Who is X-O Manowar? (Valiant Comics)

Please Share and Follow us on Twitter! Tweet Follow @toylabHQ Who is X-O Manowar? X-O Manowar is one of the original Valiant characters and has been part of the Valiant universe in all of its iterations. X-O Manowar also starred in video game alongside Iron Man.…

Flight of the Navigator remake in the works

Please Share and Follow us on Twitter! Tweet Follow @toylabHQ Hollywood reporter just reported that Disney is planning on remaking the film Flight of the Navigator. In 1986 an alien space ship named Max took the world by storm,  The Flight of the Navigator is …

Who is Elektra?

Who is Elektra? Elektra is a character in Marvel universe who has been portrayed as both a villain and anti-hero. Elektra began as a villain and love interest of the Marvel hero  Daredevil .  She has grown in popularity appeared in numerous titles and two movi…

The Gifted - Fox's Mutant Show is Incoming

The Gifted is a show set in Fox's mutantverse that will focus on a group of young mutants on the run from authorities.  The show is meant to have aspects of a family drama and adventure.  Fox brought in their big guns for the show with writing by Burn No…

Valiant at NYCC

Please Share and Follow us on Twitter! Tweet Follow @toylabHQ Valiant is hitting New York Comic Con (NYCC) Hard with a ton of exclusive items and will also have a cast signing from Ninjak Vs the Valiant Universe.  NYCC is Thursday, October 5th to Sunday, Octob…

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