Who is Centipede?

Who is Centipede
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After the Captain America movie and the events that happen within that it seems clear that Centipede is more than just Hydra or AIM.  It likely involves SHIELD itself.
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Centipede is SHIELD

Within the Marvel comic books the three main villainous groups that Shield goes toe to toe with are:

1) Hydra- Your typical I want to take over the world bad guy organization.  It has already been shown as the personal army of the Red Skull within the Captain America movie.  Also Baron Von Strucker a longtime leader of Hydra is set to appear in Avengers 2.
2) AIM - Science guys who wear radioactive suites, have lots of scientific toys.  Began as the scientific arm of Hydra
3) The Hand - Ninjas

Centipede could be an entirely new organization that has nothing to do with the comic books but my guess is that the show will begin tying into Captain America 2, and Avengers by introducing either Hydra or AIM.

My take is that Agents of Shield is introducing AIM.

First- AIM is a scientific organization that has very advanced technology and is always up to no good.  Centipede is pretty much exactly that.

Second- In the comics AIM henchmen almost always wear a trademark hazmat suit.  The guys that captured the street performer in Hong Kong were wearing similarly styled suites.

See for yourself:

The suits are certainly not exactly the same, but I still feel they are similar enough to feel like AIM.

Third- AIM was also already shown to exist in the Marvel Movie / TV verse.  Aldrich Killian with DNA bending Extremis are the principle villains of Iron Man 3.  Aldrich Killian is said to be the founder of AIM.  Now the interesting thing about Centipede is that so far they use a serum that looks very much like the effects of extremis as shown in the Iron Man 3 movie.  The Extremis bio enhancement as shown in the Iron Man 3 movie makes ordinary people into super humans with extremely hot melting touch like abilities.  The characters are shown to be nearly on fire.  In agents of shield those are injected with Centipedes superhuman serum literally explode.  Eventually, the Centipede organization seems to fix the exploding issue with a counter serum.
All this makes me wonder if we will eventually learn that AIM founded by Aldrich Killian is basically destroyed or loses a lot of its knowledge in its battle against Tony Stark in Iron Man 3.  Then those that are left begin to slowly recreate Extremis with the result being the Centipede project.

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