Firefly- Serenity Leaves in the Wind #2

Serenity: Leaves in the Wind #2 is set to come out Feb 26th.

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Here are both covers:

Review of Leaves in the Wind #1

I experienced both Love and Frustration over this book.  First a rush of exhilaration at being able to see where the characters are, and the results of their actions in the Serenity movie.  Anger came though because it just felt too short.  It is the typical, #1 setting up villains, new allies, and catching us up on both the macro events.  All that set up left little room for the reader to catch up with the beloved Firefly characters.  A great deal has happened to them since we left them and when we do spend time with them we are also being forced to catch up.  This is a fairly petty complaint though.  The reality is that there is a great deal to catch up on and the comic chooses to get this out of the way early on.

I do wonder though what would have happened if they had chosen a different approach.  Instead, of explaining the macro happenings upfront, what if they they allowed the reader to discover these macro events along with the reader.  They could have used it as a mystery, and we could have wondered about it along with the crew.

The advantage of what they did is by getting all of the set up out of the way, they are now free for the rest of the story to be filled with adventure.

That is a certainly a fun place to be in, and leaves a lot to look forward to.  I can't wait for Feb 26th.

George Jeanty is the man.  It is not easy making comics look like real people and he does it again.  He maintains their the look of the actors right down to their body movements and facial emotions.  Not an easy assignment and once again he thrives.  If their were any errors in the ship or crew I did not see them.

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Serenity Leaves in the Wind #2 Review
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