Space Wolf Army of Morikai update

I have not written much here in awhile.  Life has been busy.  Hopefully over the weekend I can post some of the Fenris Terrain I have made.

Also post some pictures of the Space Wolves Army I am building.  It is built based off the Space Wolf Chapter of Morikai which I think makes it a bit unique.
I did not build it around scouts like many presume an Army of Morikai must be like.  My fluffy take on Morikai is that he is a master of using terror and fear as a weapon.  He is a ruthless, strategic general with ice in his viens.  To fit this theme I have tried to use darker paints.  My army is in a darker hued blue, with black integrated throughout. 

I have heard from a friend that the Space Wolves are likely to get a new release next fall.  So I will be saving some change up for that. I have been trying to figure out what will change from the current codex. If anyone has any ideas on that let me know.  My current thoughts are that gamesworkshop will try to change the play of Wolves to a more attack based charging army than a gunline shooting type army.  To do this I think they will enhance bloodclaws and depower grey hunters.  They may even depower longfangs? As I currently have no bloodclaws I may start on building out a pack or two.  I know many people want either a flyer or a better anti flyer weapon, this is not such a big issue for me because the guys I play with have not jumped on the flyer bandwagon. Does anyone else have any ideas what changes may be in store for the sons of Fenris? 

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