Cosplay Tournament of Champions

Welcome to Toylab's COSPLAY Tournament of Champions!

Cosplay Tournament of Champions pits the best Cosplayers across the globe in a head to head battle of performance and costume design supremacy.

Current Battles:
Battle 1 - Scarlet Witch 

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Aspects of Cosplay Tournament of Champions is:
  • This tournament is currently Online Only.
  • The tournament is designed to last one year and crown one Cosplay Entry as Champion.
  • Contestants are made up of volunteers or selected by fans, final selections are made by an Official Toylab judge.
  • The Tournament is divided into battles where three entries will go head to head.
  • Each Battle is single elimination, with only the winner moving forward to the next battle round.
  • Each Battle lasts two weeks.
  • Battles utilize a blogspot online poll, the winner is entry with high number of votes
  • 2 way ties will enter a two way run off round if still tied the winner will be selected by an Official Toylab judge
  • 3 way ties will have the winner selected by an Toylab judge.
  • Contestants can compete in different battles using different costumes and may end up in battles against themselves.
  • Gender bending is allowed.  Cosplay Entrys should not be downgraded for not matching the gender of the selected character.  Nor should they be graded above others.  The best Cosplay should be selected as the victor.
  • Any Contestant who wants to be removed from the tournament, comment on the page asking to be removed and the Cosplay entry will be replaced.
  • Comments that are vulgar, rude or defamatory will be removed.
  • Any logic can be used to choose a winner of a battle however we recommend using the ToyLab Champions Scoring System listed below.  SCORING SYSTEM
  • Currently, the only prize of the Cosplay Tournament of Champions is pride and ability to call oneself the champion.  A winners post can also be made where the winner can describe the making of the Cosplay costume and their tell their tale to the path of Glory.  There are no other prizes but they may be added in the future at the discretion of an Official Toylab Judge.

Toylab Champions Scoring System:
Click Here To Learn TOYLAB's COSPLAY Scoring System!
This is a copyrighted system please ask for permission of Toylab to use it.  We will likely say yes.

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