More Fenris creatures and locations

I am still working away on my Game Table based off the Space Wolves home planet of Fenris.

As part of this I have begun compiling a list of Fenris creatures and fauna and locations.

Fenris Project
The return of Space Hulk - 2014 release 
Space Hulk Art and Maps
The wolves are the most notable creature on Fenris

 More Fenrisn creatures:
Other creatures mentioned in:
Kraken of Fenris

  • Drakes: mighty, dragon-like creatures that circle above geothermal vents for warmth;
  • Fenrisian Elk: these mammals have razor-sharp antlers;
  • Fenrisian Mammoth: one can crush a man in moments;
  • Fenrisian Wolf: Among the most cunning and deadly predators in the galaxy, these wolves are capable of growing from the size of a small horse to that of an APC;
  • Great White Bears: capable of destroying buildings;
  • Kraken - gigantic sea creatures, possibly the remnants of a failed Tyranid invasion;
  • Ripperfish: capable of reducing a man to bone in seconds.
  • Sea Dragon: massive creatures that live in the Worldsea, their hides are used by nomads for ships and dwellings;
  • Fenrisian Ice Fiend: giant creatures twice the height of a Space Marine that bleed acidic blood.
  • The Fang
  • Various other permanent moutains around the Fang
  • Meeting ground near fang - used as landing location by the Thousand Sons during their assualt on the Fang
  • Russvik-Training  grounds for Space Wolves.  Built like a viking village.
  • Various viking villages
  • Iron Island- polluted factory island.  This is where Ragnar bring Ranek in the beginning of the Spacewolf series.  This is also where Arjack Rockfist single-handedly battles a horde of kraken.

Fenris Project
The return of Space Hulk - 2014 release 
Space Hulk Art and Maps

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