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Want to spice up watching the Walking Dead finale!  Planning on having a party need some conversation pieces?  There are a whole arsenal of crazy walking dead themed toys, items and Freelies.
What are Freelies?  Freelies are items that are real, tangible props that are ripped right out of the fantasy world of a tv show or video game and brought right into your living room.

Freelies from Gentle Giant:

Gentle Giant ltd

Gentle Giant Digitally prints out items from shows then combines puts them in nice tidy display cases.  The Walking Dead items from Gentle Giant also often sport autographs from the actors that use the prop.  These are not the actual props used on the show but recreations.

Daryl Dixon's Zombie Ear necklace
Includes a signature of Norman Reedus

Rick Grimes Sheriff Badge

Badge in Display case
Andrew Lincoln's Autograph

They also make a variety of character busts:



Other Items:

Walking Dead Survival Kit is an actual Survival Kit with a Walking Dead theme.
It is sold through ShoptheWalkingDead 


Sun's Coming Up... Like A Big Bald Head: Photographs by Norman Reedus

 A book of photography by Norman Reedus
Can be found at ShoptheWalkingDead 


The Walking Dead Soundtracks at ShoptheWalkingDead 
The Walking Dead Soundtrack Bundle


Walking Dead Vinyl Figures from ShoptheWalkingDead 
Pop! Television Vinyl Figurine Bundle

Michonne's Zombie Pets found at ShoptheWalkingDead 
Michonne's Pet Zombie Figure (Pre-Order)

Walking Dead Minis
ShoptheWalkingDead you might also find them at Target

The Walking Dead Mystery Minis Series 1

Daryl Dixon Chopper Figure at ShoptheWalkingDead
Daryl Dixon Chopper Deluxe Box Set Action Figure

Tyrese Figure at ShoptheWalkingDead
Tyreese Action Figure

Board Games:

Zombie Board games:
There are also a variety of themed board games for Walking Dead however my personal preference is for some of the other Zombie themed games.  I will try to get a full review of some of the more popular games out here my personal favorites are Zombicide, and All Things Zombie.
Best defense Zombie Board Game
The Walking Dead: The Best Defense Board Game

If you are looking for game pieces that are themed (similarly) to the Walking Dead I would check out

Studio Miniatures:

Survivor Family from Studio Miniatures

Survivor that looks vaguely familiar to me

2014 Comic News and Events

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From the Vault - Quasar 32 - First Appearance of Korath

There are some amazing comic book stories and events planned for 2014.  There is a lot to be excited about.  It is a good time to be a nerd.

For Toylab we have planned to begin having a full on comics section that will include comicbook reviews, coverage of comic events, and also a series we call From The Vault.  From the Vault posts will feature a specific comicbook from the past and talk about its history and significance.  We will also pull this comic literally from our massive vault of comic books so you can see the actual book.

Upcoming reviews:
Reviews of Batgirl and Gail Simones recent run
Reviews of Serenity the Firefly series
Reviews of Superior Spiderman
Reviews of Walking Dead - All Out War arc

Upcoming from the Vault:
Quasar 32 - First Appearance of Korath the Pursuer
From the Vault - Quasar 32 - First Appearance of Korath
Captain Marvel 16 vol 5 - First appearance of Phyla Vell
Where Monsters Dwell #6 First appearance of Groot


The Walking Dead:
End of All Out War story line and beginning of who knows what.
Something is going to change at the end of the storyline it is possible that all of the characters up until now will be killed off.  We know that none of the current characters are featured on the upcoming comic covers over the next few issues.  Did Kirkman kill Rick?  I and every other TWD fan want to know.

There are few interesting things going on at Marvel.  There will be some tie in issues with Captain America Winter Soldier and also a prequel to Guardians of the Galaxy.

The End of Superior Spiderman and the return of the Amazing Spiderman:

The goblin nation story will end the Superior Spiderman no more Octo Octavius in Spiderman's body.  The green goblin will show Octo how hard it is to be a hero and my guess is that he will fully relinquish Spiderman body back to Peter.  In the end it will be an awesome day as Peter Parker returns as  Spiderman.
Things not going well for Octo

Peter is Back!
Coming in November but with preview in a comic on Free Comic Day.
Apparently, bringing back Peter is not enough for Marvel so they have a full fledged Spiderman event planned called Spider-Verse.  Spider-Verse will feature a terrible enemy that is so powerful that only all of the spiderman from every time and dimension can face it.

It sounds like it will begin with Morlun hunting down Spiderman variations across dimensions and they need to join up to face him.

Spider-Verse Banner check out all of those Spidermen

Every Spiderman Ever Woa
New Rocket Raccoon Series:
A Rocket Raccoon series featuring the art work of Scottie Young will begin in July.
Scottie Young's take on Rocket
New Ghost Rider:
Ghost Rider will be relaunched with a hispanic main character who drives a car instead of a motor cycle.  The book will also feature a different style of art, almost more anime ish than typical Marvel comics.
Out in March 2014


Batman Logo for 2014
Batman will be 75 years old after appearing in Detective Comics # 27 in May 1939.

Batman Day:
DC Entertainment is also partnering with thousands of comic retailers, book stores and libraries for “Batman Day” on Wednesday, July 23. Each location will host a Batman 75th anniversary celebration and offer fans a free, special edition Batman comic.

Batman Eternal:
A new weekly comic series.  It will focus on Batman's relationship with his allies and his city.

Cover for Batman Eternal #1
 Superman Doomed:
When it comes to Superman I am still a 90s kid at heart and there is nothing like bringing back memories of the big alien demon that killed Superman.   Yes, Doomsday is coming to the new 52.  On Sale May 7th Superman Doomed promises to have superman unleash his powers at insane levels.  There will be repercussions as he terrifies the world, even as he saves them.

Doomsday comes to the New 52

I have reviews coming from Batgirl #26 through the present.  Its been an epic ride of great writing on this character by Gail Simone. #26 ends an arc with Batgirl battling against for super baddies to save her father.  28-29 introduce us to a great new villain named Silver who is kind of a caricature of Batman himself.  I expect for the great ride to continue.

Batgirl takes on Ragdoll in Batgirl #30
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Chloe Bennet confirms Blue Alien is a Kree

The Blue Alien is a Kree 

Who are the Kree? 

Part of the speculation of what the blue alien is can now end.  We now have confirmation from Chloe Bennet that the alien is in fact a Kree.

Implications of this:
I think this leaves open a few doors for Skye.  I tend to still think she will become Abigail Brand, Mantis, Ms Marvel, Phyla Vel.

See the posts below for more details and possibilities.

What is GH-325
Who will Skye become?
Who are the Kree? 

SPOILERS Walking Dead Season 4 Finale ReviewSPOILERS

I really enjoyed the finale.  Many have critiqued this season saying not enough happened but I actually think a lot of things happened.  I enjoyed not having a full season build up of the Governor and just having strong self contained stories that move the overall story along.  That said the finale definetly ended on a major cliff hanger.



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WHAT IS TERMINUS? A full history and other details

After a flashback sequence it  begins by Rick explaining how a snare trap works to Carl, which is of course is foreshadowing of what Terminus is. A trap.  Where is Admiral Ackbar when you need him.

The first half deals with Rick and the Claimed Men.  Rick manages to escape their brutality by becoming equally brutal.

This action packed first half ends with Rick ,Michonne,Daryl and Carl going to Terminus. 

Unlike the others Rick will not just walk in.  He buries a set of guns and weapons which I think may hold importance later in next season.   They then scout out Terminus trying to see what it is about.  Unfortunately, Terminus is fairly well walled, and the view inside is blocked.  Rick leads the group into the Terminus back door where they are quickly met by Gareth.  Gareth has been character that has been rumored about appearing all season long.

We still do not know about who Gareth is yet.  He does not have an exact comic equivalent.  I think many assume he is a version of Chris who is a leader of the cannibalistic Hunters in the comics.  This maybe close but Gareth seems to be a larger than life version of that character, just like Terminus is a much larger operation than the hunters were in the comics.  He comes across smooth and amiable, and quickly reassures the group that the termites are good.  He seems well educated, strong speaker, though he comes off as bit of weeny.  The type of guy who gets manicures and has a white collar job.  He certainly is not meant to be Negan.   His voice reminds me of playing pesky trash talking nine year old at Halo.  None the less throughout the episode he is clearly the person in charge.  Without having any additional information on Terminus's power structure I would say he seems to be the Termite leader.

They take each of the weapons from of each person, then search them for additional weapons.  Interestingly enough, they then give these weapons back.  Which I assume was a sign of good faith.  Much of Terminus's design seems to be lower the guard of guests.  By searching though they did learn what each person had on them as to make the final disarming more easy.

The group is brought out to the front where first group was met. The hackles of viewer are beginning to rise because none of the first group seem to be around.  Where are they?

Rick and crew generally seem to be lowering their guard as Mary who we met in the previous episode offers to get the guests a plate.  As the Termites begin getting the food, Rick notices that one person has a back pack he has seen before, another is wearing a poncho from the prison, another is wearing prison riot gear, and finally one is wearing Herschel's watch.  The watch Herschel gave to Glenn.

Rick brings a gun to the nearest guys head, and demands to know where he got the watch from.  That is when the curtain of Terminus falls.   Terminus is bad!    Where are their defenses?  There are other people all around Mary and some are snipers up on the roofs.  Also Mary and her cohorts around her are all well armed.

Rick and company are quickly funneled through a maze.  The termites don't shoot them.  They shoot at their feet pushing them deeper and deeper.  Eventually, the group is led directly into a kill field where a large group of armed men protected behind cover of a fence force the group to stop.  Gareth reemerges and has each group member one at a time drop their weapons and enter a rail road car.

We are given a final flash back to when Rick is learning to be a farmer from Hershel.  The whole Prison group is there and times are good.  This is nice, trying to overcome the crazy, by being a farmer Rick.  I think that Rick is still capable of being good, but he now has a better handle on when to unleash the brutal, and when to be a farmer.  It is also I think drawing upon the theme of what all these characters want, which is sanctuary.  There is this hope in all their minds of what Terminus offers.   That hope is of course what leads them into the trap.

Inside the rail car Rick, Michoone, Carl and Daryl are met by the first group. They are all still alive and in one piece. Glenn asks "Is that you Rick."  The last scene is pretty awesome with acting.  This is the first time Abraham Ford (Type A Leader personality meets Rick)  and you would think there would be a battle for leadership.  This is not old Rick though, this is bad ass I chewed through a man's neck Rick.  This is driven home brilliantly through the writing and acting in a few short moments.  The final scene may have actually been my favorite of the entire series.

Abraham makes a comment downplaying the importance of the reunion because it may not be for long.
To which Rick instantly and almost gutterally replies "No".  If you watch Abraham's head snaps up and his eyes zero in on Rick.  Abraham's face just screams "Who the heck is this guy?"    It was brilliant acting.  Then Rick says:
"They're gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out"
"Find out what?" Abraham asks?
"They screwed with the wrong people,"  and Rick almost smiles when he says it.  The rest of the group is in awe.  If Rick was a Pokemon he would have just evolved into his final version SuperBadAss Rick.  He seems to be in an impossible situation but we can't but help have confidence that he is going to find a way out.  This is the Rick that will stand against Negan.

“They’re gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out…” starts Rick, as we quickly flash forwards to the current predicament. “Find out what?” asks Abraham. “… They screwed with the wrong people.” And that’s the end!

Read More: 'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Finale Review: "A" | http://screencrush.com/the-walking-dead-season-4-finale-review-a/?trackback=tsmclip

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“They’re gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out…” starts Rick, as we quickly flash forwards to the current predicament. “Find out what?” asks Abraham. “… They screwed with the wrong people.” And that’s the end!

Read More: 'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Finale Review: "A" | http://screencrush.com/the-walking-dead-season-4-finale-review-a/?trackback=tsmclip

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Rick also notices Tara and recognizes her.  He of course plead with her when she attacked the prison to not go through with it.  This means that Glenn's lie that he met Tara on the road will at some point will unravel.

Loose Ends:
Where are Tyrese, Carol, Judith?  The spoiler I read had Tyrese breaking the gate with a hammer and this did not happen in the episode.  Was this simply wrong or a scene that will happen next season?

Where is Beth?  I don't think Beth is at Terminus I think she was kidnapped by a different party.

Does the group realize that the Termites are cannibals?

Why did Chris the survivor of the attack on the rail line tell Tyrese to take the kids to Terminus?  Did he not really know what Terminus was and was just following the signs/ radio broadcasts?  Was he a leader of Terminus who wanted to see Tyrese end up trapped as well.
Also was Chris headed away from or toward Terminus?  Chris is the name of the cannibalistic hunters in the comics, so that name may have been chosen for a reason.

What is Terminus?  Are they cannibals? Click on the link below for all the gory details:
WHAT IS TERMINUS? A full history and other details 

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Hidden Words in Walking Dead Teaser photo

Are there hidden words in Teaser Poster?

All Walking dead Speculation Hub
Is it just me or are there words to the right of Michonne's face.

In the gray smoke there appears to be some letters:
Is this a hidden message of some kind.  Does it reveal who dies? The meaning of Terminus?

To me it looks like
Something ESE  - Maybe Tyrese?

Could it be greek or latin fitting in with the Terminus theme?

Here is the newest poster.  It also looks like it may have a hidden word.

Hidden word in background?

Cllick to Enter the Walking Dead Headquarters!

All Walking dead Speculation Hub

SPOILERS Who is the Clairvoyant - First picture of the Clairvoyant!


4-7-2014 - I have now seen Captain America 2 and I think if the below theory is not right then it is a HUGE red herring of biblical proportions.
Click Here for Review of Captain America 2
Full Speculation, Revelations and Easter Eggs of Cap 2 
Here come the Agents of SWORD? 

Realize this is both a Spoiler for Captain America 2 as well as Agents of Shield!

Update: 4-16-2014:
The show seems insistent that Agent John Garret is the Clairvoyant.   That reveal is so wimpy that even Raina the girl in the flower dress seems disappointed.  I don't think it all makes sense either, the Clairvoyant was running a massive operation in Centipede/Deathlok/EyeSpies and we are to believe that Garret did this while also running a day job of being a highlevel SHIELD agent.  It is also weird and doesn't fit when you consider that the eye spy mission where they go after alien writing.  Why would Garret be interested in the alien writing.  All that said Garret for now is considered the Clairvoyant.  From Cap 2 we know that Baron Von Strucker and Zola are active in Hydra so perhaps the show will slowly reveal more.  Garret could not have been the Clairvoyant by himself.  ALSO WHERE IS DEATHLOK?

Below is a promo image of the Clairvoyant however after watching the episode we know that he was simply at patsy.  The Clairvoyant took a person and hooked them up to the machine and had the machine talk like he was the Clairvoyant.  Caulson and Skye have learned that much of the information that the Clairvoyant knows comes from SHIELD itself.  Leading them to believe that Victoria Hand and associates are the Clairvoyant:
For more on this theory see:  SHIELD is CENTIPEDE

My prediction is we will find that rogue SHIELD agents are working for a real Clairvoyant who has ties to HYDRA this I think will likely end up being a MODOK and Arnim Zola hybrid type of character.  Centipede may end up being run by rogue SHIELD agents / HYDRA.  I plan on seeing the Captain America 2 movie this weekend and I think it will clear up exactly who the Clairvoyant is.

It is looking like Arnim Zola the Red Skull's scientist in Captain America The First Avenger will certainly be involved in the character.

Why Zola will be the Clairvoyant:
A) He does have a man's voice.
B) He has ties to Hydra/AIM
C) He has ability to calculate probabilities
D) Sketch of his suite shows up on film
E) Could explain his obsession with Caulson's overcoming death as he is obsessed with immortality


F) Tony Jones signed to return as Arnim Zola in Captain America 2.

See the picture below for future evidence.
Clairvoyant Patsy not the Real Clairvoyant

Arnim Zola the scientist in Captain America 1.  A sketch of Zola suit was shown once. This is likely how he will end up on screen.
Note he does NOT look like this exactly Captain America 2 however he is not that different either.  I would not be surprised to see him return in Captain America 3 in the form below.  

Blue prints in Cap 1 Zola putting into Brief case

Zola looking through Magnifying glass Cap 1 a hint?

Arnim Zola in Robotic form

Big news the actor that plays Arnim Zola (Toby Jones) is signed on to be in Captain America 2.  With him being signed on for a movie that Agents of Shield ties almost directly into it seems clear he is the Clairvoyant.

What do you think?

Here come the Agents of SWORD? 
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