Asgardians of the Galaxy - Team revealed

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Marvel has revealed the team members of the upcoming team Asgardians of the Galaxy

Cullen Bunn and Matteo Lolli are taking the helm of the new Asgardians of the Galaxy series. that will hit the stands in September.

Marvel's new team is going to start filling in for the disbanded Guardians of the Galaxy.  Instead of Guardians this team will be fully made up of Asgardians.  Previousily, Angela was an Asgardian and a member of the Guardians however most of the other Asgardians have not been members.  Which Asgardians have decided to join the team:

Angela - The former Guardians member now returns as part of the team.
Skurge the Executioner
Throg the Thor Frog
and Destroyer

I expect the series to have elements of fantasy elements of Thor mixed with the science fiction, space opera of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Spinning out of the events of INFINITY WARS comes an epic spaceopera from the superstar team of Cullen Bunn and Matteo Lolli! ANGELA, the not-so-beloved half-sister of Thor. The hotheaded VALKYRIE – and the human who shares her form, Annabelle Riggs. SKURGE the EXECUTIONER, freshly returned from Hel. THROG, the mightiest frog of thunder. Kevin Masterson, the boy who took his father’s mace to become the hero THUNDERSTRIKE. And the DESTROYER, the Asgardian armor built to take down Celestials – its wielder unknown.

Preview of the Variant Covers:


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