Harlem in the Marvel Universe

Harlem in the Marvel Universe Welcome to Harlem Harlem is a neighborhood in New York City.  In the Marvel universe it is best known as the home and stomping grounds of the hero, Luke Cage . The poem "Harlem" By poet Langston Hughes What happens to …

The road to Strange - Doctor Strange comics

One book on the shelf really caught my eye and that is the Doctor Strange annual.  It has a great cover and a very interesting story. Fresh off the magical beating Doctor Strange took in the end of magic event that has just finished rolling through his comics…

What was in the Box? Agents of SHIELD

There was a box that was opened by a group of chinese smugglers.  The box called itself a breath of fresh air.  Once opened the box released a gas or an airborn agent of some kind and the gangsters began seeing themselves as monsters.  Previously men were fo…

FROM THE VAULT - Nova 19 - First appearance of Blackout

FROM THE VAULT Nova #13   Nova Series 1 Published in May 1978 Writer: Marv Wolfman Artist: Carmine Infantino  I was organizing some comics and I randomly came across this Nova 13.  This is not a very valuable comic you can likely find a descent copy of it for arou…

Who is Black Mariah?

Who is Black Mariah? Black Mariah is a Marvel villain known for battling the hero Luke Cage .  Black Mariah will be villain faced by Luke Cage during the Netflix Luke Cage series.   Actress Alfre Woodard will play Black Mariah in the series. Real Name: Unreve…

X-Men Apocalypse end credit meaning - Spoilers

Warning if you have not seen X-Men Apocalypse this brief post does contain spoilers. Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers The meaning behind the X-Men Apocalypse end credit scene is simple it hints at the arrival of the next X villain.  The scene is very short and man…

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