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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Vulture - Spider-Man villains

Who is the Vulture?

Fan made poster of Vulture for Spider-Man 4

The Vulture is one of Spider-Man's most evil and cold blooded foes.  The Vulture was the 2nd super villain encountered by Spider-Man after the Chameleon. The Vulture has been featured in many comics, and cartoons.  The Vulture is rumored to be the main villain in the film Spider-Man Homecoming played by Michael Keaton.

First Appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man #2

Real Name: Adrian Toomes

Vulture News:

Vulture Multi-Media:


Adrian Toomes is initially a legitimate businessman and engineer.  As part of business he creates a super flight suit / harness that grants its user super strength.  Excited about his new invention he goes to show it to his business partner.  In the empty office of his business partner Toomes learns that his partner has extorted money from the business and the business has failed.  Angry Toomes uses the suit to wreck the office.   He leaves with the suit to use in a new career as a super villain.

The Vulture is the first villain that Spider-Man attempts to take pictures of to sell to the Daily Bugle.  In his first battle with the Vulture he is beaten due to being distracted over the camera.  The Vulture dropped Spider-Man into a water tower where he thought the sides would be too slippery for him to climb.  Spider-Man however not only escapes but creates a device that shuts off the Vulture suit.  He uses this device in the next confrontation as the two are airborne and they crash into a roof.  After the crash the Vulture is unconscious and arrested by the police.

In the first iteration of the Sinister Six the Vulture is one of the main members.  As Spider-Man battles through the Six the Vulture is the last villain before Doctor Octopus.  The Vulture slightly forces Spider-Man to take off his webshooters but is still defeated when Spider-Man uses his own weapon a lasso against him.  He then tells Spider-Man where the lair of Doctor Octopus was.

The Vulture has many schemes to increase his longevity, gain wealth and take vengeance on those who steal his technology.  He later is diagnosed with cancer that is thought to be caused from his use of the Vulture suit.  Fearing mortality he rushed to Aunt May begging her forgiveness for the killing of Nathan her former boyfriend.  May refused to forgive the Vulture and he was returned to prison.

The Superior Spider-Man attempted to use the Vulture and other members of the Sinister Six as brain washed heroes called the Superior Six.  However, the Vulture and the others eventually freed themselves and began to wreak havoc before eventually being stopped.

Super Strength
Super Durability
Increased Longevity


 The Vulture is rumored to be the main villain in the film Spider-Man Homecoming played by Michael Keaton.

At San Diego Comic Con a few new pieces of information came out.  First there will likely be three villains in the film.  The current thinking is that the villains will be Vulture, Tinkerer and the Shocker.

Jon Watts did a panel that revealed some of the Vulture concept art.

The Vulture will be technologically based.  This is similar to his comic origin as the Vulture is kind of a technological based mutant.  His suit will be more mechanical looking and feature a helmet and mechanical legs that have talons on his feet.  He also seems to have green glowing eyes that might be some form of night vision.

Hall H - Spider-Man Homecoming Panel
The panel for Spider-Man Homecoming at San Diego Comic Con 2016 featured Director Jon Watts and Peter Parker actor Tom Holland.  They appeared even though they had only been filming for 10 days.  They revealed that the film is going to have a John Hughes like vibe mixed with a super hero film.

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