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Justice League units Batman, Wonder Woman, with newcomers Flash and Aquaman.  Superman at the beginning of Justice League remains dead after being killed in battle with Doomsday in the film Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.  It is suspected that Superman may return to life in the film.

Release Date: 17 November 2017

Director: Zach Snyder / Joss Whedon - Joss Whedon came into do reshoots for the film.  Some of the reshoots were called extensive.

  • Gal Gadot - Wonder Woman
  • Ben Afflec - Bat Man
  • Jason Mamoa - Aquaman
  • Ray Fisher - Cyborg
  • Ezra Miller - Flash
  • Henry Cavill - Superman

Justice League Store:
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Fan Made Poster
This is my favorite Justice League Poster.  It was done by a fan to mimmik the Seven Samurai Poster:

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Official Trailer 1

Justice League International Trailer #2

Super Man's presence in the film?

One of the initial mysteries of Justice League is the presence of Super Man.  Super Man is killed in a battle with Doomsday in the film Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.  As Justice League begins Bruce Wayne and Wonderwoman will be left at creating a team that can stand up against massive threats to the planet Earth in Superman's absence.  While this is the backdrop in which the team is created it is expected by many that Superman will still appear in the film.  How and where this is occures is unknown.  However DC did release a picture of Superman as a promo for the film indicating that he is in there.

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