Who will Dove Cameron play on Agents of SHIELD?

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What character will Dove Cameron play on Agents of SHIELD?

Agents of SHIELD has confirmed that actress Dove Cameron will be playing a role in the show in Season 5.  Dove Cameron is an up and coming actress known for her role on Descendants and she also lends her voice to Spider-Gwen in the cartoon Ultimate Spider-Man.  In the announcement Dove shows her excitement and is about to reveal more when she is cut off by a familiar face.

Who will Dove play?
My guess is that she could play a significant character but that is pretty hard to say.  If SWORD is involved in this season its possible she could be Abigail Brand.  She also could be any number of female aliens, or agents.  I don't have any hard theories now but will follow the show closely and look for more clues.

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Pictures of Dove Cameron from the Descendants:
Dove Cameron is well known for her role on a different Disney show the Descendants.  In the Descendants she plays Mal the daughter of Maleficient.  She is a character that wants to make her mother happy by being evil and by stealing the Fairy Godmother's magic wand but as the show progresses she begins to change.  Instead she becomes increasingly seduced by good friends and her heart.

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