American Gods comic and TV show

American Gods is becoming the hot story of 2017.  First the novel by Neil Gaiman won a load of awards of awards.  Then in 2017 Starz is releasing a TV version of American Gods.  To go along with that the first in a series of comics was released by Dark Horse.…

Who is Silk?

Who is Silk? Silk is a hero who shares the same powers of Spider-Man.  She was bit by the same radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker. Real name: Cindy Moon First Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 #1 - As Cindy Moon Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 #4 - As Silk S…

Dimension 404- News, Pictures and Trailer

Dimension 404 is a show that is coming from Hulu that looks to take ques from Black Mirror, The Outer Limits and the Twilight Zone.  It maybe seems to take itself a little less seriously that Black Mirror with a lighter tone.  I have heard it described as a w…

Who is Scythe? (Iron Fist Villain)

Who is Scythe? Scythe is the first super villain faced by Iron Fist that offers up a serious challenge to the hero.  After his first appearance Scythe has not appeared since.  A warrior that strongly resembles Scythe appears as a champion of the Hand in the …

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