Who is Scarlet Spider (Kaine)?

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Who is Scarlet Spider (Kaine)?

The Scarlet Spider is an alternate Spider hero mantle worn in the Marvel Universe.  It is typically worn where there is already a Spider-Man.  Different men have worn this mantle, this post will focus on the Kaine version.  Kaine is an interesting character in that he has gone from being a crazy serial killer to a super hero.  Kaine is extremely important in the Spider-Verse storyline because he is the "Other" a special spider-totem needed to beat the villains the Inheritors.   As a hero his fighting style is much different than the 616 Peter Parker Spider-Man.  If you want to know what Spider-Man would like fighting full out, not holding himself back, watch Kaine.  People are punched through walls, bones are snapped, and people are flung around like rag dolls.  In short his fighting style is swift, lethal and brutal.

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First Appearance: 
First Appearance of Kaine - Web of Spider-Man #119
First Appearance of Scarlet Spider  - Web of Scarlet Spider #1
First Appearance of Kaine Scarlet Spider - Scarlet Spider #1 vol 2 variant cover by Mark Bagley


The first appearances and story as Kaine.

Kaine is the first clone of Peter Parker made by the Jackal.  He began following SpiderMan lurking in the shadows during the Clone Saga storyline.   Due to him being the first clone he was somewhat flawed, leaving him disfigured and mentally unstable.  While seemingly defected he also has some enhanced powers.  His Spider-Sense acts as a full on precognitive ability that gives him visions of the future.  He also has a corrosive acid touch that he uses to put burned hand print marks on the faces of his victims.  He calls these hand print burns the mark of Kaine.  This hand print ability seems to be a mutation of Spider-Man wall cling capability.  He was initially a villain envious of Peter Parker and feeling rejected by him.  He saw Parker as something of a father figure.  He is far darker, and morally ambiguous than Peter Parker.  He is much more willing to kill, murder and even assassinate to meet his goals.

Maximum Clonage: 

Kaine believes that Ben Reilly (The 2nd clone of Peter Parker) is actually the real Peter Parker.  While this belief is inaccurate (Stemming from a file switch by Norman Osborn) Kaine stalks Ben Reilly.  Kaine wants the clone who he believes is Peter Parker to live a normal happy life, and the real Peter Parker to live a miserable life.  He thus commits various murders to frame to Ben Reilly and even kills his loved ones.  It is easy to frame Ben because the two share the same fingerprints.

Kaine tracks Ben Reilly to New York where he begins having visions of someone harming Mary Jane.  Trying to prevent this Kaine goes on a murderous rampage killing anyone he thinks could hurt Mary Jane.  He kills Doctor Octopus and the Grimm Hunter.  Peter Parker is eventually imprisoned for these crimes.
Eventually, Kaine confesses to these killings so that Peter can go free.   He helps Spider-Man and Ben Reilly defeat the Jackal.  In the end he is wounded and placed in a regeneration pod by the Jackal.  He is revived from the pod to take a place in a large gladiatorial like fight called the Great Game

Spider Island
Kaine is under the control of the Jackal and is primary Spider-leader of the Jackal's army.  Kaine falls into a vat of Anti Venom Symbiote that was planned to be used to cure the city.  The Anti Venom cures Kaines cellular degeneration and fragmented mind.  He is now a perfect clone of Peter Parker.  Curiousily, his mind is now more stable, and he even gains something of Peter Parker's humor.

 Scarlet Spider Story Lines:
Kaine is given a special Stealth suit from Madame Web.  It allows him to turn invisible and also protects him from Sonic Attacks.  He is called the Scarlet Spider while wearing the suit even though he is not fond of the name.

Kaine moves to Houston and begins a super hero career taking on the moniker the Scarlet Spider.  There he begins to create a new life for himself as a hero / fugitive.  He is joined by a supporting cast that includes Aracely, Annabelle, and Dr Donald Meland.  Aracely is especially important to the story she is a 16 year old Mexican girl who has prophetic powers.


Minimum Carnage Story Line:
Kaine joins forces with Agent Venom to hunt down Carnage in the Microverse.  In this story Kaine nearly kills Carnage but is forced to save a ally called the Redeemer at the last second.  Carnage is the abducted by the Marquis Radu.  Kaine has managed to save the Microverse but Carnage is still alive.
Other Story Line:
Aracely begins having visions of her missing parents, and the Sixth Creation of Aztlan.  She is abducted by a drug cartel called the Lobos who are Werewolves.  The Lobos are run by a Mr. Moctezuma who wants the 6th creation to begin.  During this story Kaine is effectively killed by the Lobos.  However, on the verge of death he is met by the mystical Spider Entity known as Ero.  Ero also met Peter Parker in a similar situation in the story "The Other".  Ero tells Kaine that he can be saved if he accepts the Other.  The Other means fully accepting the Spider side of himself over his human side.  He bursts back to life in the form of a huge monstrous spider and begins attacking everything.  He nearly kills two of the werewolves forcing them to flee.  He then attacks Aracely but she manages to reach his human side.  Then a more human Kaine rips out of the husk of the Spider body.  Aracely calls him her "Champion".  In this way Kaine becomes the mystical Other entity, the special Spider-Totem that leans closer to his mystical spider side.  As the Other Kaine can grow spikes and jaws that can powerfully cut and maim even the most powerful of foes.

He joins the New Warriors as a veteran fighter.

The Spider-Verse unites all the versions of Spider-Man / Woman across all dimensions to defeat the Inheritors.  The Inheritors are a powerful family of villains who are killing and eating Spider-Totems ( Spider-Men) and are trying to wipe them out.  The Inheritors control entire worlds and are able to cross between dimensions to hunt down Spider totems.
Kaine is rescued by a team of Spider-Men in Amazing Spider-Man #10.  He is called out as being the "Other" and thus one of 3 important Spider-Men to defeat the Inheritors.

In Amazing Spider-Man 11 the Spider army is attacked and many of them die in the Spider-Man 2099 universe.  The Spider forces realize that any time an Inheritor is killed he is instantly replaced by a duplicate.  They assume these duplicates are clones of the originals.  Kaine, Ben Reilly and a Black Widow / Jessica Drew go through a portal to learn where the Inheritors are cloned.

In Scarlet Spiders #1 Kaine's team finds the in world of  Jennix.  Jennix is the intellectual Inheritor who appears to have entire world devoted to creating various types of clones.  Clones of normal people and super-heroes to do his bidding.  The team confronts an evil version of Iron Man and learn that Jennix's headquarters is in the Baxter Building.

Kaine's powerlevels have changed throughout his history.  Generally his powers are very similar to Peter Parker (616) but tweaked.  In his first set of stories his powers were different due to his cellular degeneration, now they are different due to his embracing of the Other (Mystical Spider side of Spider-Man).  He has no restraint on using his powers against anyone.

Strength - Same as Spider-Man (616) normally.  After embracing the Other he is more powerful.
Speed - Same as Spider-Man (616)
Super Stamina and Durability - Same as Spider-Man (616)
Super Agility  Same as Spider-Man (616).  Note his agility is equal despite being stronger, and sometimes larger.

Wall Crawling Ability- Can cling to surfaces with any part of his body.   He also has difference to Spider-Man in that he can use this ability to leave a mark of his hand on a person.  He uses this as his calling card when he was a serial killer it is called the Mark of Kaine.

Sting of Kaine - Has been shown to have a variety of bones, spikes coming from his arms.  Now with the "Other" powers he can create spines coming out of various parts of his body that can be used to impale, stab people.

Webbing - Biological produced

Communication with Spiders - Kaine has a greater control of psychic senses than Spider-Man and can communicate and command spiders.

Spider-Sense - Initially, Kaine had a more powerful form of Spider-Sense that allowed him see the future.  However, he lost his Spider-Sense altogether in the events of Spider-Island.

Other Powers  -  In addition to the ability of creating deadly spines and jaws as the Other, Kaine can also fully transform into a huge monstrous Spider.  In his Spider form he does not retain his full intellectual capacity and is thus a foe to friends and foes alike.

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Master Pandemonium - Marvel

Who is Master Pandemonium

Master Pandemonium is a demonic villain in the Marvel universe that is known for his battles with the West Coast Avengers.  The character has not appeared in the MCU.

Real Name:  Martin Preston

First Appearance: West Coast Avengers #4

Crazy Things About Master Pandemonium:
Master Pandemonium is one of those villains that has not shown up very much but there were some cool aspects to the character.  Primarily what I liked about him is that his actor background really merged well with the Westcoast LA vibe of Westcoast Avengers.  His bizarre demonic limbs also made for unique fights and aesthetics.

He is also infamous for being a villain who killed children.  He basically absorbs/kills the children of Scarlet Witch and the Vision.  Very few villain hit that level of lows.

Master Pandemonium News:


Martin Preston is an actor who loses a limb while driving a sport car recklessly.  Martin fears his acting career is over after losing a limb so he calls forth the devil, Mephisto.  Mephisto promises that he will make it so that Martin has four limbs again at the cost of his soul.  Martin foolishly makes the deal.  As is the case with most deals with Mephisto it is fulfilled but with terrible unforeseeable consequences.  Mephisto cuts off all the remaining limbs of Martin and cuts an upside down star hole into his chest.  He then replaces all of the limbs with demons.  Then Mephisto fills the hole in his chest with yet more demons.  This turns Martin into a kind of walking, talking demon clown car.

Martin his horrified at the demonic entity he has become but Mephisto is not about to take back the deal.  He is given control of the demons in his body and takes on the name of Master Pandemonium.

Mephisto then breaks Master Pandemonium's soul up into 5 pieces and spreads the pieces out it into 5 different creatures.  He uses these pieces as leverage to keep Master Pandemonium under his control.

Master Pandemonium is stalking a Western Superhero teams called the Rangers that he believes may have part of his soul.  In particular he is interested in the hero Firestar.  Firestar seeks membership in the West Coast Avengers and this leads Master Pandemonium into numerous battles with the supergroup.

Pandemonium and the Westcoast Avengers join forces against the cat people where he regains one part of his soul.

Pandemonium seeks out the children of Scarlet Witch and Vision and pulls them into himself.  The children were not real children but constructed out of fractured souls.  The act of taking the children of Scarlet Witch and Vision effectively drives Scarlet Witch mad.  This is one of the major actions that lead to Scarlet Witch and Vision getting divorced.

More about Master Pandemonium killing Scarlet Witch and Vision's children

At this point Pandemonium learns the horrible truth.  The pieces of souls were never his own but that of Mephisto himself.  Pandemonium had been used by a tool of Mephisto to retrieve his own soul.

Master Pandemonium has limbs made up of demons.  These demons can detach themselves and fly around and fight on their own.   He also has other demons within side his body.

Pandemoniums body is seemly more durable and resistant to death as it is full of demons.

He can emit blasts of hellfire and energy

He also has an Amulet of Azmodeus that has magical powers and grants teleportation.


Marvel - News, Characters, Reviews, Movies, and Comics 

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Who is Quicksilver?

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Who is Quicksilver?
Quicksilver is a Marvel character who has been depicted as both a villain and a hero.  He is a mutant with the super power of super speed.

Real Name: Pietro Maximoff

First Appearance: X-Men #4

Quicksilver News:
All Avengers Movie news and speculation
Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver have new comic parents and are Mutants no more!
Who is the Scarlet Witch?

Quicksilver Multimedia:
Quicksilver scene in X-Men Days of Future Past
Cool Pix: Quicksilver
Quicksilver Cosplay by Jessica Nigri

X-Men Toy Store
Here are X-Men toys from Amazon:

Scarlet Witch first appearance

Pietro Maximoff along with his twin sister the Scarlet Witch are the offspring of Magneto.  Magneto does not know of their existence while they are being raised.  The story of their birth is a little weird.  It involves the twins being born amongst the New Men of Wundagore mountain who are basically part animal and part human people.  They hide the twins with a family called the Maximoffs.  There is also a demon that has a presence near Wundagore mountain and he gives the Scarlet Witch magical powers. Both twins also develop mutant powers.  Quick Silver develops super speed and Scarlet Witch gains the mutant power of hexing (altering probability).  While, they do not know their father, they end up joining his group the evil brotherhood of mutants.

The twins never are very evil though and part with the group rather quickly and join the Avengers.

House of M - Scarlet Witch at a very high power level alters reality.  She utters the words "No more mutants" and removes the powers of most of the worlds mutants.

Pietro is the twin brother of Scarlet Witch and daughter of Magneto.
Quicksilver disapproves of her relationship and marriage to the android Vision but eventually

He himself is a terrible husband to the Inhuman Crystal.  He has a daughter with her named Luna.

Quicksilver is often portrayed as a jerk.   He says this is in part due to how fast he is relative to everyone else.  To Quicksilver it is though as everyone else and the entire world is moving in slow motion.

Super speed - Can run at speeds up to Mach 10
Super reflexes
Super fast thought
Immunity to friction while running

MCU and X-Men Foxverse:

Quicksilver film's rights are shared by Fox and Marvel.

Fox X-Men Quicksilver
Quicksilver appeared in the X-Men Days of Future Past and in the sequel X-Men Apocalypse.

MCU version of Quicksilver
A different version of Quicksilver appeared in the MCU.
Quicksilver  appeared in Avengers Age of Ultron.  He begins the film as Hydra experiement who then joins forces with Ultron to take down the Avengers.  However, after seeing a vision of Ultron's plans his sister the Scarlet Witch urges them to leave his service.  They then join forces with the Avengers to stop Ultron.  During the final battle Quicksilver is killed.

There are some rumors and speculation that Quicksilver could be brought back to life in particular with the events of Avengers Infinity War and ending half of the life on Earth many speculate that Avengers End Game could snap back many or all of those and potentially characters who had died previousily like Quicksilver.

Quicksilver Art:

All Avengers Movie news and speculation
Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver have new comic parents and are Mutants no more!
Cool Pix: Quicksilver
Who is the Scarlet Witch?

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Who is the Scarlet Witch?

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Who is the Scarlet Witch?

Who is the Scarlet Witch?

The Scarlet Witch is a Marvel character who has been depicted as both a villain and a hero.  She is a mutant with the super power of hexing (probability/reality alteration).

Real Name: Wanda Maximoff

First Appearance: X-Men #4

Scarlet Witch Multimedia:
Cool Pix: Scarlet Witch in Avengers Age of Ultron
Scarlet Witch Cosplays
Cool Pix: Scarlet Witch concept art and new looks from Avengers Age of Ultron 


Wanda Maximoff along with her twin brother QuickSilver are the offspring of Magneto.  Magneto does not know of their existence while they are being raised.  The story of their birth is a little weird.  It involves the twins being born amongst the New Men of Wundagore mountain who are basically part animal part human people.  They hide the twins with a family called the Maximoffs.  There is also a demon that has a presence near Wundagore mountain and he gives the Scarlet Witch magical powers. Both twins also develop mutant powers.  Quick Silver develops super speed and Scarlet Witch gains the mutant power of hexing (altering probability).  While, they do not know their father, or he them they end up joining his group the evil brotherhood of mutants.

The twins never are very evil though and part with the group rather quickly and join the Avengers.

House of M - Scarlet Witch at a very high power level alters reality.  She utters the words "No more mutants" and removes the powers of most of the worlds mutants.


  • Quicksilver - Wanda is the twin sister of Quicksilver and daughter of Magneto.
  • Vision - She is known for having a long on and off romantic relationship with the android Vision.   
  • Wonderer Man - The Ionic Avenger also had feelings for Wanda and it has been hinted at, that the Vision's feelings for the Scarlet Witch may stem from Vision's cerebral matrix being based off of Wonderman's mind. Scarlet Witch's connection was strong enough to Wonder Man that she was able to re-materialize him after his death.
The Scarlet Witche's primary power is to caste hexes that affect the probability of events.  She can also wield chaos magic.
At one point her powers are elevated due to a cosmic power source and she is able to alter all of reality this leads to the event House of M.

Scarlet Witch concept art for 'The Avengers: Age of Ultron' (Marvel)
Concept Art of Scarlet Witch -Avengers Age of Ultron

The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are dualy owned by Marvel and Fox.  This allows both companies to use the characters in either the Fox Mutant verse or Marvel's MCU.  This is why Quicksilver was able to appear in both X-Men Apocalypse / Days of Future Past and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

So far a version of Scarlet Witch has not appeared in the X-Men universe.

In the MCU the Scarlet Witch makes her first appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Wanda Maximoff and her brother Pietro are given powers by Hydra human experimentation utilizing Loki's scepter from the Avengers film.  Scarlet Witch develops telekinetic and telepathic powers and her brother develops super speed.  The Avengers attack and defeat Hydra but not before the Scarlet Witch induces Bruce Banner to go into a rampage.

The pair join forces with Ultron who offers them revenge against the Avengers.  The two become disillusioned with Ultron when they realize the murderous true intentions are to destroy the world.  The pair switch allegiances to the Avengers and help them defeat Ultron.  Quicksilver is slain during the conflict.  Wanda is saved at the last minute by the Vision.

In Captain America Civil War, Wanda has joined the Avengers.  In the conflict between the pro registration Iron Man and freedom Captain America she sides with Captain America.  A deeper relationship is shown between Wanda and Vision even though the two squared off during the Civil War event.

MU2 Scarlet Witch figure:

HASBRO action figure

Will Marvel comics Die

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Is time for Marvel comics to die?

Lower comic sales at Disney and a SXSW panel from Marvel's Editor in Chief have led many fans to speculate that Marvel Comics could be fighting for their existence.

The comic panel in questions is a panels by Marvel's Editor in Chief CB Cebulski and Joe Quesada at the SXSW in Austin Texas.  The hour long panel is called "Marvel: From Comics to Screen" and is to focus on how the comics have effected the films.

Here is the full description of the panel:
"Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski and Chief Creative Officer + fan-favorite writer/artist Joe Quesada lead an interactive discussion on the unprecedented vast creative landscape and content factory that is MARVEL COMICS.  Marvel’s characters have achieved international renown, and now the movies, television series, and games of the Marvel Universe are the most popular in the world  – but everything starts with an idea, and Marvel Comics is the spark that lights the fire. Heroes and villains were teamed together in an epic challenge against each other in the first ever Marvel limited series Contest of Champions in 1982 before it became one of the most successful and popular mobile games of all time.  The Guardians of the Galaxy as they were seen in the 2014 film assembled for the first time in 2007’s Guardians of the Galaxy comic book.  Iron Man and Captain America had their first Civil War in the pages of the Marvel Comics series of the same name in 2006.  Cloak & Dagger first came together in a 1982 issue of the Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man comic book.  Are the next breakout stories of film, television, and gaming happening in the pages of Marvel Comics right now?  Hear from two of the Marvel Comics’ biggest story-crafters on what it’s like to lead the way in the Marvel Universe!"

Some have begun to argue that the panel is basically the leaders of Marvel comics to justify their existence to Disney excutives.

The current conspiracy seems to land mostly with a article by Jude Terror a click pait provocteur at Bleeding Cool.  You can find his post at: https://www.bleedingcool.com/2019/03/01/joe-quesada-c-b-cebulski-survival-comics-sxsw/ Like most Jude Terror articles I read I think its 90% hype and 10% fact.  I leave asking myself why did I just waste time reading this.

Is there any truth in any of these rumors that Marvel comics is going to die?  Yes and No.

First, comic sales are down.  Marvel was doing very well from a sales perspective in 2016 but has had a rough 2017 and 18 mostly due to a backlash over Hydra Cap and due to a slow down in Star Wars comics.  The slow down in Star Wars merchandise has been felt at Disney through out its entire consumer products industry.  That is not specifically a Marvel Comic issue.

Marvel comics sale drops also effect the entire industry.  Marvel being a flagship publisher tends to bring buyers into the stores.  Its lower sales have in turn led to lower comic sales throughout the industry and also have likely ended a few comic stores.

That said Marvel and the comic book market have had similar declines over the past 20-30 years.  Ever since the 90s comic bubble burst they have dealt with similar lulls.  I would say they are not yet dead but do need to start finding comics that get their fans into the stores.

There is also a rumor that Disney could close the comic division and license them out to a third party comic maker.  There is one huge problem with that idea though.   If Marvel the flagship comic publisher were to go down it would take the entire industry with it.  There would be no one to license comics to at that point.  A similar argument is that comics could be distrubuted digitally or through trades.  While both channels are growth prospects from the industry  I don't see those channels replacing the floppy anytime soon.

The definite no in my book is that the CB Cebulski panel has something to do with Disney's plans.  If CB wants to talk to Disney he will talk to Disney through a myriad of internal channels.  He does not need to go to the public at comic con to make this appeal.  Likely CB just sees the panel as another way to sell comics and bring fans from the films into the comic book stores.  I see this strategy as smart.  The blockbuster films of Marvel have been a vastly under leveraged source for the company to sell comics and get new fans with.  Its high time that Marvel begins to utlisize that connection however they can.

Joe Quesada also blew away the idea that panel has anything to do with Marvel's survival on his twitter.

All in all, comic sales are not in a great spot but saying that Marvel is dead is still very premature.

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You can blame Aeon River for this:

The Thing aka Ben Grimm

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Who is the Thing aka Ben Grimm?

The Thing is a Marvel super hero and a well known member of the super human team the Fantastic Four.  The Thing was for a time the most popular super hero character at Marvel and in all of comics.   The Thing was played by Michael Chiklis in the 2005 and 2007 Fantastic Four Films.  He will played by Jamie Bell in the Fantastic Four 2015 film.  He was ranked the 18th greatest super hero of all time by IGN in 2011.

First Appearance:  Fantastic Four #1

Real Name: Benjamin J. Grimm

Species:  Human Mutate

Catch Phrases:  "Its Clobberin' Time" is one of the most well known catch phrases in comics.  The Thing often utters it before engaging in battle.

 The Thing in News:
 Fantastic Four movie head quarters, news, and casting

The Thing in Multimedia:

Early Years:
Ben Grimm grew up in a Jewish home in Yancy street in the lower East Side of Manhattan.  He was a scrappy, streetwise youth in a poor neighborhood.  When Ben was 8 years old his idolized older brother was killed in a gang fight.  His parents are later killed and Ben goes to be raised by his Uncle Jake and Aunt Petunia.  Ben is a tough kid and as a teen becomes the leader of the Yancy Street Gang.

Ben leaves the gang as he begins to go straight and excels at football in High School.  Due to his football prowess he receives a full ride scholarship to Empire University.  At Empire University he meets his life long friend the prodigal genius, Reed Richards.  Ben hears Reed's dream of exploring the universe on a rocket and Ben jokingly exclaims that he would pilot the mission.

Ben goes on graduate with numerous engineering degrees and joins the Marines.  In the Marines he is a test pilot for the Navy.  He also flew missions directly under the the orders of Nick Fury.  He would then go on to join NASA as an astronaut.

Fantastic Four:
Ben is contacted by his old college friend Reed Richards.  Reed has built the space craft that he said he would during college and asks Ben to pilot it.  Ben agrees.  The project was nearly mothballed but the four crew members find a way to access the craft and take off.    Ben is initially reluctant to break into the ship but is convinced by Sue Storm whom he respects.

During the voyage the four are bombarded by cosmic rays and mutate.  Each member gains special powers.  Ben's powers and changes are the most pronounced of the group.  He gains massive strength, and rock hard durability but his appearance is monstrous. Ben has to deal with the changes, and his appearance.  Of all the members he is the most inclined to want to give up his powers.  Much of the early period of the Fantastic Four is spent with Ben trying to find a cure to is powers.  He also spends a great deal of time being angry at Reed for his mutation and feeling envy that the others maintained a normal appearance.  Eventually, Ben realizes he can do great good with his powers and reluctantly accepts them.  Once Ben was cured of his condition but then purposefully changed back to battle Doctor Doom.

He is known as the Fantastic Four's hot head, and is easily the most temperamental member of the team and but is also the teams best fighter.

As a super hero the Thing has battled many heavy hitters (Hulk, Namor, Doctor Doom) and is considered one of the best fighters in the Marvel Universe.  He is generally considered one of the most reliable members of the Fantastic Four but has gotten in trouble with his temper.  When gone from the team others have filled in for his role.  Those that have filled include Luke Cage/Power Man and She-Hulk

The Thing spends money earned from the Fantastic Four to build a youth center in his old neighborhood on Yancey Street.  His old Yancey Street gang plans to attack the place as they dislike Ben for leaving and are angered that he named the institution after himself.  When the gang learns that the Youth Center was named after Ben's brother Daniel Grimm who died in the gang they respectfully leave the structure alone.

The Thing's skin is made of a flexible orange rock that gives him a variety of powers:
  • Super Durability - He is rock hard
  • Super Strength - From his hardened musculature
  • Super Stamina - Does not tire like a normal human
  • Super Breathing - Can hold his breath far longer time than a normal human in space or underwater.
  • Immortality - The Thing does not age so long as he is in his rock form

The Things skins has withstood powerful blows from heavy hitters like the Hulk.  He can also withstand gunfire.  The skin can be pierced though.  Wolverine was able to slice through his skin with his admantium claws and make him bleed.  The Rock hard skin does heal once pierced.

The Thing has three fingers and a thumb and these large rocky fingers can make it difficult for him to use fine tools, like dialing a phone, pushing buttons, or tying his shoes.

The Thing is a master of a variety of fighting styles that come from both his street fighting days as well as martial training from the US military.

Highly skilled pilot and engineer - Though often portrayed as brutish the Thing is very intelligent with a high level of engineering background. 

Fantastic Four Films:

The Thing was played by Michael Chiklis in the 2005 and 2007 Fantastic Four Films.  He will played by Jamie Bell in the Fantastic Four 2015 film.

Fantastic Four (2005, 2007)
Michael Chiklis as the Thing (2005 and 2007):

Fantastic Four (2015)
Jamie Bell as the Thing in Fantastic Four (2015)

 This Thing will not wear clothes he will walk around in the nude.  He also does not appear to be anatomically correct.

The film did very poorly in part due to a lack of action.

Interestingly a large action sequence that was hinted in previews of the Thing dropping from a plane then smashing a military force was cut from the film.  Entertainment Weekly found the scene description for the cut scene.

A Chechen rebel camp in the wee hours of the night. There’s no explanation for where we are, but there are soldiers speaking a foreign language, and they are loading up some heavy-duty weaponry. Crews are filling truck beds with the gear, preparing to mobilize – then a siren goes off. Everyone freezes, and one by one they turn their faces to the sky. A stealth bomber whispers by overhead, and a large object falls from it, streaking through the air at great speed. The object – a bomb, a missile? – collides with the earth in the center of the camp, sending debris is all directions. The soldiers take cover, then tentatively emerge and walk toward the crater, where there is a giant pile of orange boulders. Slowly, the rocks begin to move on their own, becoming arms, legs, a torso, a head …


This rock-figure lumbers out of the smoke, and the soldiers level their weapons – then open fire. As The Thing lurches into view, bullets spark and ping off his impenetrable exterior. Rather than some elegant, balletic action sequence, The Thing moves slowly and deliberately. He’s in no hurry. The storytelling goal was to show the futility of firepower against him as he casually demolishes the terrorists. It’s a blue-collar kind of heroism. When it becomes clear this rock-beast cannot be stopped, the surviving Chechen rebels make a run for it – and that’s when a hail of gunfire finishes them off. From the shadows of the surrounding forest, a team of Navy SEALS emerge with their guns drawn and smoking. The cavalry has arrived, but the enemy has already been subdued. The film would then have shifted to a bird’s-eye view of the camp, an aerial shot showing waves of American soldiers flooding in to secure the base. Just when it appears the American soldiers may be ready to clash with the rock monster, The Thing gives them a solemn nod, and they clear a path. He lumbers past them, almost sadly, a heartsick warrior. Then he boards a large helicopter and is lifted away.


Only then does the movie cut to that conference room, where Tim Blake Nelson’s Dr. Allen is crowing to his military overlords about how this mutated team of scientists is helping do the heavy lifting for America’s rank-and-file soldiers.

Interestingly, the cut scene may have also helped with the break in the film where it shifts to one year forward.  The break in the final cut felt jarringly abrupt.  Entertainment Weekly's source was  unclear whether the scene was not included due to decisions by Josh Trank or by Fox.  It has been suggested that it was filmed with a documentary camera style that may have clashed with the rest of the film.  It is also possible that Fox already knew the film was going to be a bust and did not want to pay for the special effects to finish the scene.

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Who is the Black Panther?

The Black Panther is a title of the defender of the African kingdom of Wakanda.  While many men have had the title of Black Panther throughout time by far the most well known is King T'Challa.

Black Panther has not appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe however he will very SOON.  Actor Chadwick Boseman has been hired to play the titular champion of Wakanda.  Marvel has begun paving the way for the character to appear.  There have been numerous Black Panther Easter Eggs in the Marvel TV Series Agents of SHIELD.
 Black Panther will for sure be in Captain America 3 Civil War as well his own movie Black Panther.

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #52

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The Black Panther film hub is home to tons of information on the upcoming Black Panther film set to be released in 2018.  It includes actor / Director interviews as well as media and products on the upcoming film.

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Becoming the Panther
The Black Panther title is used by the champion of Wakanda.  While the Panther title is worn by men and women of royal blood it is not given to them.  Each Panther must earn the title through a set of ritualized trials that for T'Challa included fighting/defeating the then current Black Panther his uncle S'yan.  Once the title is won, a special heart shaped herb is provided that heightens the users senses and reflexes.  The Panther is also spiritually linked to the Panther god known as Bast.

Klaw finding Vibranium in Wakanda

T'Challa's father is killed by a mercenary by the name of Klaw Klaw was pursuing a rare metal in Wakanda called Vibranium.  While T'Challa manages to expel the invader he realizes he and his country must change to deal with these kind of threats.  Essentially, he does not want Wakanda to fall to imperialism of foreign powers.  He then goes on a long educational trip across the globe to learn all that he can.  He returns undergoes the ritual of the Panther and becomes the enlightened ruler and defender of Wakanda.

T'Challa often has to deal with his adoptive brother Hunter.  Hunter resents T'Challa for being in line to become King.  Hunter at one points runs a secret police that T'Challa shuts down when he becomes King.
The two often fight in a similar manner as Thor and Loki.

Other reoccurring adversaries of Black Panther include Man Ape and Klaw.

Fantastic 4 and Avengers:
T'Challa sees the growing super human phenomena and goes out to meet some of them.  He manages to defeat all 4 of the members of the fantastic 4 individually as a test.  He later befreinds them and as well as the Avengers.  T'Challa goes back forth defending and ruling Wakanda and the world with the Avengers.

For a time T'Challa loses control of the country to rival, Erik Killmonger.  Killmonger attempts to bring Wakanda back to an ancient form of government without vestiges of colonialism.

A Nation Under our Feet:

T'Challa has returned home to Wakanda only to be faced by a series of terrorist and ideological threats to his rule.  A new mysterious group called the People pursue a more democratic form of government and do so with violence.  Meanwhile, some of the King's own Dora Milaje form their own revolt.
T'Challa meets with a variety of despicable despots hoping to get hints on how to put down a rebellion.  In the end he takes none of their horrific advice however, one of the members is video taped discussing the advice he gave T'Challa.  This interview is made by the People released to the public who are horrified at what their King has been listening to.

Ezekiel Stane is revealed to be a sponsor of the People.  He captures T'Challa but not before T'Challa manages to call in the calvary with an array of his super friends coming to his rescue including Gateway, Strom, Luke Cage, and Misty Knight.

Top 10 Villains of the Black Panther

Notable Friends and Relations:
  • Storm - Wife
  • Shurri - Sister
  • T'Chaka - Father deceased
  • Luke Cage - Friend
  • Misty Knight - Friend
  • Gateway - Friend
  • The Avengers
  • The Fantastic Four

Skills and Powers:
Being raised as heir to the king T'Challa has been training to be the Black Panther his entire life.  He has studied science, politics, strategy and tactics.  He studied in some of the finest schools in America and Europe and is considered one of most formidable scientific minds in the Marvel Universe.

He is highly trained in a variety of martial arts and weapons.   His fighting ability is extremely high and has beaten a long list of heroes and villains.  His style often involves using the stances and moves of animals and integrating them into his human form.

The technology T'Challa has is very advanced.  His suit is made of Vibranium and while lite weight it can absorb the impact of blows, falls and bullets like heavy armor.  He can on run walls, dissolve metal, create energy daggers, jump and move without making a sound.  Beyond his suit he also has the Kimono Card which allows him to have satellite access and block radio signals from where ever he is.
He also can use any device in Wakanda which includes almost anything that one can imagine.

The spiritual link to the Panther god Bast also aids T'Challa from time to time.  Particularly if he is attacked on a spiritual or magical level the Panther helps protect him.

At times it has been shown that there is a spiritual linkage between all the Black Panther alive and dead.


Actor Chadwick Boseman has been hired to play the titular champion of Wakanda, the Black Panther.

Captain America: Civil War:
Black Panther made his first appearance in the MCU in Captain America: Civil War.  After seeing his father killed in a terrorist attack T'Challa beings a hunt for the presumed assassin Bucky aka the Winter Soldier.  This leads him into a confrontation with Captain America and directly into the the throes of Civil War.
Upon learning the truth that Zemo had orchestrated the events to lure the Avengers to fighting each other T'Challa forgives Zemo and refuses to kill him.  He then invites Bucky to Wakanda where brainwashed super assassin can get treatment and be kept safely.

Black Panther:
T'Challa returns home to face a threat to his rule over Wakanda.  Two villains combine forces in attempt to end the line of family's rule.

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Toylab Recommended:  Black Panther: A Nation under our Feet
I really can not recommend this Black Panther story enough to people who want to read a Black Panther story. No this is not a pure clean, beginning in comics their rarely are. What the story offers though is an amazing story, that shows both grandeur and struggles of Wakanda, and the nation's titular hero the Black Panther. Few have done it better than this.

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Who is Peresphone?

Who is Persephone?

Marvel has revealed the main villain that Wolverine will be facing in the series Return of Wolverine.  This will aims to be the series that returns the X-Man back into the Marvel universe since his death in 2014.   Wolverine was revealed to be alive and in possession of an infinity stone in Marvel Legacy #1 last year.  Since then there have been a variety of mini series delving into the mystery of how he has returned from the dead.   The villain that he is going to face is a character called Peresephone and she was designed by artist Mike Hawthorne.    Persephone is set to appear in Return of Wolverine #1.

Name: Persephone

First Appearance:  Return of Wolverine #1

Enemy: Wolverine

40 PGS./Parental Advisory …$4.99


Wolverine has returned from the dead and the means of how that occured are not clear.  In myth Persephone is a goddess tied both to a cycle of death and rebirth.  It seem likely that these elements will play a part in this character though how exactly are still not clear.

Persephone in Greek Myth
Persephone was the Queen of the Dead.  Technically she was abducted by Hades and forced to serve as his queen.  She was also a goddess of vegetation and she was effectively allowed to return to Earth at which time vegetation would spring up, but then be forced back to serve Hades in the underworld at which time Winter would come.  In Wikipedia the Persephone is described as:

Persephone (/pərˈsɛfəni/GreekΠερσεφόνη), also called Kore (/ˈkɔːr/; "the maiden"), is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter and is the queen of the underworldHomer describes her as the formidable, venerable majestic princess of the underworld, who carries into effect the curses of men upon the souls of the dead. Persephone was married to Hades, the god of the underworld.[1] The myth of her abduction represents her function as the personification of vegetation, which shoots forth in spring and withdraws into the earth after harvest; hence, she is also associated with spring as well as the fertility of vegetation. 
You may also recall that Persephone was a character in Matrix reloaded where she played the Queen of the Underworld as the consort of the bad Merovingian.  In that film she eventually helped the heroes escape from the Merovingian.  Her character was played by actress Monica Bellucci. While the version of Persephone in the Matrix was ultimately benevolent I don't believe that will be the case of the one that Wolverine is going to face off against.

Monica Bellucci as Persephone in the Matrix Reloaded

You very likely remember the Matrix version of Persephone.  She was one of the more flamboyantly dressed characters in a film where almost everyone wore black and gray all the time.

We will continue to follow this story and update it as we gain more information!