Did Loki already have the Mind Infinity gem on his scepter?

What did Loki have in the Avengers movie?

Where did that Staff Loki uses come from?

"You question us? You question him? He, who put the scepter in your hand, who gave you ancient knowledge and new purpose when you were cast out, defeated?"

-The Other

At the end of the Avengers we learn who the "He" is that the Other mentions.  He is Thanos and with his evil grin a million possibilities just emerged.

The gem on scepter is blue like the mind gem

 If you go to the Tivan Corp Infinity Gem Tracker you will see that the locations of the infinity gems of Power and Space are known.  The Gem of the Mind is still a question mark.  My speculation is that we have already seen the mind gem in action.  I believe the blue stone in the Chitauri scepter is the mind gem.  Here are my reasons:

1) The Chitauri Scepter used by Loki was able to control peoples minds when pressed against their hearts.  This power seems very close to the mind gem in comics.

2) The gem in the staff is actually blue, just like the one in the comic.

3) The staff is provided to Loki by Thanos who is the character most connected to infinity to gems.

Update Post - Avengers:Age of Ultron:
It does appear that the gem was indeed the Mind infinity gem.

In Age of Ultron it is revealed that Baron Von Strucker of Hydra has stolen the scepter and begun using it to both create biologically enhanced super soldiers (Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch) and also experiment with A.I. soldiers.  When the Avengers retake the scepter it is analyzed by Tony Stark.  He sees a map within the scepter that could lay out a way to highly advance his own A.I. of Jarvis.  This attempt was planned to create a new Super Hero system that could replace the Avengers however it has terrible consequences with the creation of Ultron a homicidal A.I. robot bent on destroying life on Earth.

Ultron later uses the gem in the creation of his own version of life, the android the Vision.  The Vision retains the gem even as he turns against his creator and joins the Avengers.

There is a cut scene at the end of the Avengers where Thanos makes a comment about doing it himself.  This would indicate that he planning for the gem to some how initiate its own apocalypse on Earth, likely through something like Ultron.  This was the reason he gave the gem to Loki.

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