Welcome to the Toylab Podcast!

Hi this is Matty one of the founding Bloggers at Toylab.  Many of the bloggers like Matty B, Scoobs, Sir Kent, Katey Komics, SarahLovesZombies and Beardy will appear on our Podcast.

The focus of the casts will vary on subjects but will generally follow many of our blog posts.

Newest Podcast:  Digging into Monsters Unleashed

Listen to "Diggin into Monsters Unleashed with Marvel Matt" on Spreaker.

Theme Music:

The music in the theme is provided by the Colorado band L'Elan Vital.  We are really stoked to have use of such great music and hope to put it to good use.  L'Elan Vital is approaching the launch of their long awaited 2nd album.  We hope to do a cast on that release as it comes.

More info on L'Elan Vital see: https://www.facebook.com/ElanVitalMusic

Podcast 3:  A BIG FAT Preview of Denver Comic CON!!!!

Denver Comic Con is nearly here and we want everyone to know what is going on, who is coming and what events to expect.  DC Rebirth promises to change things for DC come and see what they have planned for DCC 2016!!!

Podcast 1:  Why Blade is Awesome n MORE!

First of a two part cast featuring Matty B and KateyKomics on why Blade is awesome and some interesting mysteries that are currently surrounding the character.
The first cast is 30 minutes discussing Blade comic origins, and the contrast of his film  vs comic success.

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