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Guess what Spider-Man fans you better watch out, SPIDERGEDDON is coming, that is right SPIDER freaking GEDDON is on its way!

What is Spidergeddon you ask?  I have no idea.  Marvel just release a promo for what seems to be a major Spider-Man event to occure in Fall of 2018.  By its name it sounds bad.  Part of the name makes me think of the Spider-Verse and I wonder if it could have ties to that story.  Maybe there are too many Spider-Totems now that the Inheritors have been vaulted up and something is out of balance.  We all know what happens when the "Balance" gets out of whack.

That is all I know for now but will release updates as they come in.

In a 2nd promo many of the different variants of Spider-Man that were shown in the Spider-Verse series were shown swinging together on a poster.  This seems to reveal that the themes and characters of the Spider-Verse series are being revisited.  It is still not clear who the villain of the series will be.

There also appears there will a series called Edge of Spider-Geddon similar to the Edge of Spider-Verse series that served as a prequel to the main Spider-Verse story.  The Edge series featured many new versions of Spider-Man that proved to be popular including Spider-Gwen , Spider-Punk and SP////dr.  The first Edge of Spider-Geddon series is going to focus on Spider-Punk back in his own world.

More info on Edge of Spider-Geddon #1

Solicit Synopsis


Spider-Punk is back and better than ever. After SPIDER-VERSE, Hobie Brown was a Web Warrior, but that didn’t mean things back in his universe were solved. The writer of the SPIDER-PUNK story in SPIDER-VERSE is back and joined by VENOM’S Gerardo Sandoval! Spider-Punk’s Earth is under attack both on the ground and from space, meaning his responsibility seems to outweigh his power. Don’t miss this first shot of the SPIDER-EVENT of 2018!

More info on Edge of Spider-Geddon #2

Solicit Synopsis

ISSUE #2 – After Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance, The Umbrella Academy) and Jake Wyatt created SP//dr back in SPIDER-VERSE, she was one of the most requested heroes. With Spider-Geddon on the horizon, SP//dr is back. Zac Thompson and Lonnie Nadler are joining the team to bring you the next chapter in Peni Parker’s life and set the table for the Spider-Event of 2018!

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