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Grant Ward - Bio, News and Speculation

Grant Ward is revealed to be a Hydra Sleeper Agent in the end of Agents of SHIELD Season 1.



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BIO: Season 1 (SPOILERS)
Grant Ward is brought in to Coulson's SHIELD team to add some muscle.  Before this he had typically operated alone.  He is considered one of the best and deadliest specialists at SHIELD and is often compared to Romanov AKA Black Widow (Of the Avengers).  He seems to only reluctantly join the team.

He becomes the mentor of the team's newest member Skye.  While, they remain professional both develop romantic feelings for each other.  He also develops a friendship with Fitz on a suicide mission to destroy the Overkill horn.

In the episode the Well we learn that Agent Ward hides a dark family past with a seemingly psychotic and abusive older brother.  He begins a romantic episode with Agent May.  This relationship ends when the Asgardian Sorceress takes control of Agent Ward and reveals he has true feelings for Skye and not for May.

In a Earth shattering revelation Ward is revealed to be loyal to the Clairvoyant John Garrett and Hydra.
It seems John Garrett recruited Ward as a teenager.  It is unknown exactly what Ward was hoping to gain from his loyalty to Garrett.  He seemed annoyed and distressed as Garrett lost his sanity.

At the end of Season Ward was in custody of SHIELD.

Season 2:
Ward is locked in a special cell, where he does work outs, and continues to train.  He remains interested in Skye and when she comes to visit him, he reveals that he knows her Father.  He promises to take her to him.

Ward is used as bargaining chip between Coulson and Ward's Senator brother.  While be transported Ward escapes.  His first act as a freed man is tie up some Hydra agents and leave them for his old SHIELD team.  He then kidnaps and murders his brother.

Ward strikes up a deal with Daniel Whitehall the local Hydra leader.  The deal he hopes will give him access to Skye.  Skye is captured by Ward where he introduces her to her father.  His promise fulfilled he hopes it will serve as a token of rekindling their relationship.  However, these hopes are dashed when Skye escapes by shooting him in the back.

A wounded Ward escapes with Hydra Agent 33.  Working with 33 he continues with a plan to bring down SHIELD.  This ends with the kidnapping Bobbi Morse whom Ward tortures.  In the rescue of Bobbi by SHIELD Agent 33 is killed.

Ward is shown at the end of Season 2 forming a new Hydra group.

Season 3:


In Season 3, Ward true plans are mysterious but he appears to be creating a new Hydra organization.

Actor Brett Dalton revealed in a interview with ComicVine more about Ward vision of this new Hydra.
"This is not like your father’s HYDRA. In the past, they have been about world domination and all these things like that. It’s not so much pro-world domination as it is anti-S.H.I.E.L.D. This is the yin to Coulson’s yang. This is HYDRA in Ward’s vision. Ward isn’t for formality and all of that. Nobody’s twirling their mustache in this particular version of HYDRA. Nobody’s spitting back with their sniveling or cackling in an evil way. That’s not what this is about this season. It’s maybe a more stripped down version of it. But it’s going to be cool because this is somebody that we know is extremely capable and might have a grudge or two against Coulson. S.H.I.E.L.D. can be directly responsible, in his eyes, for two failed relationships that he’s tried to have which were very important to him—one with Skye and one with Agent 33. If it weren’t for S.H.I.E.L.D. meddling in all his affairs, he’d be a much happier man. So there’s an axe to grind."

Grant makes connections with Gideon Mallick a remaining high level Hydra member.  He then is selected to lead a mission to the planet Maveth in order to retrieve the Inhuman Founder of Hydra.  He is killed on the mission by Agent Coulson.  However his body is reanimated and controlled by the Inhuman Founder known as Hive.

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FROM THE VAULT: Strange Tales #180 - First appearance of Gamora! and a whole lot more!


Strange Tales #180 is one of my most favorite comics in the Toylab Vault.  Taking it out to check out is going to be a real joy.  This comic is special in a lot of ways and its value reflects this.  Depending on Quality this comic can be worth between $40 and a $1,000.  We happen to have a really good copy of this book.

Claims to Fame:

I also think this story could be used as part of the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 story.    If Warlock is in Guardians 2 then the Universal Church of Truth would be a natural villain of choice.

This story focuses primarily on Adam Warlock learning more about himself and his future evil self known as the Magus.  Warlock is tricked by the Matriarch of the Universal Church of Truth into a trap.  He wants to learn more about himself but unfortunately he learns something terrible.  Warlock learns that he destined to become the Magus who is the founder of the Universal Church of Truth an evil organization.

Warlock has learned that he can not remove the soul gem from his brow without becoming greatly weakened.  It seems the gem has begun leeching off of his own soul.

As he is tricked into a trap he falls into a kind of court led by a alien judge named Kray-Tor.  


To my knowledge this is the only appearance of Kray-Tor.  I kind of like him he is a big weird looking alien.  Kray-Tor is part of an evil inquisition part of the Church that seeks out and eliminates its detractors with ruthless intolerance.

Warlock quickly realizes the trial is rigged against him.  Seeing Kray-Tor and the Universal Church of Truth for what it is, hypocrytical evil he makes a fateful choice.  He uses the Soul Gem to absorb Kray-Tor's life force into it.  This gives Warlock both Kray-Tor's energy and his memories.


Using this power is of course a fateful decision.  The same power that Warlock uses to vanquish evil is the same one that will eventually convert him into the evil version of himself.  Ironically, he is facing an evil that he will one day create.

 Gamora's first appearance:
 At the end of the book Pip the Troll wanders into a bar to order a drink.  (Fun note: Pip always eats/drinks some form of poop)  He is annoyed that he lost Adam Warlock.  He feels somewhat abandoned by the hero.  He is then met by a dangerous green woman who is eager to find Adam Warlock herself.  This of course is the deadly assassin Gamora!

Gamora's first appearance here is pretty good, you can see her design very well. The next appearance is even better.  You actually do not learn her name until the next book Strange Tales #181.


In the next of Strange Tales (Strange Tales #181) Gamora reappears and gives her famous line.

"I go by many names my tick ridden Troll, but I'm sure the one that Black Knight knew me by is....
Gamora the Deadliest Woman in the Whole Galaxy!"

Damn that's some good stuff!

Here is the full panel where Gamora and Pipp confront a member of the Black Knights to learn the location of Adam Warlock.

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Gamora is played by actress Zoe Saldana in the film Guardians of the Galaxy.  Who per usual looks epic as the deadly assassin!

Here are some GIFs of Gamora in action from the film.

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Madame Hydra cosplay by Callie Cosplay


Lady or Madame Hydra cosplay by the cosplayer Callie Cosplay.

Grant Ward: This girl knows whats up!

Agent 33:  So do I....Yeesh

Grant Ward: Shhhhh your embarrassing me!

Hydralab posts - The Only freaking posts you should care about!





Hydralab posts - The Only freaking posts you should care about!

Xandar - Home of the Nova Corps

Xandar Concept Art from GotG movie

Welcome to Xandar
Xandar is a planet within the Andromeda Galaxy of the Marvel Universe.  Xandar has been described as Andromeda’s proudest planet with science far in the advance of any other planet.   It was also at peace.

Planet Name: Xandar
Galaxy: Andromeda - Full Map of Andromeda Galaxy in Marvel
Star System: Tranta

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Nova Corps Headquarters on Xandar:
Xandar is well known for being the home and head quarters of the Nova Corps.  The Nova Corps are like the SHIELD of space.  They are empowered agents who go about trying to bring order and justice to the galaxy.  Each agent is given some Nova force based off their rank.  There are 5 ranks in the Nova Corps, Nova Prime (The highest Nova member), Centurians, Denarians, Millennians, and the lowly Corpsmen.  The lower two ranks the Millennians/Corpsman cannot fly or fire energy blast from their hands.  The top 3 ranks can.  The most well known Nova is Rich Rider who has the equivalent powers of a Centurian. The Nova Force originates on Xandar.  Nova corps is tasked with protecting Xandar and the Xandar Worldmind.
The Xandar Worldmind is the collective knowledge and culture of the Xandar people stored in a big abstract computer. That has a mind of its own.

Xandar is home to many species.  Many of its citizens appear human.  It is unknown whether Xandarian is its own race or a collection of races that are citizens.  My assumption is that the actual race Xandarian is human looking in appearance (I say this due to Queen Adora’s human looking appearance).  They have allowed a wide variety of other alien species to join their ranks as both Citizens of Xandar and as members of its Nova Corps Militia.

Xandar is a Constitutional Monarchy ruled by Queen Adora.  Adora looks similar to a human.

Xandar Concept art from GotG movie

Concept Art from GotG movie

Concept art from GotG movie

Xandar is attacked a lot as time goes on.
At one point the planet is nearly destroyed but is saved by Uatu the Watcher.  He helps hold the major pieces of the planet together in a network of connected cities.  It is then attacked by Skrulls but survives.  Is attacked by Nebula and is destroyed.  Nova Rich Rider manages to restart the Xandarian World Mind, which brings back the Nova Corps.  The Worldmind also begins to clone old Xandarians bringing back Xandar at least partially.  Then Xandar is wiped out by the Annihilation Wave.
Bottom line Xandar may seem like a cool place but you might not want to live there.

Xandar will be featured in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy.  Below you can see citizens of Xandar, Nova Corpsmen, as well as Ronan’s ship attacking Xandar.  The planet does not appear to broken into domed city connected city states yet.  It is still a whole intact world and a very pretty one by the looks of it. 
 Its population appears to be diversely full of human looking Xandarians and other alien species.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Ronan’s ship the Dark Aster descends upon Nova Corps on Xandar

Dark Aster releasing Necrocraft


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The top 3 villains of Daredevil

The top 3 Villains of Daredevil!  While the man without fear has many villains 3 villains stand out.

1) The Kingpin -
The Frank Miller years took the Spiderman villain known as the Kingpin and made him into the primary antagonist of Daredevil.  The Frank Miller stories are so popular that it is hard to see another character act as Daredevil nemesis.

Who is the Kingpin?

Kingpin News:
The Kingpin has been cast!

2)  Elektra -
Sometimes lover sometimes enemy there are few characters more electric than Elektra.

Who is Elektra?

Elektra News:
Electra Art and Cosplay 
Rosario Dawson to play Elektra?

3) Bullseye
With agility that nearly matches Daredevil's own and his own ruthless fighting style Bullseye is the closest Daredevil comes to fighting a dark version of himself.

Who is Bullseye?

Bullseye News:
Bullseye art and cosplay

Who is Daredevil?
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Who is Elektra?


Elektra is a character in Marvel universe who has been portrayed as both a villain and anti-hero.

Elektra began as a villain and love interest of the Marvel hero Daredevil.  She has grown in popularity appeared in numerous titles and two movies. Her full name is Elektra Natchios but is known by her first name. Elodie Yung will play Elektra in season 2 of the Daredevil Netflix series.
Elektra was played by Jennifer Gardner in the film Daredevil as well as the follow up picture Elektra.  Neither film was part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Frank Miller created and ironically killed off Elektra during his famous run on Daredevil.  He has asked for the character not to be brought back or used.  Marvel obeyed this wish for a time keeping the character dead for many years however has since resurrected the character.

First Appearance:  Daredevil #168

Elektra News:

Elektra Multi-Media:

Elektra's mother is killed by assassin as she is born.   She is raised by her well to do father Hugo Natchios along with her older brother.  As a child she is attacked by assassins and this time they are killed by her brother who is a martial artist.   Her Father decides that Elektra must learn to defend herself and places her in intensive martial arts.

The family moves to NY when her father lands an ambassador position.   Elektra goes to college in NY and begins dating fellow student Matthew Murdoch.  Unknown to her Matthew moonlights as the street crime fighter known as Daredevil.

Elektra and Stick
Her life is sent into turmoil when her father is assassinated.  Not wanting to be prey Elektra leaves New York and seeks out one of the greatest martial artists a blind man known as Stick.  Stick runs a group called the Chaste who use martial arts but are effectively non violent.  Stick sees a darkness inside Elektra but agrees to train her.  He hopes he can remove the darkness from her person.  He succeeds in making a stronger martial artist but fails in making her a better person.  She leaves the Chaste to find darker and more violent martial arts trainers.

 Elektra initially joins up with a group of Ninja called the Hand.  They train her into one of their best operatives.  However, when leaves the group to become a solo mercenary the Hand want her dead.

 She becomes one of the assassins of the Kingpin.  She battles Bullseye to decide who will become the Kingpin's primary assassin and he kills her (Daredevil #181).

Elektra remained dead for a quite awhile.  It is said that Frank Miller the creator and writer of the Daredevil series never wanted her to come back.  She has now came back numerous times however.

Elektra died again in the New Avengers series and this time her body reverted into the form of Skrull.  This was the revelation that reveals that Skrulls are on Earth posing as Earth heroes.


Elodie Yung will play Elektra in season 2 of the Daredevil Netflix series.   Elodie had previously played the ninja Jinx in G.I. Joe Retaliation.

Embedded image permalink
Image of Elodie Yung as Elektra in Daredevil S2


Elektra and Daredevil

Jennifer Gardner as Electra in the movies Daredevil and Elektra,

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Marvel Licenses - Who Owns What?

Marvel Licenses - Who Owns What?  

Marvel has a few characters- Just a few DEADPOOL 27 Guiness Record for most characters on a cover

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What is going on with those Characters?

I get questions a lot on who owns what Marvel Characters.  As Marvel licensed out many of its more bankable characters years before it started its own studio they are limited in some weird ways when it comes to movies.  Their first movie they actually had to team up with another studio because they do not own the Hulk outright.  The good news if you read below is that many characters are coming back into the fold.  Luke Cage, Ghost Rider, Punisher, Blade, Daredevil, Electra have already returned to the fold.  Hulk and Namor should fully revert over the next couple years.  With each character returned new doors are opened.

Some may think that many of these characters are too dark and violent to fit into the MCU as has been presented and tied to the Avengers, you are right.  This is why Marvel is creating a more adult universe (Technically it still will be same universe) where these characters interact.  For now I call this the Hell Kitchen/ Defenders crew.  The Hell Kitchen crew will get a Net Flicks series that will introduce each character then at the end they will team up as the defenders.  These characters include Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and DareDevil.

I have not heard of Blade/Electra/Ghostrider/Punisher plans yet but they could all fit into the Hell Kitchen series or even make appearances in the phase 3 movie Dr Strange.

Recently purchased licenses back to Marvel. 
 Some were skeptical that Marvel would do anything with these new licenses because many of them are dark and violent characters. Look at these licenses and tell me if you see plans forming at Marvel.  There is a reason behind them buying these all at once.

Luke Cage -Bought back from SONY/Universal, includes all of his villains.

Ghost Rider-Bought back from SONY, includes all of his villains.

Punisher - Bought back from LionsGate.  Punisher War Zone was disappointing but have you seen Dirty Laundry Short?  The character still has demand if done in the right way.  Look for Punisher Cameos in the Hellkitchen netflicks series.

Blade- After Blade 4 failed to get off the ground it was only a matter of time.  License should also contain many Blade villains and possibly Morbeous who appeared at a distance in Blade in a cut scene in Blade 1.

Daredevil- Bought back from Fox

Electra-Bought back from Fox

Team up Possibilities:
Defenders - Already announced to occure at the end of the netflicks series will star Jessica Jones, DareDevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist

Heroes for Hire- Luke Cage and Iron Fist here we come!

Midnight Sons- the team staring Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, Hannibal King, Blade and Morbius is now possible by Marvel. Nothing announced as yet but Marvel now owns the pieces to make this happen.

What do the Outside of Marvel Studios Still Own:

Hulk - Universal has Distribution rights only so it is effectively Shared with Marvel this is why Marvel will wait to release another Hulk movie.
Namor- This could revert back to Marvel soon.  Trust me Marvel already has plans on this one Namor Easter Egg in Cap 2.
 UPDATE:  I am hearing that Universal may try to make a Namor movie.  This may keep Namor with Universal.  I am not sure if it will be built into the Marvel Cinematic Universe or not.

ManThing-Lionsgate did a direct to video release of a ManThing movie in 2006 I have never seen it.  Watch for movement on this as Manthing is being hinted in the Marvel U movies.  

Manthing Exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Look at these Easter Eggs
Lions Gate no longer owns the Punisher.  Punisher once again is at Marve.

20th Century Fox
Fantastic Four- Related Villains Silver Surfer is still owned here.  Galactus, Skrulls, and the Badoon are owned by Fox through this license.
Xmen -Covers most mutants and critical X-Men non mutant characters.

Sony Pictures

Doctor Doom - Marvel Villains


Who is Dr Doom?

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #5

Fantastic 4 #5 Doom's first appearance

Victor Von Doom AKA Dr. Doom is one of the most popular and powerful villains in the Marvel Universe.  He is created at a special moment in comic's history.

He was designed by comic legends Stan Lee and Jack Kirby to be a heavy weight villain in 1962.  At the time Fantastic Four was blowing up and was pulling away super hero readers from DC.  Marvel was beginning to believe they could compete with DC with their own super heroes as opposed to their previous focus on Westerns, Horror, and Dramas.  Stan Lee and Kirby's run on Fantastic Four is a historical moment that both creates Marvel as we know it today and also alters the comic landscape forever.  They begin to tell stories with more adult themes, more dynamic and deeper characters.  They begin to attract the kids who are getting too old for the stories being written by DC and want a little more.  Lee and Kirby are eye balling Fantastic Four #5 they do not want to lose the traction they have gained with comic readers and more over if they want to increase the insanity.  They decide to create an ultimate villain a real powerhouse that will push the Fantastic Four to their limits both physically and mentally, they create Doctor Doom.

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Doctor Doom mixes magical as well technological elements together opening up a variety of stories that can be told.  He is modeled after Death, with a cowl that covers his head, and Steel Mask that is like a skull.  The bits of humanity that can be seen beneath his mask from his eye slits remind the reader that he is in fact a man, and give him greater depth of motivation and feeling that non human characters lack.  The result of this initial design and subsequent evolutions is  that Doctor Doom has become one of the greatest and most dynamic villains of all time.

Doctor Doom is one of the first villains that come to mind when you think of villains.  He almost feels more generic now that so many have copied aspects of him.  He remains as the ultimate symbol of the evil, megalomaniac, world conquering villain.

Victor Von Doom is born to a gypsy family in the country of Latveria.  His mother is a powerful sorceress and his father is a leader of the tribe and a healer.  Doom's mother dies by being killed by the evil demon Mephisto.  His father tries to hide his wife's magic from Doom in the hopes he does not follow her footsteps.  The ruler of Latveria is a Baron and he calls on Doom's father to heal his ill wife.  Dooms father find the Baron's wife to have incurable cancer and realizes that she will soon die.  He prepares to leave with young Victor to escape the Baron's inevitable wrath.
The wife dies and the Baron immediately begins to seek vengeance on the Dooms.  Victor's father dies while embracing young Victor, he saves his son but is killed by the elements.

A young Victor Von Doom vows to avenge his parents.  He returns home seeking the means to acquire revenge and fatefully discovers the occult items of his mother.  He studies the magic of his mother and becomes proficient in magical occult world and a protector of the Latverian gypsies.  Combining technology with magic Doom is able to create fantastic devices that keep the Baron's forces away.

Due to his fame in technology Empire State University asks a young Doom to study in the United States.  He agrees to the offer and leaves his home and love Valeria behind to learn amongst the best and brightest.  He quickly meets Ben Grimm and Reed Richards.  He immediately dislikes both of them.  Ben Grimm for being a fool, and Reed Richards for being more brilliant than himself.  A failed experiment causes Victor to recieves a scar across his face, and he blames the failure on Reed.

Doom leaves the University and travels.  Eventually, he lands in a monastery where he conquers the monks and their sciences.  He forges a suit of armor and becomes Doctor Doom.  He conquers his old homeland of Latveria, and vows to conquer the world.

In no time he once again confronted by his hated rival at Empire University, Reed Richards and the two become Arch-Nemesis.

Fun Facts
  • Wizard ranked Doctor Doom as the #4 top villain of all time, IGN ranked him #3.
  • Doctor Doom has seemingly been killed a million times but this is often due to his Doombots that take his place as doppelgangers.  Doombots are an integral part of his lore and have even at times become characters themselves.  One notable Doombot became partially sentient and began kidnapping cyborgs like Michael Peterson / Deathlok and Misty Knight in the hopes of becoming more evolved.
  • Doom is a perfectionist and wears a mask to hide a small scar that marks his otherwise handsome face.  The scar is from a failed experiment whole failure he blames on Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four.

Dr. Doom's movie rights are owned by Fox through their Fantastic Four license.

Dr Doom will appear in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot.

I have removed any leaked photos from this post.

Secret Wars:
Identity as Rabum Alal Destroyer of Worlds:
It is revealed that Doctor Doom is Rabum Alal a character that seems to be the main antagonist in the Secret Wars storyline.

Rabum Alal is revealed to be a future version of Doctor Doom who after learning about the incursions and the map makers traveled back in time with the all powerful Molecule Man.  Somewhere during this journey Doctor Doom created a defacto religion with the Black Swans a people that worship him.  The Black Swans then spread throughout the multiverse looking for worlds to be sacrificed in his name.  Black Swan claimed that the incursions began at the birth of Rabum Alal.  It is unknown whether she referred to the actual birth of Doctor Doom or when he transitioned from Doctor Doom to Rabum Alal.

Doctor Doom / Rabum Alal Timeline:

In New Avengers #6  Mapmakers who attack and strip mine worlds to remove them to save the universes from Incursions attack Latveria.  Doom manages to keep a Mapmaker beacon and has the tinkerer begin studying the device.

 In New Avengers #24  Namor comes to ask Doctor Doom to help destroy worlds as part of his replacement for the Cabal group.  This is the first time Doom learns of the Incursions and need to destroy worlds.  He begins to harness this new information along with what he learned from the Mapmaker beacon to create a new plan.

In New Avengers #29 Doctor Doom and Molecule Man begin to carry out Doom's mysterious plan and travel through the multiverse.

In New Avengers #31 Doctor Doom is revealed to have become Rabum Alal the Destroyer of Worlds during the journey set through the multiverse with the Molecule Man.

All New All Different Marvel Universe:
 A new strikingly different Doctor Doom has appeared in the All New All Different Marvel Universe.  This one does not where his cowl or mask at all.

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