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Who is Doctor Minerva?

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Doctor Minerva is a super villain in the Marvel universe.  She is part of the militaristic Kree aliens and is an enemy to Captain Marvel and Ms Marvel.  Minnerva's primary goal has been the advancement of Kree evolution at any cost.

First Appearance:  Captain Marvel #50 (1977)

Alter-Ego:  Minn-Erva

Alien Race: Kree

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Minn-Erva was born in the city of Edelix on the planet of Kree-Lar, where she became a renowned geneticist.  She was eventually elevated to be a high level agent of the Kree Empire.   She encounters Mar-Vell and tries to convince him to have a child with her. Her genetic research indicated that a progeny of the two would be exceptionally powerful and could advance the Kree species.  Mar-Vell dismissed Minn-Erva as being crazy.  She is then ordered by the Science Council to abandon her mission.  She refused but is forced to return to the Kree empire.

Doctor Minerva then reappears with the super powers of Carol Danvers.  She used a machine called the Psyche-Magnetron to give herself these powers.  She along with a fellow Kree Captain Atlas kidnap Quasar in an attempt to steal his Quantom Bands.  Quasar manages to defeat her and banishes her from Earth.

Doctor Minerva was seen watching over a de-powered Ronan the Accuser in a farm house. 

Minerva and Captain Atlas are also caught trying to raid the tomb of Mar-Vell by Quasar.  The pair then join Kree Super Team called Starforce as they battle the Shi'ar.  Starforce was meant to be a Kree super equivalent to Shi'ar Royal Guard.

In the Spider-Verse storyline - Amazing Spider-Man #7-8
Minerva creates a scheme to steal a Terrigenesis coccoon containing a new Inhuman.  She believes by studying the cocoon she can jump start Kree evolution and make a new form of Inhuman/Kree super soldiers.  She is opposed by Spider-Man and Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan) who battle her.  She manages to transform herself into a giant monster. When it is discovered that Minerva's evil project is not sanctioned by the Kree Empire, Spider-Man uses this against her.  He threatens to tell the Kree empire of her actions and she abandons her plan and retreats. 

Other Kree Characters:


Minerva has a used the Psyche Magnetron to imbue herself with Nega Energy that gives her the rough powers of Carol Danvers (Ms Marvel/ Captain Marvel).

She also has an inuitiion ability that allows her to makes guesses and estimates more accurately.

She is highly skilled in alien technology, science and genetics.

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The hidden secrets of the Daredevil Netflix Series


The hidden secrets of the Daredevil Netflix Series

The Daredevil Netflix series is amazing all on its own (See our spoiler free review HERE) but it also is riddled with tiny details that many may not notice.  Details that are references to other characters, Marvel projects and even foreshadowing for the future of the series.

Lets go through these!


The Boxing Gym:
The first major Easter Eggs occur during the second episode of Daredevil called the Cutman.  In the boxing gym we see Jack Murdock (Daredevil's father) talking to a character known as the Fixer.  The Fixer is a known criminal in the comics.  We also see the name Barton in the background of the walls of the gym, this is a reference to Clint Barton aka Hawkeye on the Avengers.

The biggest reference is that Jack Murdock is set to battle Carl "Crusher" Creel who will later be known as the Absorbing Man.  The Absorbing Man has also appeared in episodes of Agents of SHIELD.

Ben Ulrich's Office:
On the wall of Ben Ulrich's office are some interesting headlines.
Harlem Terror, Battle of NY, and Finally Busted.

Harlem Terror has a picture of the Hulk on it.  This is a reference to Hulk's battle with Abomination in the film Incredible Hulk.  When I first saw this I thought it could also reference the Luke Cage villain known as Mr. Fish.  Mr Fish is certainly a Harlem Terror!  Mr Fish was created by Bill Mantlo who also created Rocket Raccoon.  It would have been neat for them to bring him into the MCU.  However, looking closely at the picture I am positive it references the Hulk.

The Battle of NY references the Chitauri invasion and subsequent battle with the Avengers in the film the Avengers.

Finally Busted - likely references the crack down on one of the early crime figures in Marvel's NYC.


 The China Connection:
Madame Gao at first seems to be the leader of the Chinese Triads in Fisk's criminal network.  However there are a variety of reasons to believe she is more than a simple old lady.  In fact I believe her to be a specific, and powerful Marvel character that has close ties to the Marvel hero Iron Fist.


A few facts on Madame Gao:
  • Madame Gao reveals to Owlsley that she is going home.  He asks her if she means China and shes says "Considerably farther."  
  • Madame Gao also tells Fisk that she can speak ALL languages fluently.
  • She is able to down Daredevil with a single blow
  • She has followers that are so cultishly loyal to her that they blind themselves
  • The drug she uses is called Still Dragon and uses the Steel Serpent symbol
All these facts lead me to believe that Gao is a specific character. Many think Madame Gao is from the city of Kun Lun.......This is not correct. She is from one of the other 7 Heavily Cities one called Kun-Zi.  Not only is she from Kun Zi but I think she is the leader of the city a character named Mother Crane.  Mother Crane is a thorn in the side of the hero Iron Fist.  She is also not above sacrificing her followers.  Mother Crane works with the nemesis of the Iron Fist.  She gives the Steel Serpent special Crane Daughters that provide Steel Serpent with great power.  The fact that Madame Gao uses the Steel Serpent symbol is another sign that she is really Mother Crane.
Madame Gao's drug uses the Steel Serpent symbol

The Owl
Leland Owlsley is a character through out the season.  However, he never has a chance to truly become the comic version of the Owl.  At one point Fisk's armorer costume man Melvin Potter makes Owlsley a suit that begins to look vaguely like his comic counterpart.  Maybe in the next series either Leland or his son could appear as the Owl.


Sticks and Stones
In the episode "Stick" we are introduced to the MCU version of Stick.  This version of Stick trained Matthew Murdock / Daredevil to be a warrior just like his comic counterpart.  We also learn that he is battling the Hand as part of his group the Chaste.  He assassinates a boy who is called the Black Sky.  Black Sky is referred to as a weapon of the Hand.   In the end of the episode Stick is talking to Stone a fellow member of the Chaste.
Stone asks if Murdock will be ready when the Gate is opened.

A few thoughts on this episode.

Blacksky - I do not know what the Black Sky is/was.  One thought is that he could be a resurrected warrior.  There is some precedence of this amongst the Hand/Chaste.  At one point the Chaste protect a child who they believe contains the soul of the resurrected Stick.  One warrior of the Hand he could is Kirigi the undying.

The Gate - This could refer to the coming of the 7 heavenly cities to Earth.  Cities like Kun Lun return to Earth every 10 years.  Potentially, Stick and Stone are looking for a warrior to become the Iron Fist and they are unaware of the existence of Danny Rand.

Nobu and the Hand
Nobu is introduced as being the representative of the Yakuza.   However, it is revealed that he is actually a representative of the evil ninja group called the Hand.   Nobu himself is shown to be a very capable ninja warrior.
Nobu is definitely a ninja, could he be the famous Hand warrior Kirigi the undying?  If he is Kirigi he could return to life in the next season.

Melvin Potter the Gladiator
Melvin Potter is introduced as a man who is skilled at creating armored suits for the Kingpin Wilson Fisk.  Daredevil shows up the show where the two battle.  At the end of the fight Melvin reveals that he simply does not want Fisk to hurt someone he loves.  In the end he agrees to use his skills to create Daredevil his first real costume.
A couple more things on Melvin.  He is one of the first villains faced by Daredevil in the comics but later reforms.  It seems that this Melvin has already reformed.  In his work shot there are what appears to be long legs.  Could these long legs be the future costume of the super villain called Stilt-Man.  While Stilt-Man may sound a bit silly he is one of Daredevil's longest lasting foes.  He appeared way back Daredevil #8 and continues to battle Daredevil to this day.  He uses a hardened suit of armor combined with telescopic legs to pull off heists.

SWAT Bullseye:
An assassin is hired by Fisk to frame to Daredevil for shooting police officers.  This man is shown as having a playing card in his gun bag.  This is likely a sign that the man is in fact the card loving psychopath, Bullseye.

The Greek Coed:
During the Foggy Nelson and Matthew Murdock college flash back Foggy mentions a Greek girl.  This girl apparently had a relationship with Matthew Murdock.  This is a reference to one of Daredevil's most famous romantic relationships the one with Elektra Natchios.  Elektra is also trained by Murdock's sensei Stick.  She however is kicked out of the Chaste warrior order due to darkness in her heart.  She ends up becoming a successful assassin of the Hand ninjas.  Look for Elektra to show up in a future series.

One other great thing about the Daredevil series is that it is filmed in New York City so the backdrops we see are real.  The show also showcases many of the famous locations in the comic like Josie's Bar, and the Office of Nelson & Murdock. These are locations within the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood that Daredevil is famous for protecting.

St Agnes Orphanage:
Was the Orphanage that Matthew Murdock went into as a child the same as the one that Skye from Agents of SHIELD went to?  Its possible. 

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Fan made Spider-Gwen movie trailer with Emma Stone


What would an Emma Stone led Spider Gwen movie look like?  The Vulture tried to answer that question with a Spider-Gwen based movie trailer.


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Boom Studio's releasing Bad Mask!

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Boom Studios released a press release on Bad Mask when is more than just a comic book.  Bad mask is a group of items that all link together to tell a single story.  Bad Mask will be available for sale on in November of 2017.

Press Release
BOOM! Studios Launches First Multimedia Graphic Novel Experience with Bad Mask
Discover a New Superhero World in November 2017
LOS ANGELES, CALIF. (August 11, 2017) – BOOM! Studios is thrilled to announce BAD MASK, an all-new multimedia graphic novel experience debuting this November in comic shops and bookstores. Created by cartoonist, children’s books illustrator, and instructor at the Center for Cartoon Studies Jon Chad (Science Comics, Adventure Time), BAD MASK takes readers on an immersive, unpredictable storytelling journey into an original superhero universe through a variety of unique print and digital items, including a comic, newspaper, handbook, and more, packaged in a gorgeous deluxe box set.

The items contained in the box include: A letter from one of the Great Generals of Bad Mask, explaining the contents of the box and introducing us to the world of Bad Mask.“Bad Mask is about an organization of super-powered terrorists that want to take over the world; Metal Metro, the robot that stands in their way; and one young Bad Mask agent’s quest to destroy Metal Metro,” explains Chad. “Gabrielle, a new recruit to Bad Mask, joins to avenge the death of her friend at the hands of Metal Metro. She is dismayed to learn Bad Mask might not be the organization she thought it was, and becomes caught up in a plan to reveal Metal Metro's true nature and save the world.”

Bad Mask

- A comic book that introduces readers to Bad Mask’s archenemy, Metal Metro.
- A set of Metal Metro trading cards that introduces new characters and new mysteries.
- The Bad Mask Handbook, explaining the organization’s motivation and goals.
- The Meeting Notes introducing readers to the planning and imminent action leading up to Bad Mask's attack on the Japanese city of Niigata with a mecha.
- A Newspaper that details the attack on Niigata and tells what happened when Metal Metro arrived to defend the city with its own mecha.
- A Magazine containing articles about how Metal Metro has impacted every aspect of life in the world—and not necessarily always for good.
= The Incident Report about an attack on Arctus Evil—Bad Mask’s headquarters—that reveals more of what is really going on and how Metal Metro is involved.
Plus, Digital Components that readers can access online: videos, comics, letters, Livejournal-type entries, and audio.

Bad Mask first debuted exclusively in in the BOOM! Box 2015 Mix Tape, told in the form of Gabrielle’s comic journal “Gab Mask,” where she discusses her life and her controversial opinions on the terrorist group Bad Mask.“I've been with this project since the beginning,” says Shannon Watters, BAD MASK editor at BOOM! Studios. “The tactile experience Jon has created—the thrill of discovery, of finding connections in context—is unlike anything I've ever had the pleasure of reading. It’s like discovering a relative's long-abandoned hope chest and the story told in its crumbling contents.”

Bad Mask is the latest release from BOOM! Studios’ critically acclaimed BOOM! Box imprint, home to popular original series such as Lumberjanes by Shannon Watters, Grace Ellis, Brooke A. Allen, and Noelle Stevenson; Giant Days by John Allison, Lissa Treiman, and Max Sarin; The Backstagers by James Tynion IV and Rian Sygh; SLAM! by Pamela Ribon and Veronica Fish; and Goldie Vance by Hope Larson and Brittney Williams.

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Is Iron Fist a member of the Hand?

This post is going to discuss parts of Iron Fist and so it has some spoilers.  However, most of these spoilers are reserved to the first few episodes of the season and the rest is mostly speculation.  That said its impossible for me to really discuss this without spoiling something.


The Order of the Crane Mother
In Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 2 - Danny makes one of the most interesting comments of all to a Psychologist while being locked up in a psychward.  He explains that after surviving the plan crash that killed his parents he is found by monks who take him back to a place called Kun Lun.  He further describes the monks as being members of the Order of the Crane Mother.

To those who know who the Crane Mother is that line likely sent a shudder through you.  The Crane Mother is evil in the comics and very evil at that.  Why would Danny be part of the Order of the Crane Mother?  Something is not right here!

Lets talk about Crane Mother in the comics:

What makes this comment stand out is that it is not from the comics.  Danny is not part of the order of the Crane Mother and nor is the Crane Mother part of Kun Lun.  The Crane Mother in the comics is an ancient villain from one of the 7 Cities of Heaven but not the city of Kun Lun instead she comes from the city of Kun-Zi.

Another part of the story introduced with Crane Mother is Orson Randall.  Danny Rand meets a previous Iron Fist by the name of Orson Randall who had shirked battling in the 7 Cities Tournament after finding out a secret that Kun Lun and had been infiltrated by Hydra.  Randall is old and addicted to opium but is able to give Danny what he needs to uncover the infiltration of Hydra.

Orson killed the Immortal Weapon of Kun-Zi as he fled from the tournament earning him and the Iron Fist mantle the everlast emnity of Mother Crane.  Mother Crane then finds Davos and gives him added powers to become the champion of Kun-Zi and defeat the Iron Fist.

The key parts here to remember is that Crane Mother is a villain, and that the story involves a corruption and infiltration of evil forces in Kun Lun.

Madame Gao
Madame Gao has become one of the most important characters in the Defenders series.  She has appeared in Daredevil Season 1, 2 and now in Iron Fist Season 1.

I have long believed that Madame Gao introduced in the Daredevil shows was Mother Crane.  She is the first character to loosely mention the 7 Cities.  She mentions traveling very far way to Owlsey. farther than China.  While Gao appears to be an old woman she is quickly shown to be much more than that in Daredevil.  She is able to strike Daredevil and escape and is also able to see through the Kingpin's acts.  She is wise and devious in both of the seasons of Daredevil.  The drug her organization makes also bears the symbol of Kun Lun on it.

One striking thing about Gao does not seem to line up.  In Daredevil season 1 and 2 she appears to be apart from the Hand that are met in both seasons.  She also appears as her own organization in Iron Fist though it is revealed that she is simply a different version of the Hand.

Another interesting aspect of Gao is that she is able to describe places in Kun Lun revealing that she has either been there, or at least has knowledge of the city.  She says that she has been there (Do we believe her here or not?).  In Iron Fist, Gao also comfortably resides over a duel in much the same manner as her comic counterpart does in the 7 Cities Tournament.  The final lynch pin for me was watching Gao listen to Davos in the end.  This seems to hint at her helping him in the future in much the same way her comic counterpart did.

A few things really nagged on me in Iron Fist and one was that we saw very little of Kun Lun and the second was that Davos seemed to be a brutal zealot.  Right from the beginning see Davos take down a hot dog vendor and casually throw ninja stars around the man's head.  He is totally uncaring about people from Earth and can not comprehend why Danny would show them any compassion.  Any form of pleasantry from Davos seem to be him sticking to rules of politeness and not true empathy.  This is actually consistent with how Madame Gao treats people in the show as well.  Polite but with contempt or indifference.  Does this hint toward a greater corruption occurring at Kun Lun?

What if Madame Gao has been in control of Kun Lun this whole time!  They are the order of the Crane Mother and she is the Crane Mother.  This would mean that they have unwittingly have already been conquered by Hand.  Why would they do this?  It seems that the Hand has rivals within itself and if they manage to take control of the Iron Fist they would have the ultimate "bag man", or boogey man to use against their rival Hand organizations.

Iron Fist and Kun Lun serving the Order of the Crane Mother or Gao's branch of the hand.  That's right Iron Fist would technically be working for the Hand.

Who is the Hand really?
The big mystery here as we wind toward the Defenders is who is the Hand?  and what exactly are they planning?  Do you recall that giant unexplained pit in Daredevil Season 2?  It seems that in Defenders that the bottomless pit and the Hand will need a better explanation.  So to will the hands organization.  Already we have seen 3 major Hand leaders, Nobu, Gao and now Bakuto.  All of these leaders seem to be running distinct organizations. Maybe the hand is broken into 5 group like 5 fingers on a hand.  Keep in mind that the Chaste who we meet in Daredevil were also initially part of the Hand and could thus represent a 4th group.   Maybe each finger organization has its own theme.  Gao criticizes Bakuto saying he lies, and Bakuto says that Gao rules by fear.

1) Nobu - Pain
2) Gao   - Fear
3) Bakuto  - Lies
4) Alexandra
5) ?????

There seem to be two options for the remaining finger of the Hand.  It could be the Chaste led by Stick and Stone are a break way finger of the Hand.  This aligns well with the comics.  Or it could be that Kun ' Lun itself is a finger and this would align with this theory that Iron Fist is actually serving the Hand already.

Either way there is a group that we have not met yet, could this be the group that is being led by expected big bad of the Defenders, Alexandra.  Initially, many thought that the villain could be the demon Mephisto and maybe Alexandra does have a demon connection of some kind.  The Hand in the comics are founded by a demon, the realization of the demonic influence is what forces Master Izo to separate from the Hand and form his group the Chaste.  The pit in Daredevil season 2 certainly seemed to hint at demonic influences.

Who ever the Hand really are I look forward to what the Defenders brings out and hopefully ties together the plot points from Daredevil and Iron Fist.  However, my initial thinking that Iron Fist would bring clarity on to who the Hand is may be very mistaken.  It may be that he is the most confused participant of who the Hand really is.  This may also mean that Iron Fists are meant to be more than destroyers and that there is a truth about the Iron Fist that has been hidden from Danny.

Amazon Description:
Experience a brand-new kind of Iron Fist story, one steeped in legends and fables stretching back through the centuries! Orphaned as a child and raised in the lost city of K'un-Lun, Danny Rand returned to America as the mystical martial artist Iron Fist - but all his kung fu skills can't help him find his place in the modern world. After learning that the legacy of the Iron Fist holds more secrets than he ever dreamed, Danny is invited to fight in a tournament against the Immortal Weapons. At stake is the life of his friend, the legacy of his father and mentor...and the future of K'un-Lun!

COLLECTING: Immortal Iron Fist 1-16, Annual 1; Immortal Iron Fist: Orson Randall and the Green Mist of Death 1; Immortal Iron Fist: The Origin of Danny Rand 1; Civil War: Choosing Sides 1

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Who are the Kree?


Who are the Kree?
The Kree are a militaristic alien species in the Marvel Universe.  The Kree look generally human, they are stronger that humans and some (Pure Kree) have blue skin.   In the comic 616 universe most Kree have pink skin and appear like a Caucasian human.  In the Marvel Cinematic Universe it appears they will come in blue and a variety of human flesh tones.
They are stronger and more durable humans due to evolving on a planet with higher gravity than Earth.  They require a breathing apparatus on Earth that increases the amount of Nitrogen in the air. 

Kree News:

Kree Multi-Media:

The Kree are generally stronger than humans.  They have greater technology than Earth.  Some of their advanced technology is unique to them.
 Kree females can sometimes influence men.  They also occasionally have the ability drain one's life force.

Religion/Government -Supreme Intelligence
Kree worship and following the dictatorial Supreme Intelligence.  The Supreme Intelligence is an artificial mind that includes a network of the greatest Kree minds over the ages.  It was originally meant to serve the Kree leaders but eventually usurped control.
The Supreme Intelligence has lost control of the empire numerous times.  At certain times the Kree are ruled by Ronan the Accuser.  Also other alien empires have ruled them including the Shi'Ar and the Inhumans.

The Kree Empire stretches over many planets in a dwarf galaxy called the Large Megallanic Cloud.  The Megallanic Cloud orbits the Milky Way.
Within the Cloud the key home world of the Kree is the planet Hala.   Hala is the planet where the Kree hero Mar Vell is born.  It includes the city Rad Nam, Mar Vell's birth place.  Also Kree Lar one of the largest most powerful States within the planet.  It is also home to "Supremor" also known as the Supreme Intelligence which generally rules over the Kree as a dictator.

Notable Kree:
Mar Vell - Who is Mar Vell?
Ronan the Accuser - Who is Ronan the Accuser?
Korath the Pursuer -Who is Korath the Pursuer?
Doctor Minerva - Who is Doctor Minerva?
Captain Atlas -  
Supremor - Who is Supremor?
Supreme Intelligence - Who is the Kree Supreme Intelligence? 

Fast ways to describe the Kree are -"Advanced but stagnant" or "A Great Empire in decline."  How did they get here.

Static DNA:
Early on in the Kree a Kree attempts to take control of a Universal Crystal that would give him God like powers.  He is thwarted and the Kree race pays the price for this.  The Crystal punishes the entire race of Kree by holding their genes static.  Effectually, while they were more advanced than most species at the time, they are being held back while other races will catch up and eventually surpass them.
Humanity while technologically a backwater has very dynamic genes in the Marvel Universe due to the Mutant phenomenon.  A mutant is destined to destroy the Supreme Intelligence and this causes the Kree to hold humans in great interest.  At one point experiments on humans lead to the creation of another cosmic power the Inhumans.  The Inhuman project was abandoned for unknown reasons.

Pink (Human Flesh Toned) Kree:
The traditional/Pure Kree have blue skin, but they come in other skin colors/tones.
To circumscribe their static DNA the Kree begin breeding with other races.  One successful offshoot of this is the "Pink" Kree.  In the comics the Pink Kree resemble Caucasian humans, which is how Mar Vell is able to infiltrate Earth without anyone noticing.  The Pink Kree in the movies will likely come in a wide range of flesh tones so they can appear Asian, African, etc.  The "Pink" Kree make up 70% of the population of the Kree, however the Blue Kree still retain control of society.  The "Blue Kree" make up a bulk of the Kree elites.  The Kree are fairly supremacist in their views of themselves and no female Kree are allowed to breed with non-Kree, only Males can breed outside the species.  While the inter breeding is occurring due to their own genetic stagnation they still tend to look down on the Kree/Alien hybrids.
Also see -->Why is Korath not blue?
Human are sometimes referred to as Pink Apes by the Kree

Source of Technology
The Skrulls at the time a peaceful race seek out a new species to trade with.  They find the two species the Cotati and the Kree.  The Skrulls offer the gift of intergalactic travel to a species that wins a competition.  A group of Kree and Cotati are left in a wilderness and told to show what they can build.  The Cotati build a magnificent garden and the Kree build a massive, beautiful city.  The Kree are angered when they learn some of the Skrulls favor the Cotati garden over their advanced City.  Taking matters into their own hands they wipe out the Skrull delegation and the Cotati.  They take apart the Skrull ship to learn its secrets.  They go across the galaxy killing off nearly all but a few hidden Cotati and begin a war with the Skrulls.

First Kree - Skrull War and other Wars
After the Kree exterminate the Skrull delegation the two races go to war.  While, the Skrulls begin the war with more advanced technology the Kree are more ruthless and the Skrulls have forgotten how to wage war.  While humans are dragged into some of the conflicts these to be a microcosm of overall never ending conflicts between the two.

Negabomb - Grey Kree
The Kree empire finds 70% of its population wiped out due to a Negabomb.  Initially, they suspect outside sources but eventually learn it was planned by the Supreme Intelligence to jump start their DNA.  For a short time this worked giving rise to a grey skinned Kree species that could instantly evolve to its environment.  In the end the Kree revert back and the Empire is greatly weakened by its loss of population.

Weakened Kree
The Kree end up a state beneath the Inhumans, and the Shi'ar.

Kree in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Universe 9999):
GH 325 alien body of a Kree on Earth

Agents of SHIELD has already shown the body of a Kree. There is also Kree writing and Kree blood seem to be critical parts of the future series.  Kree blood was used to bring back both Skye, and Coulson.  Kree circle/ line patterns have shown up in multiple episodes of the series.

What is GH 325? Alien in Agents of SHIELD
Kree Circle Writing on Agents of SHIELD

Kree will be an important race within the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.  Multiple major characters will be Kree in the movie.  Including Ronan the Accuser and Korath the Destroyer.   Ronan the Accuser (A notable Kree) is working for Thanos but he only represents a group of Kree zealots not the full empire. 

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D&D Beyond released

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This morning D&D Beyond came out and in my eyes is the biggest advancement in Dungeons and Dragons since.........the beginning.  This really has the potential to change how the game is played in a positive way.

What D&D Beyond does is take all the information and trackers from the D&D and take them out of books and paper into an easy to use online format.  This will allow a lot of players to use for free but also come with upgrades where the company can make money off of.

To me making all of the data and calculations and finding things may have the effect of increasing the amount of people playing D&D.  I think this makes the game easier to play for RPG players but also for a casual person who comes in off the street.

I do think they could make it slicker.  There could be some more drop downs and filters to find things.  I am also very curious on how much this whole thing will cost.
That said there is a lot reason for some exictment with D&D Beyond.

D&D Press Release:

This morning, Curse launched D&D Beyond—an official digital toolset for Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition.

For over 40 years, Dungeons & Dragons has ruled the TRPG market, bringing players together at tables all over the world. D&D Beyond, Curse's new digital companion web app, aims to enhance the D&D experience by making game management easier by putting all of the game information you need to tell fantastic stories with your friends into a digital format, eliminating the need to manually search through books, and taking the load off of players through other features.

At launch, D&D Beyond offers a compendium with all the game rules, lore, and adventures, as well as sought-after tools like a character builder and an interactive digital character sheet. It’s built with official D&D content and the ability to create and add your own custom homebrew spells, magic items and monsters. Groups can play with digital versions of every official D&D sourcebook within the compendium. They can build characters using all the material published by Dungeons & Dragons for fifth edition, while adding custom magic items or spells created using the homebrew system. That homebrew content can then be shared with the community for other players to use in their own games.

The team at Curse has an extensive roadmap for D&D Beyond, including implementing features such as a mobile app, encounter builders, and combat tracking. We are excited to continue to work closely together with them to implement all new adventures and rules material into the toolset, such as Tomb of Annihilation and Xanathar’s Guide to Everything coming this fall.

DC Metal's Midnight Bash

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Last night at midnight, many comic stores throughout the world began releasing DC's Metal as a Midnight bash.  Yes, today in many comic stores new comic book day started at 12:01!  So if you local comic store clerk looks tired that is the reason.  Maybe we should start a buy the comic guy a coffee day or something.

I know one guy who got his hand on these comics! Your truly. However, I actually didn't go to the store I asked my wife instead. She delivered, per usual.

NCBD After Market Update:
Likely wont see this on a shelf but if you do buy it.

Like I said this is going to be a hot NCBD (New Comic Book Day for you noobs)
  • Metal Midnight Variant going for around $10-$70 mean price seems to be $10
  • Totally Awesome Hulk #22 going for $7 and $80 seems like a mean price of $20
  • Black and White Midnight Variant going between $100 and $300 mean price around $150

Metal Bash!  
DC is having a lot of fun with the double entrendre of the word Metal.  With a lot of Metal Music tie ins.  A lot of comic fans have been throwing up the devil horns and the DC Metal shirts (OMG I want one so bad) have dates on the back of releases that look like a band's tour schedule.

The insanity and enthuisasm for this is really palapable in the comicverse.  I think people are more pumped for this then they were for Rebirth even.  My guess is that is due to how well Rebirth has been recieved and that good will is carrying over.  More excitement is created though just by Metal being cool, the idea is cool, the art is cool, the story is cool and hey Batman is cool.

If you have not guessed this already this New Comic Book Day is going to be HUGE!!!!!  Marvel also has a big book out with that Totally Awesome Hulk #22 is out which is the first appearance of Hulkverine.  So don't wait today if you want any of the Metal Variants or Hulk you need to get to a store pronto!  Some shops closed after the Midnight release and reopened to lines already forming.  Not joking this is nuts.

Also if you snag a picture of those new Metal shirts send me picture and tell me where you got it.  I want one baddly!

And the Crazy continued on to Morning:

DC Metal Store
Toylab is a member of the Amazon Affiliate Program allowing us to search through Amazon and find the coolest stuff to highlight for you.   You can see something you like and click on the image below to be taken right to that item in Amazon.  Sooo Easy so Cool, we freaking love it.  Not much Metal stuff is out yet, so the items we found are ACTUAL METAL items from DC.  Still pretty cool but we will need to update once we can find those rad t-shirts.

MORE DC Stuff to Check Out!

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How to beat Articuno? Pokemon Go

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How do you beat Articuno? Pokemon Go questions

Articuno is a legendary pokemon in the massively popular game Pokemon Go.  It also the mascot of Team Mystic aka the Blue Team in Pokemon Go.  Its status as an epic rare Pokemon combined with its elevated status as a mascot of Team Mystic have made one of the most popular Pokemon in fan art and merchandise.

Articuno is said to be extremely powerful.  In many of the Pokemon games Articuno is said to be so powerful that it alters the weather in areas it inhabits.

NA: Trophy info The air around Articuno is always cool, and it can make snow fall on even the hottest of days. It must be the perfect Pokémon to have around in summer! Then again, do you really want to be the one to use a Legendary bird Pokémon as an ice machine? Let's just think this through for a minute.
Pokemon Yellow - A legendary bird Pokémon. It freezes water that is contained in winter air and makes it snow.
Articuno has a very high Max CP.  However, it comes with the limitation like all Legendary Pokemon that it can not be used as a gym defender only a gym attacker.

How do you catch Articuno?
I have heard many rumors that I will discuss on where Articuno has been rumored to lurk.  Is Articuno on top of mount Everest?  No. Is it in Area 51? No. Officially thought you can only catch a Legendary Pokemon through participation in a Legendary Raid, beating the Legendary and then catching it.

One curious thing that the company has confirmed is that some Articuno and other legendary Pokemon were accidentally released much earlier than planned.  Some people think that these Legendary pokemon were given out by Niantic customer reps when angry people called.  The official word on these Pokemon is that Niantic has since pulled them all back.  These Articunos are what many people saw at gyms and in pictures online.

In order to catch Articuno you will need to find an Articuno Raid.  To do this look for Legendary Raids that have a 5 Rydon symbol.  Then wait to see if an Articuno hatches from the Raid Egg. You will need a group of people to take it down.  In some places this means really getting out in your community and organizing a group.  You then will need to battle it.  We have tips below on the best Pokemon to use just keep in mind that it will take a group, this is not a battle you can win by yourself.

Time to answer and the important questions!
HOW TO FIGHT A Articuno or should I say...
HOW TO BEAT Articuno

Battle with Articuno: 

Remember that Pokemon Types are very IMPORTANT 
Read this --->  Pokemon Types Explained

You have entered battle with glorious. legend and as you gawk at its beauty you realize its swooping in to take you down.  Its time to bring it down!

Alright strategy time well lets start with this Articuno is an ICE / FLYING  type hybrid pokemon.

Hybrid Pokemon always seem to be a bit more complicated when figuring out what to use but interestingly ICE and FLYING have to similar weaknesses in Rock and Steel.   If you have a good pokemon in either of those types I would use it as it will cover all of the bases.

Some other types are good against either FLYING or ICE.
Electric Pokemon are good against FLYING.  Fire Pokemon are good against ICE.  The attacks from either an Electric or Fire  should receive a type based bonus.  However defensively you are rolling the dice as Articuno will likely have a mixture of ICE and FLYING based attacks.  Depending what it throws out at you will determine whether you get a defensive bonus.

Considering these Pokemon I think your best bet of popular Pokemon is to use Golem.  Golem is the final evolution of Geodude/Graveler.  Geodudes are pretty common in my area and I have seen more than a few Golems around.  Golem is one of the best Pokemon to use against all of the Legendary Birds.  Have one upgrades preferably with the quick move Rock Throw and either Stone Edge / Rock Blast as charge moves.  Ancient Power is ok as well but not optimal.

One rock hybrid that is worth a look if you have it is Rhydon.  Those can be very powerful and I think both the Rock and Ground attacks will work well against Articuno.

I have not many Steel pokemon at all. The one exception is Magnemite which is an Electric / Steel hyrid which I have caught two of.  If you catch enough Magnemite you could evolve it to Magneton which I am sure would be a powerful match up against Articuno.

Another option in the Steel Category that would be interesting to try is Steelix.  Steelix is a solid in defense and with a bonus in attack may fair very well against Articuno.  Steelix is the evolved form of Onix.

If you don't have a solid Rock or Steel pokemon then you need to roll the dice and use Fire  or Electric Pokemon good choices here would be Arcanine, Flareon, Ninetails, Charizard, Jolteon, and Raichu.

Flareon in particular has become a high dps wonder.  Look to build one up.

Show your Pokemon Love with these fun Poke Products!

The Poke fun has just begun...Also See!

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The Bad Batmen of DC's Metal

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What is Batman afraid of?  What is the boogeyman beneath his bed?

You may have just said.....Clayface!!!!!!!!!

No you didn't?  So what am I the only one who is afraid of Clayface?  Sheesh what is wrong with you people. Clayface is.... alright alright.  Nevermind.

Batman is afraid of himself, of Batman, and what he could become.  What happens to Batman if he start killing?  What happens to Batman if gives himself Super Powers, a cyborg, or a speedster.  With his intellect and resources doing these things might not be hard, but power is a slipperly slope, where would it end.

Now Bruce is going to face a very literal version of these fears when the Dark Universe attacks

Scott Snyder teased some of the themes explored in the dark Batmen when he addressed the crowd at Boston Comic Con:

“The first wave of the invasion with the evil Batmen will explore things like, 'What if Batman went too far and killed the Joker?' Or 'What if he went too far and tried to get speed powers?' It’s super bonkers, and it’s a thank you to you, it’s supposed to be like, ‘life is stressful, you know?’ This is meant to be personal. When you see Batman fighting dinosaur or a robot, we want it to be a thank you to you guys. You are all officially in the band, we love you. We couldn’t thank you guys enough, we’ve had a genuine blast making it, and go Red Sox!”

Now Bruce must face off against these dark versions of himself, that all have been upgraded with various powers.

These Batman all have special names and will each get their own comic explaining who they are and why they turned out the way they did.

Batman: The Red Death #1
The speedster Batman.

Batman: The Murder Machine #1.
I think this will be cyborg version of Batman

Batman: The Dawnbreaker #1

The Dawn Breaker Batman may the most powerful Batman of them all.
This will be the Green Lantern Batman.  However with the powers of Green Lantern Batman will be altogether different in the types of construct he makes.

He is much more like a monster, than he is like any Green Lantern you have seen.  He will ruthlessly attack his foes with Lantern Tendril and monster hands ripping his opponents apart until they are nothing.

How this Bruce Wayne come into existence?  A Preview I have seen shows that this Bruce Wayne hunts down the killer of his parents right after they are murdered.  His courage at facing his parents attackers earns him the Lantern Ring.  However he uses the power to uttlerly and merciless destroy his parents killers.  He then become drunk on this power and continues to eliminate everything that stands in his way.  He is kind of a Sinestro on steroids.

If you look at the picture of them up above you can see a Batman with Green Lantern's power, with Super Man's powers and Aquaman's powers.  Effectively these bad Batmen have the full powers of the Justice Leage at their disposal.

The series looks like it takes a darker turn from the previous Rebirth titles.

All of the titles look pretty cool.  I may have to get all of them.

Another interesting Batman is the one called "The Batman Who Laughs"  this would seem to be a Batman that became the Joker.   There is a lot of interesting lore built up and teased on the connection between the Joker and Batman.  This may help explain that myth or add to it even more.

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