Toylab's COSPLAY Champions Scoring System

Toylab's Cosplay Champions Scoring System:

COSPLAY Tournament of Champions Page
Toylab's Cosplay Champion Scoring System is a copyrighted system please ask for permission from Toylab to use it.  We will likely say yes.

The Toylab system uses 5 Elements that are to be graded between 1-5.  5 being the highest, 1 being the lowest for each category.  The lowest score overall score a Cosplay entry can be given is 5, the highest is a 25.

1) MATCHING (1-5) - Matching the essence, costume, and personality of the selected character
2) DETAILS (1-5) - in the costume, that make the costume stand out  or better match the character.  Strong design elements can also be used as storytelling elements to reflect the emotions, history, or situation of the selected character.  Can include garment elements of stitching, and form.
3) QUALITY (1-5) - The firmness of materials, quality of colors, and textures used to best match the character.  Is the costume staying together.
4) PERFORMANCE (1-5) - Is the Cosplayer acting in character, happy, sad, fierce etc.  Is their body moving or posed in stance that is in sync with the selected character.
5) FROSTING (1-5) - Any creative additions to Cosplay that set it apart from others.  Lights, Jewelry, Robotics, Stuffed animals, Voices, use of backgrounds, lighting or special effects.

COSPLAY Tournament of Champions Page 

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