Who is Star-Lord?

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Starlord looking badass

 Who is Star-Lord?

Star-Lord is a hero / anti-hero in the Marvel universe.  He is considered a cosmic hero in that he is based in space but his origins were on Earth.

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Star-Lord Multi-Media:
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Comic Bio:
Star-Lord is Peter Quill a human who travels through space in a spaceship called "Ship."  His father J'son was an alien of human looking appearance who crash landed on earth and fell in love with Star-Lord's mother a human named Meredith.  J'son leaves the planet.  Perhaps unknown to him when he leaves is the fact that Meredith is pregnant with his child.  He also leaves his alien gun behind.  Alien assassins come 10 years later, members of the evil Badoon race.  They kill Meredith and a young Peter Quill kills them with a shot gun blast.  He discovers the alien gun his father left behind and barely escapes when the Badoon blow up the house.

Quill is typically shown as being a jerk.  He becomes an astronaut and goes onto a space station as a trainee.  The astronauts encounter a powerful alien entity called the Master of the Sun that offers the mantle of StarLord to a candidate who proves himself worthy.  A different candidate is shown to be worthy.  Quill is pissed off and steals a space ship and takes the chosen candidate's place.  He then gains his super space ship called "Ship" and heads out into the galaxy looking for the aliens that killed his mother.

Starlord will later meet his father J'son.  It turns out J'son is a dictator of a huge interstellar empire called the Spartoix.  The two often clash as StarLord bounces around the galaxy.

Marvel Cinematic Universe:

The Star-Lord of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is slightly different his comic counterpart.

Peter's mother meets and befriends an unknown person who is alien to Earth and they conceive Peter Quill.  For unknown reasons Peter's alien father returns to space but later hires the mercenary Yondu to retrieve the boy.  Yondu retrieves the boy but does not bring him to his father and instead raises him as his own.   Peter clings to certain items he had to Earth before he was kidnapped, particularly his old Walkman.  He eventually goes out on his own and leaves Yondu behind.

Everything changes when he encounters the Infinity power stone and is forced to become a hero.  He also learns that his father is something very special and unique.  What his father is, and who he is have not yet been revealed.

MCU -Father?
James Gunn announced  that J'son will not be the father.  In the movie I have feeling that the father will be either Adam Warlock or Starhawk. See Who is Star Lord's father post below for

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Starlord was brought back in 2004 and 2006 after a long hiatus.  He has received a bit of a makeover from his prior appearance.
At one point the character has a variety of implants that enhance his abilities.  These are removed from his body and he starts using a Kree Battle Helmet instead.
Weapon wise he initially used an element gun that could fire rounds in any of the 4 elements.  This he has since replaced with a pair Kree Sub-machine guns that can fire a variety of deadly rounds.

Powers Abilities:
None really.  He does have a special set of skills and advanced knowledge.  Quill is a master problem solver and strategist.  He is an expert pilot, hand to hand combatant and highly trained on a variety of alien and human weapons.  He has extensive cosmic and alien knowledge.   He very much like the Han Solo of the Marvel Universe.

Ship and Milano:
The Milano from Guardians and the Galaxy

Ship is a pretty dang cool and a true character all on her own.  Ship is a she as she sees herself that way.   when she   She is actually a sapient energy form that can alter her structure at will.  She can create human women forms and can animate them with her consciousness.   Typical of a space ship she has shields, sensors, and blaster guns.  She can create little drones to perform various tasks called widgets.  Ship can easily move through Air, Space and water.  She can heal and even recreate herself from nearly nothing.

The Milano vs Ship

In the movie Star-Lord flies in a ship called the Milano named after his boyhood crush Alyssa Milano.  It is a cool looking space ship but does not possess the  consciousness and matter altering aspects of Ship from the comics.

Pictures from the GotG Movie: 
Sorry ladies she has his Walkman and that means something

 Abs:  Chris Pratt's abs as Starlord may need a credit line in the movie by themselves:

I can save the universe without my shirt

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