How do you beat Mewtwo? Pokemon Go

How do you beat Mewtwo? Pokemon Go questions

Mewtwo is a massively popular character in part because he is the most serious and scary looking of all Pokemon.  He is kind of like a scary, psychic, cat Frankenstein, a FrankenMon! Mewtwo has often been considered to be the most powerful Pokemon in previous games. He is considered to be a legendary Pokemon.

Mewtwo is said to come from a gene splicing experiment that was performed on another powerful pokemon called a Mew.  While the Mew is pretty cute looking the Mewtwo is big and scary.
 Due to its genetic testing the Mewtwo is said to have the darkest and most ruthless heart of all Pokemon.   It lives to battle and effectively destroy all other Pokemon.

First lets start with answering the question is Mewtwo in Pokemon Go?  Despite numerous people saying they have caught or seen Mewtwo the official word from Niantic the games developer is that the legendary Pokemon (Mewtwo included) will not be released until after the game is released worldwide.

I will not mislead anyone that any strategies I have developed are based off actual battles with Mewtwos.  I can't test them yet but based off my overall Pokemon research I have ideas for what will work once Mewtwo does appear.

One video of Mewtwo battling has appeared that looks legitamate.  It seems someone hacked into the game itself to get the Pokemon then demos what both Mew and Mewtwo are like in battles:

Battle with Mewtwo:

How do you catch Mewtwo?

There are however a ton of videos showing people catching Mewtwos.  These videos have all been proven to be fakes.  Don't fall for this stuff.  How do you catch a Mewtwo?  right now you can't.  That said hundreds of rumors have popped up on where Mewtwo might be lurking.

One of the most prevalent rumors is that Mewtwo concerns the American Military base Area 51. Area 51 is a base located in the desert of New Mexico where rumored experimental aircraft have been tested.  Many conspiracy theories surround the base and what types of things have gone there including alien ship testing.  These alien stories would make it a seemingly fun location to stash a powerful pokemon like Mewtwo.  This of course ignores some massive problems.

Is Mewtwo at Area 51?

For awhile I heard that Mewtwo could be caught at Area 51.  This rumor has a few huge problems with it beginning with that cell phone service in that area of New Mexico is pretty awful.  The 2nd problem being that Area 51 is a heavily guarded military base that does not allow civilians to walk in to catch Pokemon.  

I did ask a New Mexico friend if anyone has made the treck to try to test the theory at Area 51's gates. He said yes they have but its bunk there are no Mewtwos there.  If any thing he said you would be better off going to one of the bigger metro areas of New Mexico like Albuquerque or Sante Fe.  So as cool as this rumor may be it is not true.

New Mexico does have some great sights and great food GREEN CHILLE so if you really want to extra reason for a road trip go for it.  However, I would recommend keeping your distance from the heavily guarded military base. Messing with the military for a pokemon is not a good idea, EVER.
HOW TO FIGHT A MEWTWO or should I say...



Remember that Pokemon Types are very IMPORTANT 
Read this --->  Pokemon Types Explained

So you have somehow managed to enter a battle with imposing Mewtwo.  Want to take 

down this ruthless brainiac?

I have some strategies for you.

Keep in mind that Mewtwo is bound to be super powerful so even with a type advantage it may still clobber you.

Mewtwo is a psychic Pokemon that have a peculiarity of having attacks that do not work well on eachother. One simple strategy is to find a Psychic Type Pokemon with non Psychic attacks. Two Pokemon that tend to meet this criteria are Jinx that is a Psychic Ice hybrid and Slowbro which is a Psychic / Water pokemon hybrid.  Both of these Pokemon tend to have at least one non Psychic attack.  The problem with this strategy is that both Jinx and Slobro are fairly rare.  People have them but I have not seen a lot of them.

Another Pokemon that is a psychic hybrid that has been showing up a lot is Exeggutor.  I think he could be a great Pokemon to use against Mewtwo.  Exeggutor is part Grass and part psychic.  His attacks if they are grass should work at a normal level and the psychic attacks of Mewtwo will have their damage halved.

Another idea is a Dark pokemon.  I have not seen ANY Dark Pokemon though so good luck.

Really where you might end up with Mewtwo is just using a team of your most powerful Pokemon and hope for the best.  What ever you do, do not use Fighting Pokemon as Psychic Pokemon have an advantage against them.  You do not need to give a powerful pokemon like Mewtwo any advantages.

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