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Who is Adam Warlock

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FF 67 Issue where Adam emerges from Cocoon

Adam Warlock is a mixture of a fantasy and sci-fi. He is a cocktail of magic, science and religion.  Almost anything  can appear in one of his stories.  He is one of the primary heroes who stands up to Thanos's attempts to take control of the powerful Infinity Gems.

Alias: Adam, Adam Warlock, Him

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #67

Adam Warlock Store
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A group of evil scientists called the Enclave have a goal of creating a one world Earth government ruled by an ''enlightened'' scientific dictatorship.    The 4 scientists are all far ahead in their fields and by combining  their efforts begin to develop technology far ahead of the rest of Earth.  They also discover and begin backward engineering ancient alien technology from a group called the Deviants.

There first major break through is the creation of their view of the perfect man, who they call 'Him'.  Him is in a cocoon contraption and inside is building up strength and power.   At some point he will begin having super strength,  durability,  speed and intellect, fire energy blasts and in their eyes mark the next evolutionary step of mankind.  They plan for "Him" to be the first of a new race of people.  Unfortunately, for the Enclave "Him" knows about their plan and he doesn't like it.  He attacks them and escapes along with the Fantastic 4.

Soul Gem
He ends up returning to his cocoon but leaves it to help the High Evolutionary.  Due to leaving the cocoon early he doesn't develop all of his planned powers.  This does not develop all of the special powers that the Enclave had initially intended.  This does not really matter though because he is given the Soul Gem.  The Soul Gem is one of the super powerful Infinity Gems that gives Warlock all kinds of powers.   It has a mind of its own and likes to feed on the life force of being so he has to keep the gem in check.  The soul gem can take peoples souls and stores them inside itself.  The inside of the gem is shown as being a pocket universe paradise, where all the souls it has devoured lounge around getting sun tans and drinking tropical umbrella drinks.  Warlock often uses this power to snatch people when they are in pain or close to a miserable death as he did with Gamora and Pip the Troll.  He himself at one point ends up inside the gem.

Numerous with the Soul Gem.  He can fire energy blasts, is super strong, durable, fast and smart.  He can absorb peoples souls into the soul gem.  He can fly, travel vast distances in space.

He later emerges with what is called Quantum Magic which gives him similar powers as those he has with the Soul Gem.

Thanos and Infinity Watch
Warlock becomes a major cosmic hero one of the primary heroes to battle Thanos for control of the infinity gauntlet.
After defeating Thanos he is also the found and member of the Infinity Watch.  Warlock gained control of all of the infinity gauntlet and wisely decides to give up that immense power and responsibility to a group of heroes.  He creates the Infinity Watch.  A group of Infinity gem holders who are sworn to keep them safe and from any one person controlling them all.  Particularly, to keep Thanos from getting them and destroying the universe.

Adam Warlock leading the Guardians of the Galaxy

Warlock learns that he will eventually becomes a powerful evil villain called Magus.  The Soul Gem will eventually cause him to go crazy and he will become an evil Tyrant. Magus is one of the more powerful villains in the Marvel Universe.


Some of my favorite Warlock moments:I always liked Adam Warlock he has a totally different weird vibe.  He has the orange skin that radiates light kind of like a Twilight vampire and he wears a medieval wizard outfit that would look stupid on anyone else.  His stories falls into this weird chasm between magic/sci fi/epistomolgy that always makes his stories interesting.  They are a bit reminiscent of the weird/strange stories that were popular in the 1920-40s.

As a kid I picked up the comic below it is a typical of the 90s comics with a fun foil cover.  Those were big in the 90s.  Like most 90s comics it was overprinted by the bazillions and will likely never be worth much but it is still fun to look at.

Warlock when I was growing up was most known for the big Cosmic Event stories like Infinity Gauntlet where he battled Thanos.

Ever since Avengers Infinity War was announced Marvel fans have been speculating about the appearance of Adam Warlock.

The first major wave of speculation occured after Thor 2.  Adam Warlock's Cocoon could be seen amongst the Collector's possessions in the after credit scene of Thor 2.   At the end of GotG end credit scene you see the cocoon is now open.

In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 however it was revealed that the cocoon shown in both Thor 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy was not Adam Warlocks.  Whatever that cocoon was has yet to be shown.  I believe it may have simply been an error on Marvels part and they are now backtracking.

The real cocoon of Adam Warlock is shown in Guardians of the Galaxy where Ayesha of the Sovreign race is talking to an elaborate cocooon said to hold a being she calls Adam.  Warlock could appear in Avengers Infinity War however it is most likely that he will not appear until Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3.

I found one solid Warlock Cosplayer along with a whole slew of Cosmic heroes


Toylab has a freaking TON of Guardians of the Galaxy content related to reviews, the comics, art and cosplay check it all out at in the link below!

Toylab's Guardians of the Galaxy HQ

1000 a new comic by Sanford Greene


1000 is a new comic from the Sanford Greene and Chuck Brown.  Sanforde Greene has become a household name after his superb work on the recent Powerman and Iron Fist.  Greene has unique style that immediatly catches the readers eye as being something unique.  Chuck Brown himself has worked at Marvel who worked on Civil War: Choosing Sides.    1000 is going to be distributed as a digital comic through the site Line Webtoon.

Personally, I loved what Sanford did on Powerman and Iron Fist and I can't wait to see what he does here.

Bleeding Cool interviewed Sanford Greene and Chuck Brown at Megacon Orlando
You can listen to it here. The interview does not go deep at all in 1000 which is really what I want to hear about.  It does go over some personal stories of Sanford and Chuck and how they ended up on this project.  One thing, I did get out of this is that Sanford is all in on 1000.  This is his focus 100% right now so that was really interesting to hear.  I think if this property does get this focus it could really take off.

About 1000
Many people reported that 1000 is coming out but what most did not report is that Greene has been planning and working on creating 1000 for a very long time.  Sanford concieved of 1000  with a friend named Bruce Brown.  Brown unfortunetly died of cancer before the pair were able to get together to make the series.  Greene created a short graphic novel of 1000 to highlight what the series would be about that was noticed by many in 2012.  Greene attempted to get an animated version of 1000 funded through Kickstarter in 2012 however that Kickstarter failed to get enough funding.  That said it seems like a lot of the ideas and content made for the animated series will carry over to here.

Even though the kickstarter was not successful Greene obviousily never gave up on the project.  Now fast forward to 2017 and Sanford is ready to lauch 1000 through Line Webtoon.  One big difference is that now Sanford has a much bigger following from what he did on Powerman and Iron Fist.  I would be remiss to point out that Sanford's comic career extends much farther back than Powerman and Iron Fist but it really is hard for artists to hit that level where they have a "household" name.  I would say what Powerman and Iron Fist just really put a big cherry on top of a lot of great work he has done over his year.  The fact that he is doing this project with his name being so hot right now shows how important it is to him.  1000 promises to highlight his unique style and create a massive name for itself.

1000 mixes fantasy, dystopia, and science fiction to create a world where warlocks intermingle with aliens.  The main character is named Dragon Son who is a man who must perform 1000 actions of repentance before he can return to his true Dragon form.  Dragon has a motley team of special agents who attempt to protect the world and keep civilization from collapsing.

One other cool thing about 1000 is that a hip hop track will be released to go along with each chpater of the comic story.

You will be able to find 1000 on Line Webtoon later this year.  You can download the app for Line Webtoon on both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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Who is Phyla Vell?


Who is Phyla Vell?

Phyla Vell is an artificially created offspring of Captain Marvel (Mar Vell).  She is the sister of Genis Vell.
 Mar Vell has a relationship with a being called Elysius who is an artificial construct similar to the Eternals.  Elysius then creates two artificial offspring based off of herself and Mar-Vell. These offspring are Phyla and Genis Vell.  Phyla is a fairly new character created in 2003.  She is a member of the team that stops Annilus in the Annihilation Wave Story, she also is a member of Guardians of the Galaxy in the 2008 where she takes on the powers of an avatar of Oblivion.  There was some controversy concerning her character taking over the powers of Quasar, though I actually enjoyed that story and I think people that reread it may be surprised.  Generally, I feel she is a character that has potential but has yet to find a place in the Marvel universe.

In the next series she is killed trying to kill Warlock.  She then is revealed to be alive, and escapes from Magus.  She is then killed again in the next series by Thanos.

She has various cosmic powers that include super strength, flight, cosmic awareness, energy absorption and firing energy blasts.
At one point she holds Quasar's Quantom Bands and can use their powers.
 She gained new unknown powers by becoming the avatar of Oblivion of Oblivion.
Though she has lost the Quantom Bands she still holds a Quantom Sword which is connected to the Quantom bands and can draw on their powers.


Could Skye be Phyla Vell?
It does seem that Skye has  a paternal relationship with Coulson and this relationship could be explained if he is Mar Vell and she is Phyla Vell..
Phyla Vell would have been designated an 0-8-4 (Object of unknown origin) by shield if she was found as a baby.
She would have Kree DNA and thus be in a better position to deal with the potentially Kree based serum GH 325.
The Monsters attacking the Hunan village could have been Kree aliens, hunting for new genetic construct of Phyla.
This is all possible but I think there are better options available.  Abigail Brand and Mantis feel more plausible at this point.

Phyla Vell other significance - Sexuality
Phyla Vell is one of the few gay characters in the Marvel Universe.  She has relationship with Moon Dragon who is Bi Sexual.
Phyla-Vell and Moondragon photo phyla_moondragon.png

Phyla Vell is killed by Magus the evil alter ego of Adam Warlock.  He teleports her sword out of her hands and uses it to kill her.
However after this death she is revealed to be alive on his space ship.

She is later then killed again by Thanos.  She is still currently considered dead.

Magus killing Phyla Vell - Temporarily :)

Phyla Vell Toys:
Phyla Vell Hero Clix

Phyla Vell Cosplay

I thought these two did a really good job

She even has the Quantom Sword

She needs the sword in this one

Pretty Solid

COSPLAY? Photoshop?
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Spider-Man Homecoming - News, Spoilers, Reviews, Pictures

Spider-Man Homecoming - News, Spoilers, Reviews, Pictures

Spider-Man Homecoming is set to be the first solo Spider-Man film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Spider-Man made his first appearance in the MCU in Captain America: Civil War.  Kevin Feige has described his overall plan with Spider-Man to make him like the Marvel's version of Harry Potter.  Spider-Man will start out young and grow into an adult super-hero over the course of multiple films.

Release Date: July 7, 2017

Spider-Man Funko Toys have been released:


Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer #3

Spider-Man: Homecoming Official Trailer #2:

Official Description:
Does the suit make the man? Watch the all-new #SpiderManHomecoming trailer now and make sure to see it in theaters July 7.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Official Trailer #1:

This is another great trailer for Spider-Man and I think will help make this film a massive hit.  Spider-Man really needed a shot in the arm like this.

A few things that are immediately striking about the trailer is that the youth of Peter Parker and his friends are evident.  The actors here all look and feel like real high school kids not adults.  There is a John Hughes vibe to the interactions here that I feel was very much intended.  This is also heightened with the music back ground choices.

The other aspect that feels different is the addition of Tony Stark and of course Spider-Man role in Captain America: Civil War.  In previous incarnations of Spider-Man he has been on his own island and he has not had to deal with the Avengers or other heroes coming into his play house.  In this trailer we see how these heroes existing in same world are going to change things for better and for worse.  This Spider-Man will begin his movie forary with most advanced Spider suit we have seen on film in large part due to his relationship with Tony Stark.  However, he will be equally stymied by Stark who hopes he will stay on the side lines and grow up before becoming a full fledged hero.

The main villain the Vulture is a criminal who also seems to be adjusting to the super hero phenomena by getting his own special suit.  We get our first views of the Vulture here and he is far more intimidating than what I initially expected.

There is also some cool MCU easter eggs scattered about.  One of my favorite ones is that Bruce Banner shows up in a picture along some other famous scientists.

Sneak Peak  of Spider-Man Homecoming Official Trailer 1:
Marvel released this quick teaser of a snip it of the upcoming Trailer for Spider-Man Homecoming.  This is right Marvel is now teasing the teaser which is kind of amazing in and of itself.  You know fans are going crazy for something when they want to see a preview of an upcoming preview.

Quick highlights a familiar face from the beginning of the MCU.  Tony Stark mention and oh yeah an awesome new Spider-Man suit.  


Spider-Man Store:

Toylab is happy to be a member of the Amazon Affiliate program so we can bring you these amazing deals directly form Amazon.

Coming soon

  • Tom Holland - Peter Parker / Spider-Man
  • Robert Downey Jr - Iron Man
  • Marisa Tomei - Aunt May
  • Donald Glober - Unknown
  • Michael Keaton - Unknown - (Rumored to be Adrian Tomes aka the Vulture)
  • Zendaya - Michelle
  • Logan Marshall-Green
  • Kenneth Choi - Principal
  • Tony Revolori - Manuel
  • Hannibal Buress
  • Michael Barbieri
  • Laura Harrier
  • Abraham Attah
  • J.J. Totah
  • Martin Star


Bloggers thoughts on the Spider-Man Homecoming film:

Sir Kent Said!

@ToylabHQ got me to thinking about what would be a kick-ass way to start off the 
SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING reboot. Is it me or are using the same old villains starting to get a little...stale? I mean, if you do it right, it could work but, I want to new direction. I want a newer villain or maybe, villains that truly represent the new direction of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Villains that, with a little creativity, can tie the universe together AND introduce a few new hero's from parallel Earth's. I would like to see MORLUN introduced into the next reboot and onto the big screen. Not just because his character would be easy to do but, he is f'BEEP'in bad ass! Don't know who he is? Well let me put some knowledge in yo’ head, muthuf'BEEP'a. 

Morlun is a vampiric being who has walked the earth for centuries. He feeds on the totems-- the core power sources of the universe. While he can feed on lesser sources such as humans and super humans, he requires a pure source to fully satiate his hunger. He and his family, The Inheritors, hailing from Earth's 3145 have traveled time and space hunting down, killing and absorbing the “Totemistic” life force of beings. Particularly Spider like totems but it can be animal, bird or insect.

They have killed nearly all the Spider-Man like hero's across all the known Earth's (Let's face it, f'Beep'in Spider-Pig needed to go anyway!). Morlun and his clan have focused on Earth 000 because of the many Spider and other animal totems to be had. 

Morlun has returned to life more than once and he has set his sights on the proud African warrior nation of Wakanda. His objective was to claim the Panther totem that was protected by the Black Panther, T’Challa. In his quest to obtain the Panther totem, Morlun swept through the kingdom of the great Man-Ape, M'Baku. He tore through their defenses like a lion through a spider’s web and then the vicious devourer consumed the mighty Man Ape, by sucking the life straight out of his body. Remember, at one point, The Black Panther had Morlun captured in am adamantium net and he tore right through that crap and kept coming!

That's impressive as f'BEEP! Now, this is what I would like to see. I would definitely like to see the first contact between Morlun and Spider-Man. Remember, if Morlun makes physical contact with you, he can find you essence WHEREVER you go! So that means he's a threat to not only you but, whoever happens to be near you when he attacks. 

I would also like to see BORA (Morlun’s sister) battle Spider-Woman and 
Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers. It would be a great introduction for Spider-Woman and a villain that 
Captain Marvel would struggle with (Since the entire family has been known to lift 20 tons BEFORE they feed! Combine that with the ability to regenerate, superhuman durability and sometimes coming back from the f'BEEP'n dead, that's a long day!). Then there are VERNA and DAMEOS. Verna just looks f BEEPin creepy and Dameos has always been considered the powerhouse of the clan.

They would be a great way to introduce a new 
Fantastic Four/Dr. Strange/ Avengers tie-in because, they are just that bad ass! Plus, since FOX has (Thankfully) pulled the plug on the next Fantastic Four movie, what else you gonna do with them? Anyway, this is just me thinking out loud but, since your such a big deal now, @ToylabHQ, you need to make this happen. After your interview with Wesley Snipes, just get on the phone with Marvel and represent!!!

Want Webhead Fun!!!

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The secret of Spark in Pokemon Go

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When the gym leaders were first introduced in Pokemon Go the one that caught most people's eye was Spark.  Spark was really different than the other two gym leaders.  First he was the only boy and 2nd he seemed to have a carefree attitude while the other two were very serious.  This reveal created a frenzy of fan art and comics depicting Spark as a carefree and sometimes simple person.   Some fans were drawn to instinct because they liked him, others left because they hated him.  In all that frenzy one very important thing was missed.  Spark is outlier in terms of Pokemon Go but he infact bares a striking simularity to character from the Pokemon Video Games.  This is because Spark is a clue of major Pokemon Event that occures between Pokemon Go and Pokemon Red/Blue.  The secret of Spark is simple.


Surge is one of the first gym trainer faced by the player in Pokemon Red/Blue also known as Generation 1.  Surge stands out in the game as he is one of the only American and Blonde characters in the Generation 1.  Surge is also the character that first mentions a Pokemon War.  Surge is also one of the few middle aged men encountered in the Pokemon series and the fact that he claims to have survived a war likely means that most of the other middle aged men were not so fortunate.

Image result for professor willow pokemon silver pryce

What makes Surge an interesting choice as a character is that he is THE character that mentions the Pokemon War:

LT. Surge:

“Hey kid! What do you think you’re doing here? You won’t live long in combat!

That’s for sure! I tell you what kid, electric Pokèmon saved me during the war!”

Why is Spark really Surge?
Surge looks like an older Spark.  Many fans have noticed this as the two are the most prominent blonde characters in Pokemon lore.  The two may actually be the only blonde characters?

Both characters like Electric Pokemon.

Both are kind of meat heads but also not evil.   They both show a natural or instinctual form of battling.

Both are leaders one of a Team and the other of the Electric Gym.

Team Instinct is yellow and their mascot is an electric pokemon.

Spark's name is another way of saying electricity. While Surge (also an electric name) is leader of the Electric Pokemon Gym.

On top of looking a like both strike a similar pose in their main images:

Many fans have noticed the similarity between the two characters.   There is even a set of fan made comics depicting Surge as Spark's uncle.   This familial connection would assume that Surge is older than Spark.   However, if you take off 10 years from Surge to put in the time frame of Pokemon Go they would be the same age.

The Similarities exist because they are the same person.  What would Spark look like if he went through a war on the front lines.  Grew a few years older during the war and became a more beefy as soldier.

Answer - He would look like Surge.

Also consider that Spark represents an electrical beginning and Surge represents an electrical continuation.   Maybe he changes his name during the war to the more serious sounding Surge.

The fact that Spark was selected, and his connection to Surge is a major piece of evidence that a Pokemon War is coming to Pokemon Go.  If you don't know about the Pokemon War it is time for you to catch up.  Click on the link to the Pokemon War Journal below where we have all of the content on our site collected on the Pokemon War.

Pokemon Store!
Toylab is a member of the Amazon Affiliate program so we can bring you amazing deals on fun Pokemon products like these. This is a great place to start if you are looking for a Birthday or Christmas gift for a Pokemon trainer in your family. There are a lot of great Pokemon toys here but you can also find them at Toys R Us, Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens and other major retailers.

Pokemon WAR Pictures:
I love fun Pokemon art.  Here is some cool Christmas /Winter/ Holiday themed art I've stumbled upon. Some of these are very cool.

Pokemon War Journal
What is the Pokemon War? Why is Pokemon Go head directly toward it.  What are the clues we look at all of these things in the Pokemon War Journal!  Click on the link to learn more!

The Pokemon War Journal

The Poke fun has just begun...Also See!

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Spider-Man Homecoming Review by Sir Kent

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Spider-Man Homecoming Review by Sir Kent

Toylab's amazing Film Critic and Blogger extraordinaire takes on the webslingers newest film entry!


Sir Kent Rating a whopping 8/10!

Michael John Douglas (born September 5, 1951), known professionally as Michael Keaton, is an American actor, producer and director. He first rose to fame for his comedic film roles in Night Shift (1982), Mr. Mom (1983), Johnny Dangerously (1984) and Beetlejuice (1988), and he earned further acclaim for his dramatic portrayal of the title character in Tim Burton's Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992).


You all may be asking “Why are you starting out a review on SPIDERMAN: HOMECOMING talking about Michael Keaton?” Well it makes me happy to see actors like him having this resurgence in popularity. Actors like him, Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell who are all being shown love by an industry that not long ago, would have had them all but forgotten to the world of “Whatever happened to…?” It makes a guy of a “Certain Age’ like myself see other guys like that do well. Anyway, shall we being, eh? There was a lot to like but still, a few things to hate about SPIDERMAN: HOMECOMING. As usual, I’m going to start with what I didn't like first.

First and foremost WHY oh WHY can’t f'BEEPin’ SONY NOT show EVERYTHING in their trailers? Much like the repeated way they have ruined The Fantastic Four and my boy Dr. Doom, they F'BEEP'ED the opening scene of this movie up too!

You know that 5 minute scene that they let you see online? Well THAT shit is the very first 5 minutes of the movie! I SO DON'T feel bad about spoiling that! As a matter of fact, I consider it to be a PSA. If you need to go piss or check your phone or make a snack run, you've got 5 whole fuckin’ minutes to do so!

THANKS for that, Sony. I will never understand WHY they even felt the need to DO that? It's not like the movie was gonna crash like GHOST IN THE SHELL. People wanted to see this one. Sony obviously hasn't wrapped their heads around that trailers have now become as big a part of the movie industry as the movie itself.

If you don't CAREFULLY market the movie and show JUST ENOUGH of the movie to tease people to make them throw money at you, you're going to F'BEEP it up! and Sony, YOU F'BEEP'ED IT UP! Much like my boy Dr. Doom. (NO! I'm NEVER letting that sh'BEEP go!)

Alright alright rant over for now.....wait.....wait........DAMN YOU SONY for F'BEEPING up my Boy DOCTOR DOOM!

Alright, I'm good now. It is all out of my system,...mostly.

Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) being a mature role model to Peter Parker (Tom Holland)? That makes about as much sense as me EVER being the designated driver on a Saturday night. I'm not sure who else they would have used in the movie other than Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) but, ANYBODY other than Tony! Still while not making much sense, it does add a lot to the film's fun factor. Lets just face it Robert Downey Jr can act circles around everybody else and this film gives him another chance to do just that.

Those were my two big complaints about this movie. Not only were they nearly perfect on story, casting and acting, they made a social statement that will stay with me. Michelle (Zendaya) is on a field trip with her group of nerds (F'BEEP I don't know the proper name for group of really smart high school kids.) When they get to the Washington Monument, she is asked by her teacher if she wanted to go up with everybody else. She replies “Nope. I'm not in a hurry to idolize something that was built by slaves.” The teacher turn and looks at a security officer shaking his head like “Yup muthuF'BEEP'a. Girls right.”

So she stays back and reads a book. Thats one thing about this version of Spiderman I really liked. The cultural diversity was on full display. Flash Thompson is now, not only a nerd like Parker that runs in his circles but, he's an Indian kid! The love interest for Parker was a biracial Black girl. Adrian Toomes/The Vulture is married to Garcelle Beauvais/Doris Toomes. I think this movie takes a monumental step forward in that regard.

NOW, the gist of the movie (Yes that was a PORN REFERENCE!, duck and cover fools). SPIDERMAN: HOMECOMING tells the story of 15-year-old Peter Parker in the wake of The Civil War battle. He was recruited by Tony Stark and with the exception of having his ass handed to him by Captain America, proved himself to be an incredible asset. But Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) being Tony Stark totally takes that for granted and underappreciates that and relegates him to being exactly what we know him to be. A friendly neighborhood Spiderman. Side Plot, Adrian Toomes/The Vulture (Michael Keaton) owns a heavy construction company that he has invested everything into and he has bid on and won the rights to clean up after superpowered battles. That is UNTIL SHEILD, on behalf of Tony Stark, step in and take it all away from him and his team. They use a room full of lawyers and state that because of the alien technology that's involved and it's unknown and potentially volatile nature, it is not safe for a civilian company to handle. So SHIELD would be taking over. You get where they are coming from but, Toomes has done everything right and rightfully pissed off.

He filed the proper paperwork, won bids EVERYTHING and y'all just gonna step in and ass rape him like his first night in prison?!?! WHAT THE FLYING MONKEY SH'BEEP?!?! You kinda feel for Toomes because this means that his company and his family are now essential broke and niether SHIELD nor Stark even TRY to give him back his money! Thus, a villain is born.

Flash forward 3-6 months into the film and Parker is STILL being made to feel like a side-bitch by Tony Stark. He still has to go through Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) to even TRY and get to Tony and Happy ain't letting that sh'BEEP happen! So he does what every 15-year-old kid with superpowers does...HE F'BEEPS UP! People tend to forget, there is no “How to be a superhero’ manual". If you're not the child of a superhero, most of this sh'BEEP is straight OTJT (On The Job Training) and add to that the fact that he’s only 15, he makes a lot of mistakes. Including webbing up a guy trying to break into his own car PLUS trying to figure out how to balance his normal life with being a street level superhero. You know that good old standard bread and butter Spider-Man schtick.

Some of the pressure is taken off by the fact that his best friend Ned (Jacob Batalon) now knows who he is. He tends to make him crazy with all the questions but it's nice having someone he can vent to. In the midst of all of this, a rash of robberies being committed using high-tech weapons that no one has ever seen before and are incredibly powerful and dangerous. As Spider Man finds out one night when he stops a group of them from breaking into an ATM. One of the robbers gets off a shot that destroys the storefront of a corner store that is very close to Peter's home and he uses all the time. THIS is why street level heroes like Spider Man, Luke Cage, DareDevil, The Punisher and Jessica Jones are so important. They realize what is being destroyed around them in these battles and have a real interest in trying to protect things like homes and businesses.

Spider-Man realizes that these alien technology weapons if left unchecked could grow to be a global threat. Spider Man TRIES to tell Ironman but is totally blown off. So, he tries to handle it himself. I wanted to mention something that Sony did VERY well. How they took a D-List villain AT BEST and made him a muthuf'BEEPin’ BAD ASS! The Exoskeleton Wing Suit that Toomes uses as The Vulture was a super impressive piece of tech. It was visual eye candy on film and made him absolutely terrifying.

Not only did it tend to act more like a partner than just a tool at times in the movie, its abilities were more impressive than the updated wings of The Falcon in Civil War. The wings were strong enough to smash through rebar reinforced support beams without a scratch. The retractable talons that ran down the legs of the suit has enough power to puncture through solid steel cases and the wings themselves had enough lift and thrust to carry at least a 1000 pounds. Not to mention, when Toomes stepped out of it and it was just resting in its stand on its launchpad, it kinda looked like a vulture. Just waiting for someone to die and be consumed. Totally a freaky vibe that is great for a villian.

It was VERY cool seeing Toomes figure out that Peter is Spider Man just through a conversation with him and his daughter on their way to the homecoming dance. The scene in the car I can safely say kinda made me think of the diner scene between Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in HEAT (1995). Toomes pulls a sidearm on Parker after his daughter goes into the dance. He ask Parker if his daughter knows that he's really Spider Man? Of course Parker tries to lie.

This is when my tactical mind kicks in. You're trapped in a car with a man and a sidearm. Yes, you are faster and stronger than him but, there's no room to maneuver. If this goes to F'BEEPsville, you may not survive the ride. So just answer his questions.

Toomes tries to explain to Parker that everything he has done, he has done for his family, for his employees. If you (Parker) were older, you would see that it's NOT JUST BLACK AND WHITE sometimes! Sometimes, in order to support the ones you love, you have to do things that you don't like. He goes on to say that tonight will be his last job. With this haul, he can F'BEEP Stark REAL good and set him and his crew up for good in the weapons market.

He tells Peter that he can even walk away from it. He is willing to let Parker walk because he did save his daughter at the Washington Monument. But if he interferes with this last job, he will kill everybody he ever loved. Once AGAIN, I am TORN! I mean, HE WAS F'BEEP'ED HARD by Stark!

What do you do with this if you are Peter. If this is his last job and if Peter is in love with his daughter. Would you just turn a blind eye…? THIS is why people identify with Spiderman so much. His naivety is charming and makes us question ourselves. OF COURSE he's going to try and stop him! Hot daughter or not.

Ironman or not. I can't give this movie a solid 10 like I did #WONDERWOMAN but I will DEFINITELY give it an 8 out if 10 and confess, when it comes out, I am totally buying it in 4k!

Spider-Man Store:

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Spider-Man Trailer:

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A tale of two Fests - GoFest vs PanicFest

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There is what is, what was meant to be and what was.  There are many stories, many perceptions coming out of Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago.

Update: Profit and Lawsuits
The hijinx of GoFest have now culminated into two different things.  On one hand the company has begun raking in money hand over fist making over 5 million dollars on multiple days during the Legendary Raids.  
The other thing that has happened is that a lawsuit is forming.  While I don't think everyone should have a claim against Niantic I do think the people that traveled internationally and had their expectations crushed may deserve more than what was provided by the game developer.  It seems some fans are pursuing legal action and are suing Niantic.  Polygon reports that:

“Chicago-based attorney Thomas Zimmerman said he was contacted by Jonathan Norton, a California local who traveled to the area for the event. Since then, Zimmerman told Polygon that “20 or 30” others have joined the class-action suit.”

Its hard to guage how far this will go.  20-30 people is not too large and the company as we have previousily stated is pulling in a lot of money from the Legendary Raids.  I would not be surprised if Niantic quickly settled just to make the this and the bad publicity from GoFest go away.

Original Post: Pokemon Go Fest was meant to be a crowning achievement of the revolutionary game Pokemon Go.  Thousands of players were meant to congregate in a set up location for the reveal of Legendary Pokemon and play with each other.  While other players around the world helped in various ways and recieved rewards of their own.  This was trully designed to be a global party, a global event on a scale no other game has concieved of much less attempted to pull off. 

However, much like the Titantic for all its promise, was not able to voyage safely over the frigid waters of reality, the event hit an iceberg and quickly sunk.  In this case the Iceberg was the fact that the cellular networks were unable to handle the highly densified crowd bombarding their local towers.  Only Sprint sent extra network support on wheels.  Leaving players on the other networks with no ability to play the game.

The event planners had no back up plan.  There were not other activities for the players to do, the plan was for them to play the game.  Now there was a massive crowd in the hot sun, with nothing to do and that crowd quickly turned angry and even a bit mobbish.  The crowd control of the event from the git go was reported as being spotty with long wait times to enter a park.  The park itself was described as being far too small for the crowd.  Fans reported hour long waits to enter and over 20 minute lines to leave.

The CEO of Niantic came on stage to talk to the crowd in what should have been a moment for him to bask in the achievement of his compnay and to be wowed by his hardcore fans glowing adoration but he was instead quickly booed off the stage.  While good news did come out of the event as some managed to connect and catch the legendary Pokemon, so to did streams of negative tweets.  Many international fans who had spent thousands to attend the event were extremely frusterated.

The event planners extended the radius of the event out past the boundaries of the park, and this did begin to ease some of the players technical issues.

First here is the official word from Niantic after the event:
First through a spokesperson to a group of press:
“Obviously they can’t completely make it up to all the people who have come out to Chicago today, but they want to extend the fact that they’re extremely apologetic and unhappy with the process and the results,”...“So hopefully this is something that we will never see replicated again, learn from this and move on.”
“Just know that the staff here are pretty horrified with the results, so they want to make good as fast as possible,”

Some tweets from Pokemon Go fest that help tell the tale of what was!  You can see positive stories of people meeting up, of legendary raids that did work, and you can also see the frustation of fans who failed to connect and take part in the event.

The culmination of all the angst was the CEO of Niantic getting booed off the stage. Not a glorious moment.

Where do we go from here?  Obviousily the big issue is that cellular infrastructure needs to be greatly boosted in an area before one of these events occures again.   The question remains if the network carriers are willing to partner and cooperate with a game to do this.  If they won't play ball then game will need to greatly rethink its strategy of having all players in a single location.

In hindsight, having been in the events business I think a lot of should have been foreseeable.  Hiring a few event people does not transform a video game company into a big event planner.  The size of this event is also mind boggling, and has a technical aspect that no other event in history has had.  While Niantic's plan were bold, they may have been too bold.  They may need to redesign these events to a scale that they can handle.  What could have been the game's crowning achievement, has now become a major embarrasement and instead of drawing in new players, the game is now getting waves of critism.

That said Legendary Raids are now occuring everywhere and I hope to catch my own one soon.  That's right I did not play Pokemon Go yesterday instead I went fishing and caught a few trout, it was awesome.  It was in some sense what Pokemon Go hopes to mimmic, beautiful scenery, commraderie and interaction with nature.  The game just is not there yet.  After this weekend there is an open question if it will ever be.

Toylab Original Update - Pokemon Go Fest and Legendary Raids:
This is how we originally described Go Fest before it occured.

Legendary Raids will debut in Pokemon Go.  There will be a new type of Raid Pass called a Legendary Raid pass.

On July 23, Pokemon Go players will be congregating in Chicago for Pokemon Go Fest. At Pokemon Go Fest the players will be able to take part in the first Legendary Raid.  The players there will need to complete various challenges.  From what I have heard the players there will need to catch a certain amount of Pokemon that day to qualify for the Legendary Raid.  Then if players in Chicago manage to catch the Legendary Pokemon that same Legendary Raid will begin appearing throughout local gyms across the world.

Niantic is trying to balance the hardcore players going to Chicago with everyone else.  Thus challenges throughout the world will exist that day that will help out the players in GoFest.  In turn if the players at GoFest are successful there will be rewards for everyone throughout the world.  Instead, of making one group have an advantage the developers are trying to create a symbiotic / team base relationship.

I have never seen an attempt to do anything like this with any game, EVER.  This really is historical even if you are not a Pokemon Go fan you have to sit back and smile.

The Poke fun has just begun...Also See!

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Funko Spider-Man Homecoming Figures

Funko Pop! is hitting the market place with a ton of Spider-Man: Homecoming Funko Pop! figures however the trick with these is that many will be exclusive to a given retailer meaning you might have to travel around to find the one you want.

The figures can be found at Hot Topic, Best Buy, Walmart, Target and Gamestop.

My person favorites of these are the double figure packages that are at Target and Best Buy.  The one double figure package at Target features Iron Man and Spider-Man in his suit with mask. The Target Spider-Man is in a crouching pose.  The Best Buy features a Spider-Man in mask figure with a Peter Parker in street clothes figure.  I really debating between those two and I might be leaning toward the Target one just due to not owning an Iron Man funko yet. These are all pretty cool though and I am sure Spider-Man fans will be going out and snapping them up.

The Vulture at Gamestop is also pretty cool I think it is supposed to glow.  The Vulture figures so far from both Funko and Legends have really impressed me.  The other Vulture figure that is not exclusive does not glow and has more muted colors you can see it in the picture up above.

Spider-Man Funko Store:
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About Spider-Man Homecoming:
Spider-Man Homecoming is set to be the first solo Spider-Man film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Spider-Man made his first appearance in the MCU in Captain America: Civil War.  Kevin Feige has described his overall plan with Spider-Man to make him like the Marvel's version of Harry Potter.  Spider-Man will start out young and grow into an adult super-hero over the course of multiple films.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Official Trailer #2:

Official Description:
Does the suit make the man? Watch the all-new #SpiderManHomecoming trailer now and make sure to see it in theaters July 7.

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