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1) Drax the Destroyer Bio:  Massive hulking warrior bent on vengeance.
Full Bio: Drax

2) Starlord Bio:  Human space explorer, theif and self proclaimed hero
Full Bio: StarLord

He finds an Infinity Gem, but which one?
Infinity Gems Tracker courtesy of Tivan Corp

3) Rocket Raccoon Bio: A bioengineered intelligent Raccoon.
 Full Bio: Rocket Raccoon

4) Groot Bio: Ancient tree alien, he is the last of his kind...
Full Bio: Groot

5) Gamora Bio: The deadliest woman in the world, adopted daughter of Thanos..
Full Bio: Gamora

6) Korath the Pursuer - Cybernetically enhanced Kree soldier
Full Bio: Korath the Pursuer

7) Ronan the Accuser - The Kree's version of a judge, jury and executioner
Full Bio: Ronan The Accuser

8) Nebula- Ruthless spacepirate
Full Bio: Nebula

 9) The Collector - Elder of the Universe, vast powers and collections
Full Bio: The Collector

10) Yondu - BIO Unknown entity
Full Bio: Yondu

One more Bio but under heavily restricted access. 

11) Thanos - BIO-restricted

Hack- restrictions Overide
Who is Thanos?

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