Thanksgiving gaming - Mobile Frame Zero

I have one major goal this Thanksgiving break, play Mobile Frame Zero.

If you have not heard of this game I highly recommend it.  It is a wargame that uses legos instead of the expensive mineratures we are used to.   Does it replace other wargames?  No not entirely for me but it certainly is a cheaper option.  The Legos also open additional avenues for showing damage to terrain and units.

I have a rough couple of armies of frames made.  I totally went way over the scale used/ recommended in the directions but meh.

Also plan on tweaking the rules to allow the use of mini figs as troopers.

It should be a blast!

Space Wolf Army of Morikai update

I have not written much here in awhile.  Life has been busy.  Hopefully over the weekend I can post some of the Fenris Terrain I have made.

Also post some pictures of the Space Wolves Army I am building.  It is built based off the Space Wolf Chapter of Morikai which I think makes it a bit unique.
I did not build it around scouts like many presume an Army of Morikai must be like.  My fluffy take on Morikai is that he is a master of using terror and fear as a weapon.  He is a ruthless, strategic general with ice in his viens.  To fit this theme I have tried to use darker paints.  My army is in a darker hued blue, with black integrated throughout. 

I have heard from a friend that the Space Wolves are likely to get a new release next fall.  So I will be saving some change up for that. I have been trying to figure out what will change from the current codex. If anyone has any ideas on that let me know.  My current thoughts are that gamesworkshop will try to change the play of Wolves to a more attack based charging army than a gunline shooting type army.  To do this I think they will enhance bloodclaws and depower grey hunters.  They may even depower longfangs? As I currently have no bloodclaws I may start on building out a pack or two.  I know many people want either a flyer or a better anti flyer weapon, this is not such a big issue for me because the guys I play with have not jumped on the flyer bandwagon. Does anyone else have any ideas what changes may be in store for the sons of Fenris? 

More Fenris creatures and locations

I am still working away on my Game Table based off the Space Wolves home planet of Fenris.

As part of this I have begun compiling a list of Fenris creatures and fauna and locations.

Fenris Project
The return of Space Hulk - 2014 release 
Space Hulk Art and Maps
The wolves are the most notable creature on Fenris

 More Fenrisn creatures:
Other creatures mentioned in:
Kraken of Fenris

  • Drakes: mighty, dragon-like creatures that circle above geothermal vents for warmth;
  • Fenrisian Elk: these mammals have razor-sharp antlers;
  • Fenrisian Mammoth: one can crush a man in moments;
  • Fenrisian Wolf: Among the most cunning and deadly predators in the galaxy, these wolves are capable of growing from the size of a small horse to that of an APC;
  • Great White Bears: capable of destroying buildings;
  • Kraken - gigantic sea creatures, possibly the remnants of a failed Tyranid invasion;
  • Ripperfish: capable of reducing a man to bone in seconds.
  • Sea Dragon: massive creatures that live in the Worldsea, their hides are used by nomads for ships and dwellings;
  • Fenrisian Ice Fiend: giant creatures twice the height of a Space Marine that bleed acidic blood.
  • The Fang
  • Various other permanent moutains around the Fang
  • Meeting ground near fang - used as landing location by the Thousand Sons during their assualt on the Fang
  • Russvik-Training  grounds for Space Wolves.  Built like a viking village.
  • Various viking villages
  • Iron Island- polluted factory island.  This is where Ragnar bring Ranek in the beginning of the Spacewolf series.  This is also where Arjack Rockfist single-handedly battles a horde of kraken.

Fenris Project
The return of Space Hulk - 2014 release 
Space Hulk Art and Maps

Fenris project update 4-27-2013

Here is an update on where I am with the Fenris project.

First I bought some spacewolf literature that I have been reading up on.
I read the first Spacewolf Omnibus and the Battle of the Fang.  I have yet to read the 2nd Omnibus.  Despite some pretty different perspectives between the two authors I now have a fairly strong idea of what Fenris should look like.

I have bought two 2x6 boards made of particle board and some white and blue spray paint.

Currently looking at ways to integrate some of the creatures of Fenris into the board
I took the time to note creatures that could be built into the board:

Giant Eagles
Kraken- Could be Tyranid in origin
Sea Dragons
Night gangers - Chaos mutuants possibly pink horrors
Giant Elk

The wolves are easy to find as Games Workshop sells these guys for about 20 bucks.

Fenris Project - Warhammer 40k

 Welcome to the Fenris Project

 Lesson #1 Space Vikings are Bad-Ass-Awesome

  I am some what new to the 40k and i must admit to finding the Space Wolves a tad comedic at first.  The idea of bio enhanced vikings flying around the universe blowing away aliens with machine guns (bolters) is a wee bit absurd.  Absurd but you must admit equally bad ass awesome. To me the adjective bad ass awesome is very special and I reserve it to a special few things.  Ninjas are bad ass awesome, Knights are bad ass awesome and sometimes cowboys are bad ass awesome.  Vikings especially towering genetically enhanced cybernetic Vikings are definitely and unequivocally BAD-ASS-AWESOME.  I did not spend much time pondering which army to build.   I grabbed redstone mead, Sigur Ros cd, and set out on the voyage of building myself a space wolf army.

The return of Space Hulk - 2014 release 
Space Hulk Art and Maps
Fenris project research 

I am fairly far in building the army.  Looking them over I tend to think I did a pretty good for a noob.  A funny thing happens when you build an army, you need to build more.  When you build an army you need to also build them a battlefield.  It is a bit like that children's story when you give a mouse a cookie, he's going to want a glass of milk.  Well after constructing, and painting an army I can't help but want to see my space wolves bounding through the snow as they battle xeno slime.  So what kind of battle field to build?

Only their home planet of Fenris will do!

 In the lore of Warhammer 40k, Fenris is a large, freezing planet full of  viscous predators.    The planet also has constant earth quakes and volcanic activity.  When it picture it I imagine Hoth from the Empire Strikes Back.  The brutal planet is fittingly the home of 40ks cyborg mutant vikings the Space Wolves.  Lucky for me I live in Colorado and have inspiration for an ice world full of mountains all around me.  I was actually looking out at Pikes Peak today and thinking geez Pikes Peak could be the Fang.  It rises up to 14k feet from plains and has that massive striking effect.  The fang of course would be damn near impossible for me to model.

Objective of the Fenris Project:
1)  Build game table of Fenris
 2) Build fauna, animals of Fenris
3) Build key locations of Fenris
4) Set up board for historical space wolves battles that occure on Fenris
5) Set up a campaign

The return of Space Hulk - 2014 release 
Space Hulk Art and Maps
Fenris project research