at the end of the storyline it is possible that all of the characters up until now will be killed off.  We know that none of the current characters are featured on the upcoming comic covers over the next few issues.  Did Kirkman kill Rick?  I and every other TWD fan want to know.

There are few interesting things going on at Marvel.  There will be some tie in issues with Captain America Winter Soldier and also a prequel to Guardians of the Galaxy.

The End of Superior Spiderman and the return of the Amazing Spiderman:

The goblin nation story will end the Superior Spiderman no more Octo Octavius in Spiderman's body.  The green goblin will show Octo how hard it is to be a hero and my guess is that he will fully relinquish Spiderman body back to Peter.  In the end it will be an awesome day as Peter Parker returns as  Spiderman.
Things not going well for Octo

Peter is Back!
Coming in November but with preview in a comic on Free Comic Day.
Apparently, bringing back Peter is not enough for Marvel so they have a full fledged Spiderman event planned called Spider-Verse.  Spider-Verse will feature a terrible enemy that is so powerful that only all of the spiderman from every time and dimension can face it.

It sounds like it will begin with Morlun hunting down Spiderman variations across dimensions and they need to join up to face him.

Spider-Verse Banner check out all of those Spidermen

Every Spiderman Ever Woa
New Rocket Raccoon Series:
A Rocket Raccoon series featuring the art work of Scottie Young will begin in July.
Scottie Young's take on Rocket
New Ghost Rider:
Ghost Rider will be relaunched with a hispanic main character who drives a car instead of a motor cycle.  The book will also feature a different style of art, almost more anime ish than typical Marvel comics.
Out in March 2014


Batman Logo for 2014
Batman will be 75 years old after appearing in Detective Comics # 27 in May 1939.

Batman Day:
DC Entertainment is also partnering with thousands of comic retailers, book stores and libraries for “Batman Day” on Wednesday, July 23. Each location will host a Batman 75th anniversary celebration and offer fans a free, special edition Batman comic.

Batman Eternal:
A new weekly comic series.  It will focus on Batman's relationship with his allies and his city.

Cover for Batman Eternal #1
 Superman Doomed:
When it comes to Superman I am still a 90s kid at heart and there is nothing like bringing back memories of the big alien demon that killed Superman.   Yes, Doomsday is coming to the new 52.  On Sale May 7th Superman Doomed promises to have superman unleash his powers at insane levels.  There will be repercussions as he terrifies the world, even as he saves them.

Doomsday comes to the New 52

I have reviews coming from Batgirl #26 through the present.  Its been an epic ride of great writing on this character by Gail Simone. #26 ends an arc with Batgirl battling against for super baddies to save her father.  28-29 introduce us to a great new villain named Silver who is kind of a caricature of Batman himself.  I expect for the great ride to continue.

Batgirl takes on Ragdoll in Batgirl #30
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