Who are Skye's Parents? Marvel Agent of Shield SPOILERS

Who is Skye? Who are her parents?  Marvel has given us some major clues.

Skye's dad is a doctor with bloody hands

Who is Skye's father?
We are beginning to get more photos of Skye's father.

  • He looks Human, but called a monster so he is somehow unique.  He also is a character from the comics with a name.  If his name was not important and a link to the mystery then it would have already been said.
  • Raina (and possibly Skye) can handle the obelisk that seems to be of Kree origin. The obelisk seems to kill all humans who touch it.  Skye's father also seems to know exactly what the obelisk and its purpose is.  However he does not seem able to touch it himself.  The show seems to be hinting at Inhuman origins of Raina and Skye.
  • Raina and other Inhuman children were found and aided by Skye's father.
  • Skye's father can NOT touch the Diviner.  If he could then Hydra would not have needed Raina to use the Diviner.  This means he is NOT Inhuman.
  • He has been called the Doctor
  • The guy always seems to have bloody hands.  It seems the blood comes from his work as a doctor.
  • He does look a bit like Maximus the Mad and/or Jonathan Drew
  • Is Skye's Father... Maximus the Mad? 
  • He also exhibits super strength like Calvin Zabo / Mister Hyde
  • Mister Hyde / Calvin Zabo? 
  • He does not look like the Mandarin, Yellow Claw, or the High Evolutionary
  • He has shown signs of super strength
Skye's Mother
In the Episode "The Things we Bury" a woman is introduced who can touch the Obelisk, does not age, and is in love with Skye's father.  The episode seems to strongly indicate that she is Skye's mother.  Who is she?
  • She can handle the diviner - Kree/Inhuman device
  • She ages much slower than normal humans
  • She is likely Inhuman
Did we just meet Skye's mother?

My Theories:
I think the biggest clues we have are angry monster/alien parents hiding on Earth and the fact that she originated in China.

Is Skye an Inhuman? 
A lot of what Raina describes in Agents of SHIELD sounds like Inhumans.  Particularly her question "What will I become?"

Skye being an Inhuman is my current number one theory.  However, she may only be Inhuman through her mother.  Her father is likely something else.

Could Skye be the Inhuman Crystal?
Who is Crystal? Is Skye Crystal?

Daisy Johnson and Mister Hyde


While Skye's mother is Inhuman her father is unable to touch the Diviner.  The Diviner seems to weed out non Inhuman people.  He does however exhibit super strength.
Both Skye and her Father seem to have important names because the show has carefully not revealed either of the two character's names.  One father daughter combination that would fit here is Mister Hyde / Calvin Zabo who is the father of SHIELD agents Daisy Johnson.

Who is Mister Hyde / Dr Calvin Zabo?
Who is Daisy Johnson AKA Quake?

If Skye is Daisy Johnson then she is a little different than in the comics.  Skye's DNA would contain Kree DNA through GH 325, mutated human DNA through her father, and Inhuman DNA from her mother.  She may potentially have the craziest DNA in the universe.

Abigail Brand -

 Who Is Abigail Brand? Skye?
Abigail Brand is part alien and part mutant.  She is my number two theory on who Skye is. 
Abigail Brand has one parent who is green furry alien.  Very little is known about the green fury alien that was Brand's father.  Abigail Brand is a Joss Whedon creation and is very tied to SHIELD so expect her to show up at some point.


The Kree are going to be introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy.  The big blue body in GH building has been confirmed to be Kree.  It could be that Skye is a hybrid human/Kree and is important to them.  There are a variety of Kree characters that she could be.  One interesting one to look at is Phyla Vell.
If Skye is Phyla Vell it could mean that her Dad is Coulson (Provided he turns out to be Mar Vell). This would explain some of the paternal relationship that we see building between the two.
Who is Phyla Vell? Skye? 
What is GH 325 

Cotati  / Kree
Who is Mantis? 

Could Skye be the character Mantis that would help provide a link to the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy sequel.
Mantis is related to a weird alien race of plant like aliens called the Cotati.  The aliens were exterminated by the Kree Empire however a small cult of renegade Kree kept a couple of Cotati alive.  This cult then raised the last descendant of the Cotati as a human hidden in Earth specifically in China.  The child was considered the Celestial Madonna and was very very very important.


Skye closely resembles the X-men character known as Sage in both appearance and in powerset.
Sage's parents in the comics are unknown.
Who is Sage? 

The High Evolutionary: 
The High Evolutionary

If Skye is Spiderwoman then her parents (The Monsters refereed to by Raina) may be the offspring of the High Evolutionary.  In the comics the High Evolutionary is in a secluded part of Europe (Transia-Balkans) called the Wundagore mountain however for the show they could have moved Wundagore mountain to China.

The High Evolutionary created a variety of new evolved people by combining genes from animals and humans.  These New Men could be the Monsters that destroyed the village in China.

The High Evolutionary worked side by side with Jonathan Drew the father of Jessica Drew (Spiderwoman).  Jessica Drew became ill do to Uranium exposure at Wundagore mountain.  She is injected with an experimental serum created by her father and the High Evolutionary.  This origin has since been changed in the comics.

More China based possibilities:
Hunan province is not being widely discussed but I think it could be an important detail.
Skye was found in a village in China Why?
Also it could help narrow down who is hunting her.

There are some Asian villains who she could be some how tied to:

The Mandarin - If you have seen the information on the Marvel short "All hail the king" you know that Marvel is altering the events of Iron Man 3.  The story will now be that Aldritch Killian hijacked the name and brand of a real terrorist organization with a real Mandarin.  He used the groups name to hide the accidents caused by his invention of Extremis.  The real 10 rings organization is now angry at how their name was used.  This leaves open the possibility for a more traditional version of the Mandarin.  The Mandarin would be an interesting way of linking into the new Marvel short and potentially leading right into Iron Man 4.

The Yellow Claw - Another well known Asian villain.

The Hand - An organization of evil Ninjas.  They would certainly be capable of the assassinations of the agents.

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