Who is Dracula? (Marvel)

Who is Dracula? Dracula is a Marvel villain based off the vampire villain in the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker. He is generally depicted as a powerful vampire lord. Real Name: Vlad Tepes Dracula Alias: Count Dracula, Justin Drake, Vlad the Impaler, Count Orlok,…

Who is Deacon Frost?

Who is Deacon Frost? Deacon Frost is a Marvel villain. He is a ambitious vampire with a unique power that gives him an equal footing to confront.both heroes and other supernatural baddies.  Frost has the ability to create doppelgangers of those he bites whic…

From the Vault: House of Mystery Annual #1 (2009)

The value of this comic far exceeds the rest of the House of Mystery series and this is for one good reason.  This comic  is the first appearance of the characters from I, Zombie. The House of Mystery is very good series that builds on the mythos of the Hous…

Glenn Rhee - Walking Dead cosplay

Glenn is one of the most popular Walking Dead characters and many fans have done great cosplays of his character. Here are some of the favorite Glenn Cosplays we have found on the web. Maggie and Glenn This is a great Maggie and Glenn cosplay.  Only name I h…

Don't Breathe review by Sir Kent

Sir Kent is Toylab's resident Film Critic  Follow Sir Kent on Twitter and Google+: Sir Kent Twitter! google.com/+SirKent Let's be clear. The main lesson learned from this movie is YOU DON'T BREAK INTO THE FUTURE CABLE'S HOUSE! The term “The one w…

Vandoom - Marvel Monster

Who is Vandoom - Marvel Monster Vandoom is a fearsome monster that was initially a the star attraction at a wax museum.  Through bizarre circumstances he came alive and began terrorizing the world. Real Name:  Vandoom Alias:   Vandoom's monsters, Wax Monster

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