New tie in possibilities for Agents of Shield --> Daredevil and Lukecage?

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There are a few huge Marvel projects that are getting tons of chatter but I have seen a few that could be insanely awesome and no one is talking about them.  For one thing the Marvel TV universe is going to get much larger and in my opinion much more awesome.  Marvels Agents of Shield is cool because it is in Marvel and they touch everything.  They are cool primarily due to their proximity to Cool Epicenters not because of what they are on there own. They have the potential to be touching lots of cool things very soon.

 Big movies tie ins - Captain America the Winter Soldier, Avengers 2, Guardians of The Galaxy, and Antman will all likely have some form of tie in show with the agents.  The Captain America movie could be very tied into shield.

Where things are really heating up recently for Marvel is on their TV side.  Marvel is going to release 5 new Netflicks shows and likely one more Mainstream show.

Netflicks shows:
1) Luke Cage
2) Jessica Jones
3) Iron Fist
4) Dare Devil
These four shows will lead into a 5th combined show:
5) The Defenders

New Mainstream show
1) Agent Carter

Here comes Luke Cage and Iron Fist

All of these shows have some seriousily awesome potential.  The Netflick's shows will likely be more gritty than the other Marvel shows we have seen so far.  All the characters will be stationed in the rough and tumble Hell's Kitchen neighborhood.  We will also have characters on TV with Superpowers which to me is always more fun.  I think all of these shows could have some form of tie in episodes with agents of shield. 

Daredevil with his previous movie is likely the biggest name of this crew.  Luke Cage though has his own fan base that have been clamoring for him to make a splash in either movies/TV for some time now.  You can not ignore the fact that all of the characters launched in the avengers movies are white (Exceptions WarMachine/Rodney Rhodes in IronMan ,Heimdale, and Hogun in Thor).  Luke Cage will be the first non white character to get his own show and that is pretty cool.  He will likely not be the last as I have heard rumors that the Black Panther may make his way to a movie screen near you as well.
Taking a step closer I see a lot of tie in potential with this group of characters as well.  Matthew Murdoch (Dare Devil) as a lawyer could easily end up defending someone that the Agents are interested in.  Luke Cage gets into a bar fight and the Shield wants to add him to the registry.  What is also exciting is that these characters are pathways to releasing even more characters.  Can you have these characters without also introducing the likes of  Electra, Misty Knight, BullsEye, Kingpin, and hey why not The Punisher?  I think the answer is not for long.  There is a ton of cool potential on this project.  In a lot of ways the grittyness of the show could exceed what DC is doing with its show Arrow which would be awesome to see as well.

Bottom line it is a good time to be a nerd.

The other main show is Agent Carter which will follow Peggy Carter after the events depicted in Captain America the First Avenger.  Peggy Carter was a great character in that movie and supposedly Haley Atwell is interested in revising her role as the spunky British agent.  The weak part of this show is that it is hard to see how it will tie into things in the Marvel Universe, when it takes place much much earlier.  The most well known character in that time period is Captain America and of course he is quite literally on ice.  One potential tie in are with some old villains from that period who in the comics do not age like the ex Nazis Red Skull and Baron Von Strucker.  My guess is that Red Skull and Baron Von Strucker will likely be active in Agent Carter as well as in the present MarvelU.
There is of course one other character that springs to mind that was in Captain America the First Avenger movie and could potentially be in the modern Marvel universe that would be the mysterious Winter Soldier himself.  I don't want to spoil that surprise for anyone though.
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