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Stranger Things is a show produced to be an exclusive on Netflix.  The series stars some familiar faces in Winona Ryder.  The show has received rave reviews and currently boasts a 5/5 on Netflix ratings.

Update 8/31/2016
Good news Stranger Things fans Netflix has officially renewed Stranger Things for a 9 Episodes Season 2.  They also released this promo teaser for the 2nd season.

An Interesting Spoiler Filled Theory on Stranger Things:


Toylab Review: 

Lets start with this - This show is freaking awesome, Just watch it!  You really don't need a review for this show as it has already ready received so much positive feedback.  Its good. Its different.  You need to see it. Is it a perfect show? At times it feels overly burdened with subplots that at times seem unnecessary. The story and characters feel familiar in many ways. Something though about this series just works. Despite whatever flaws it has, it works. In the end you will want more.

Stranger Things begins with four young boys playing Dungeons of Dragons (Or a game like it) in one of their basements. In the game they face off against a terrible monster called the Demogorge and barely manage to survive its clutches The boys close up the game and all head home all on bikes. The boys riding around bikes immediately calls forth nostalgic images of 80s films like E.T. and the Goonies. On the way home though things go very, very wrong for one of the boys, Will. Will gets home but something is causing the lights to lose energy. There are weird sounds and he is being chased by ..........something.

Immediately in the show it veers from a fun nostalgic romp to something a little more sinister. How sinister? well that is part of the reason why you keep watching.

I read a Vox review that offered this fitting comparison:

Will disappears and his fate is unknown. The town he lives in comes on edge.

The rest of the characters go on different paths, and many end up finding the source of what happened to Will. This leads to some terrifying horror and scifi themes overlapping to create something entirely new.

The cast and acting in the series is amazing with too many standout performances to list. Winona Rider will be mentioned for playing a distraught yet tough as nails mother, but the entire cast shows up. The children in the show deserve a ton of credit for creating a group of friends that will draw comparisons to great works like Stand by Me.

I would be remiss without mentioning actress Millie Bobby Brown who plays Eleven.  Eleven is easily my favorite new character of 2016. Expect the internet to be filled with Eleven art and memes, its coming. She is just too freaking cool.  Yes, I am currently calling anyone around who annoys me a "Mouth Breather",  watch the show you and you will to.

The special effects in the series show up at integral moments to create shocking visuals that clash with the friendly 80s environs of the film. The show is not littered with special effects but when they appear they pack punches.

The series is quickly becoming a smash hit for Netflix despite not being hyped too much. Word of mouth is blowing up on the series and that is a good sign for any series.  When people care enough to tell their friends watch this, then you know that the show resonated with people.  What element of the show makes it work? the nostalgia, the mystery, the weirdness or the horror.  The truth is that it may have to do with these elements working in combination with each other that make the show feel original.

The Theme Song:
The shows theme song feels like its own character. It immediatly sets the tone with both a retro nostalgic feel as well as an underlying feeling of menace.

You can listen to more of the music from the band SURVIVE below.  SURVIVE is an Austin, Texas based Synth band.

How did their music end up being featured in the series.  In an interview with Band Camp one member of the group of 4, Kyel Dixon explained:

“The [Duffer Brothers, the show’s creators] found our music somehow, I don’t really know how they found it. They’d used a song of ours in a little mock trailer that they made to finish the concept pitch. I guess through pitching that, and it being successful, they decided to reach out to see if we were available to do more music for them. Of course, we said ‘Yes.’”
Bandcamp interview with SURVIVE

The bands popularity has skyrocketed due to its association in the show.  This is largely because the score from SURVIVE packs a huge punch that sets the one of the series each time the theme song ignites.  Music from SURVIVE is also featured in a various moments in the show.  The band said they sent the Duffer Brothers 50 tracks the day after being asked for more material.

Season 2?
The big question is will Netflix create a 2nd season.  To that question there is only answer.....Duh.

Sorry, that might have been a little juvinile but rest assured that question at the moment is completely stupid. YES, a wildly successful show that Neflix has all the rights to will get a SEASON! Netflix has added seasons to much less popular shows that includes Marco Polo, and Hemlock Grove. Need proof of this

The shows producers the Duffer Brothers have already started commenting on how season 2 will jump ahead a little in the future. The season will likely focus on some of the bread crumbs dropped during the season such as the fate of Eleven, and the effects of traveling into the upside down on Will.

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