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Jungle Book movie hub!

A new live action movie of the Jungle Book is set to be released in April 15, 2016.

Premise from Disney:  
An orphan boy is raised in the jungle with the help of a pack of wolves, a bear, and a black panther.

Jungle Book News:

Jungle Book Preview:

Jungle Book facts:

Release Date:  April 15 2016
Director: Jon Favreau
Writers: Justin Marks (Screenplay), Rudyard Kipling (book)
Stars: Scarlett Johansson, Idris Elba, Bill Murray

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Who are the Saviors in Walking Dead


The Saviors are a brutal group of survivors in the world of the Walking Dead.  The Saviors operate like a mafia protection racket.  They go around to different communities and ask for an "Offering" that is made up 50% of the resources of the community.  The communities that pay the offering receive martial help in killing off walkers (Zombies) around the community.  The communities that refuse to pay Saviors are brutally destroyed.

The Saviors are the largest and most organized force that Rick Grimes has come across.  They are also responsible for killing many of the groups members.

Leader:  Negan

Base: Sanctuary

First Appearance: The Walking Dead #97

Well known Members:
Savior News:
The All Things Walking Dead HQ


The Saviors were initially a security group within the Hill Top Community.  The strongest and most violent members of the community joined this group.  A personality cult began to develop around the group's leader, Negan.  Eventually, Negan branched off on his own.  He then set out to force the Hill Top and other communities to pay his group tribute.  Groups that do not provide the tribute are destroyed.

The Saviors are able to build one large base called Sanctuary  and numerous small outposts.  From many of the outposts they are able to watch the communities they are extorting.

The Saviors racket is working and they are growing into a large powerful group before Rick Grimes and his group enter the equation.
At first the Saviors succeed in brutalizing, humiliating and intimidating Rick. However Rick creates a plan to eliminate the Saviors.
Rick Grimes says he will be paid communities to protect them from the Saviors.  As Rick seems for more sane and morally upright than Negan multiple communities agree to support him in an uprising.  The result of this is the story All Out War.  In the All Out War storyline many characters on both sides are killed but ends with the capture of the Savior leader Negan.

After being beaten the remaining Saviors follow the orders of Dwight.  Dwight acted as an informant for Rick during the All Out War story.  The remaining Saviors are part of Grime's Network of Communities.


The Saviors are personality cult built around the insane Negan.  Negan is interesting in that at times he can genuinely treat people well provided they follow his rules.  He even gives others grudging respect at times.  The problem is that when people break his rules they receive swift, brutal and terrible punishment.
His rules also establish him solidly as a tyrant without any illusions of democratic or republic process.

The Saviors seem to use a type of points as currency.  These are awarded by Negan.

The Saviors are divided up amongst different groups.  He has his wives, guards and rest of the population.  Negan has a harem that he calls his Wives.  They are women who were taken from those he has subjugated or from other Saviors.  In many cases these women had other husbands.  If the women are found to be sleeping with other men or their former husbands the husbands are punished.   The punishment is to have their face melted off with a red hot iron.


Do the Saviors Rape?
Despite his brutality Negan is at times shown as being fair.  He at one point kills a man for attempting to rape a prisoner named Holly.   Negans says that Saviors do not rape and it is against the rules.  However, Negan often threatens to rape both men and women.  Generally, it seems that Saviors are not supposed to rape people but Negan can do what he wants.

Negan also seems to have a soft spot for children.  

Martial Skills:
On numerous occasions the Saviors are shown to have very strong martial skills.  They have a variety of cold blooded killers, snipers, and hand to hand to fighters.  Their primarily weakness is that many within the group secretly oppose Negan.

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What is Sanctuary? 
Who is Negan? 

Cool pictures of Iron Fist


Cool Pictures of Iron Fist!

Iron Fist has had some great art work over the years.  My favorite is from the Immortal Iron Fist  series you can see sample of that art below:




Immortal Iron Fist art:
I love the art in this series so much I could do a post on just this.




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Defenders Saga News and Casting HUB 

Marvel - News, Characters, Reviews, Movies, and Comics 

Who is Iron Fist?

Punisher and Elekta coming to Netflix


Marvel has released two previews.  One focuses on Elektra and the other on the Punisher.  Both look .....well awesome.

This is going be sooooooooo Bad A#$!!!!!!

The Defenders Saga - Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones 

Finn Jones officially caste as Iron Fist

Marvel has announced that actor Finn Jones has been cast as Danny Rand aka Iron Fist.  Marvel has said there will be an Iron Fist Netflix series that will unite with the other heroes on Netflix to focus on a super team of street heroes called the Defenders.

To those who have followed this at all, know that many names have been thrown out to play Iron Fist.  These names have included Ryan Phillipe, and even Zac Efron.   6 months ago a rumor emerged that Marvel may be scuttling Iron Fist in favor of a Punisher series.  All these twists and turns but now finally Marvel fans have their Kung Fu hero.

Who is Finn Jones?
Finn Jones is a British actor who is best known for his portrayal of Ser Loras Tyrell the knight of flowers on Game of Thrones.  Loras is known as being a brave knight who is the heart throb of Sansa.  However, it turns out that Tyrell is more into boys then the girls.

Finn Jones has also been in Sleeping Beauty, Wrong Turn 5 and the Sarah Jane adventures.  The way that the Netflix shows have been churning out high quality and unique hero tales may mean that he will soon be known more for Iron Fist than anything else.

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Who is Iron Fist?

10 Facts about the Jungle Book the Disney Carttoon

Jungle Book the Disney Cartoon

The Jungle Book cartoon is known to multiple generations of children.  It was released in 1967 and is the last film that Walt Disney himself worked on.  The early versions of the film were dark and serious sticking closely to the themes of Kipling's stories.  Walt felt the tone was wrong for a kids movie and forced it through a variety of revisions.  He would not live to see the final one dying prior to the film's release.

Here are 10 fun facts about the Jungle Book

1) It is based on a famous book of the same name by Rudyard Kipling.  While still intended for children his story is bleaker with Mowgli struggling to find a home in either the animal or human world.  It is also full of allegory form the perspective of Kipling's British imperialist perspective.  The book can now be found online for free as it is out of copyright.  Kipling was born in India but spent much of his life away.

2) The film employed a variety of famous actors at the time and was released to great acclaim.  The soundtrack was quite popular with the song "Bare Necessities" being a memorable hit.  This was a good thing because the company itself was highly depended on the film being a success.  It is possible that due to Walt's death during the film's production that the studio could have collapsed if the film had failed.

3) Disney has released a few revisions of the Jungle Book including a rather forgettable live action version in 1994.

5)  According to one Kipling's children Mowgli's name was mispronounced throughout the film.  The name Mowgli should have been Mow like Cow not Moe.  It is unclear why Disney chose to pronounce the name the way he did.

6) It is rumored that the Beatles were meant to voice the friendly Vultures that befriend Mowgli after he runs away from his jungle pals.

7)  Ka the mischievous Python is voiced by Streling Holloway.  Strelling is more famous for voicing the lovable Winnie the Pooh.

8) Louis Prima who voiced the character King Louis is said to have been highly excited about playing the character and came to Disney with multiple ideas.  He is also said to have improvised parts of his song.

9) The song sung by Ka the Python "Trust Me" had initially been written for Mary Poppins and was re-purposed for the Jungle Book.

10)  Bill Peet wrote the first darker version of the Jungle Book.  While Disney altered a great deal of the original story boards some pieces were kept.  This included King Louis and the idea of Mowgli seeing a girl and following her into the Man Village.

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Lucifer review the Illusion of Free Will by Sir Kent

Lucifer review the Illusion of Free Will by Sir Kent

#sirkentsaid #Lucifer 

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What did I tell y'all? What did I tell y'all? Did I NOT say that Mazikeen (Lesly-Anne Brandt) had a look of greed about her? Not for money or family but to do what she was truly meant to do. Spread pain and suffering among the world of humans.

I think that Lucifer (Tom Ellis) drove her to the last scene of this week's episode. After she tried to declare her independence from Lucifer, he kindly reminded her that this illusion of her free will is exactly that...AN ILLUSION. She was created for the sole purpose of protecting Lucifer. It's in her make up. It's who she is. So, even if she WANTS to leave him to his current obsession of exploring his humanity, she cant. 

Knowing that you have no say so in your own life, knowing that you are little more than a slave, is a hard pill to swallow. So, she has started to focus her attention on the person who she thinks is the cause of all of her problems, Det. Chloe Decker. This entire situation is only being made worse by Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside). He has been actively pursuing Mazikeen for some kind of leverage that he can use to get Lucifer back to Hell. Not to mention, there is a strange attraction between he and Mazikeen. 

With what has transpired thus far, the picture for the season finale is starting to become clear to me.
#1-Lucifer will be forced to kill Mazikeen because she will try to kill Det. Decker. Word of this will spread throughout Hell which will make Lucifer’s own demons come after him.

#2-Lucifer will kill Amenadiel which will cause a war between Heaven and, Hell.

#3-Amenadiel will kill Linda (Rachel Harris) which will send Lucifer into a rage that will make him have to fight both Amenadiel AND Mazikeen because by then, they would have shagged! (C’MON! They're gonna shag, people).

Even though Det. Decker is a walking cliche (This character could be in ANY series like this) and as of yet, I really don't care much for her, the series has legs. I think it will get picked up by FOX especially since they will be saying goodbye to BONES this season. Although, I think the “Civilian Counsultant” to the police department, has fun it's course. We DON'T NEED another show with this dynamic!

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History of the Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling

A new version of the Jungle Book is coming and it looks amazing.  Many remember the old Disney cartoon of the Jungle Book but only a few I talk to realize that it is actually based on a much older work. In this case the Jungle Book is based on a story by the same name by renowned British author Rudyard Kipling.
The Jungle Book story or rather stories were initially published in a series of magazines between 1893 and 1894.

The origins of the Jungle Book are as heart warming as they are somber.  It is believed that these stories began as stories that Rudyard told his young daughter.  The first edition of the book contained a heart warming tribute to her.  Sadly, Josephine Kipling died tragically at the age of 6.  Rudyard's 2nd daughter Elsie was also read the stories and through hearing her Father tell them knew that Disney had mispronounced multiple of the names in their film.

Interestingly, Rudyard himself was born in India but spent much of his life living else where.  His writing in the Jungle Book is thus based off his father's experience and that of his own research.  Rudyard was sent away from his parents to live in a Boarding school at England at the age of 5.  In England Kipling stayed with a couple who housed children of British-Indian expats.  He says that the couple was extremely hard on him and it was in this environment that he developed his talents for narrative.
 "If you cross-examine a child of seven or eight on his day’s doings (specially when he wants to go to sleep) he will contradict himself very satisfactorily. If each contradiction be set down as a lie and retailed at breakfast, life is not easy. I have known a certain amount of bullying, but this was calculated torture—religious as well as scientific. Yet it made me give attention to the lies I soon found it necessary to tell: and this, I presume, is the foundation of literary effort"

After he was finally removed by a family member from the bad conditions he was asked why he had never told anyone about his poor treatment.

"Often and often afterwards, the beloved Aunt would ask me why I had never told any one how I was being treated. Children tell little more than animals, for what comes to them they accept as eternally established. Also, badly-treated children have a clear notion of what they are likely to get if they betray the secrets of a prison-house before they are clear of it"

It is also possible that in this bleak landscape he spent time looking back dreaming of his earlier years in India.  Potentially, already beginning to build ideas of the Jungle Book in his mind.  A place for him to escape to in his mind.  One thing is clear is that the ordeal gave Kipling a kind of empathy and understanding of the child's mind that allowed him to write powerful works geared at children.

The Jungle Book itself is quite a bit larger and more encompassing than the famous Disney film.  The story most know is primarily one of the stories.  There are other stories and poems each a kind of allegory. One of the stories focuses on Mowgli after the events of the Disney Jungle Book where he struggles to fit in the human or the animal world.

1) Mowgli''s Brothers
2) Hunting-Song of the Seeonee Pack
3) Kaa's Hunting
4) Road Song of the Bandar-Log
5) Tiger! Tiger!
6) Mowgli's Song
7) The White Seal
8) Lukannon
9) Rikki-Tikki-Tayi
10) Dareez Chaunt
11) Toomai of the Elephants
12) Shiv and the Grasshopper
13) Her Majesty's Servants
14) Parade-Song

 A story designed to teach life lessons to his daughter has now become a beloved book by millions of children and adults.
The stories of the Jungle Book are now out of Copyright and can be read by anyone for free online.


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Maggie Greene in cosplay

Maggie Greene in cosplay

By Fishycosplay
By Fishy Cosplay

Maggie by Razo007

For more Undead Fun and Terror:

Return Maggie Greene

Cllick to Enter the Walking Dead Headquarters!

Important characters:

The All Things Walking Dead HQ

Maggie Greene comic pictures from The Walking Dead

Maggie Greene comic pictures from The Walking Dead

Maggie has a lot of memorable moments in the Walking Dead comic.  She continues to be a important character as the leader of the Hilltop Community.

With Glenn:

Talking Rick

All out War:
Maggie leads the community of Hilltop during All Out War.

Dealing with Gregory
Gregory attempts to poison Maggie but he gets the dose wrong.  It does kill Maggie and Jesus interupts and saves Maggie.  Maggie then executes Gregory.

For more Undead Fun and Terror:

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Cllick to Enter the Walking Dead Headquarters!

Important characters:

The All Things Walking Dead HQ

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