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What is a Toylabber?

A Toylabber is a crazy, comic book loving, beer guzzling, film watching, game playing, COOL, yes Toylabbers are COOL, person.
They are also fans of Toylab Blog!

Want to join a cool and exclusive group? Well this sure heck aint that!

We now have a Newsletter that reveals some of the inner workings of the Toylab site.  What are the plans for the site, what data has been mined by the Black Octopus team and general news Toylab Site news.  The list will also be used to give rewards to loyal fans of the site and we hope to include special geek offers within the Toylabber Newsletter.

The goal is for one Newsletter to be released each month.

The plan of the Newsletter is for it to include the following good stuff
1) Insider Stories
2) Black Octopus team report - Toylab Data Analysis / Trends
3) Future of Toylab
4) Exclusive Offers for our fans
5) Inside look at upcoming Toylab Merchandise
6) Beer of the month
7) Fart Joke of the month
8) Comic of the month
9) Tales from our bloggers - Focus on our guest bloggers

Want to join?  Its easy sign up below.

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