Avengers Infinity War has biggest box office weekend EVER

Please Share and Follow us on Twitter! Tweet Follow @toylabHQ Avengers - Infinity War Avengers Infinity War - News, Trailer, Pictures, Art While the Avengers were torn apart after the events of Captain America Civil War old rivalrys and conflicts are forced to …

Who is Heimdall?

Who is Heimdall? Heimdall is a Marvel character based off the mythological Norse god, Heimdallr.  The primary Asir/Asgardian hero in the Marvel universe is Thor , who is generally Heimdall's friend.   Heimdall is generally highly loyal to whomever has th…

Who is Cull Obsidian / Black Dwarf?

Please Share and Follow us on Twitter! Tweet Follow @toylabHQ Who is Cull Obsidian aka Black Dwarf? Black Dwarf or Cull Obsidian is the most physically strong member of Thanos's elite Black Order.  The Black Order consists of a small group of Powerful enha…

Thanos - Marvel villain

Who is Thanos? Thanos is a major villain in the Marvel Universe.  He is bent on the destruction and end of all things.  He is closely associated with an item called the infinity gauntlet that grants its user near omnipotent powers.  He is hunted down and oppo…

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