Gorochu - A mysterious Evolution of Pikachu?

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A Pokemon Mystery what is Gorochu? Pikachu's enigmatic final Evolution?

In an interview on Yomiuri with the original Pokemon developers Ken Suigimori and Atsuko Nishida it was revealed that there was initially an evolution of Pikachu called Gorochu.   Pikachu of course does have an evolution in the game called Raichu but the initial Gorochu was much different.  While Raichu appears to be a beefier, more fierce looking Pikachu, the Gorochu was downright demonic looking.  Gorochu would certainly have very much altered the look and feel of how players feel about Pikachu.  It is not unusual in the game though to have small cute creatures, evolve into massive monsters.  The whimsically helpless Magicarp transforms into the ultra powerful and terrifying Gyarados.

When the news went viral it shocked fans of Pokemon and their reactions on Twitter are pretty hilarious.

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Meet Gorochu!  The Demon Pikachu!

Gorochu reveal really got people talking on Twitter:
Atsuko Nishida (graphic artist who's helped design several Pokemon and key characters) revealed in an interview w/Yomiuri Shimbun that Pikachu was, at the beginning, designed after a squirrel she wanted to keep as a pet
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omg this interview is the best: in the game series, the game planner "hid" Pikachu (making it a rare pokemon) because he loved it so much he "didn't want to let other people touch Pikachu as much as possible"
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also revealed in the interview: initially, the evolution of Pikachu was supposed to be Pikachu→Raichu→Gorochu (wonder what it would've been named in other languages!!). Gorochu had "fangs and two horns" but the development team had to take it out to maintain game balance
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apparently pikachu was supposed to have a third evolution called gorochu?!?! WTF... IT WAS GOING TO HAVE HORNS AND FANGS... ART WORK OF IT HAS NEVER COME OUT THO... SHOW ME. GOROCHU... YOU COWARDS
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Huh, so Pichu -> Pikachu -> Raichu -> Gorochu
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In light of that “Gorochu” thing, I’d like to use this opportunity to remind everyone that: A. Raichu exists. And B. Raichu is better than Pikachu.
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"Game balance" is why he wasn't added? I really don't buy that. Raichi is severely lacking by the endgame.
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So it appears Pikachu had an evolution orinally called Gorochu. It was supposed to look evil I can't imagine Ash and Gorochu.
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125/365: Fanart of "Gorochu", based on an anon's concept.
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Artwork for suspected Gorochu, original Pikachu S2, thoughts
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Gorochu sounds like a name that came out of tekken or street fighter or hell mortal kombat. ... FINISH HIM!
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