Who is Requiem? More clues

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Who is Requiem? Marvel Wiki

Requiem is a mysterious new Marvel character who appeared on the cover of the comic Infinity Wars Prime #1.  Marvel then released a teaser with a closer look of the character but not revealing much about the character's motivations or identity.

Real Name:  ?????

Alias:  Requiem

First Appearance: Infinity Wars Prime

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    Requiem is mysterious but is called in promotion an Incarnate of Death.  In previous Infinity War stories Thanos has had the aim of impressing Death so it seems likely Requiem and Thanos will have some kind of relationship.

    Requiem is not simply called Death but rather seems to be another character from the past that has now undertaken the mantle of Death.

    The appearance of Requiem reveals that the character has a kind of Armor, with a cowl coverd face and a  lightning sword.  The face of Requiem is covered by a black mask, whose eyes are called out with the infinity symbol.

    Identity Mystery:

    The true identity of the character is unknown here are some theories:
    • Magus - The evil doppelganger of Infinity War was killed and replaced by Ultron in the Original Infinity War.  Tying a character back to the other Infinity War series would seem to make sense.
    • Punisher - The Punisher has been mentioned a few times primarily due to his affinity for killing.
    • Hela - Hela was last seen losing her role as Queen of Hel to Angela.  She then joined forces with Thanos.  The deal was to be that Thanos would help her gain control of her Kingdom and then she would grant him his desired death.
    • Balder/Angela - After Angela took over Hel from Hela she became the Queen of the land of the Dead of the Asgard Pantheon.  She then gave the rule to Balder.  Requiem does use a Sword which both Angela and Balder have been prone to use.

    The word Requiem means a song, act, ritual or token used remember or respect the dead.

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