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Netflix Synopsis:
In this Marvel live action series, a street-fighting ex-con battles crime on the streets of New York as the Super Hero, Luke Cage.

Early reviews for the series are very positive.  Some are saying this show surpasses the previous Netflix shows which is extremely high praise as all of the previous shows have been extremely positively reviewed and even awarded.

Early Reviews:

Collider - 5 stars "Excellent"

Deadline Hollywood - show "Flexes Serious Mucles"

Trailer 3:

Trailer 2:
New trailer is a lot longer that the original.  It shows some of the dynamics that are going on in Harlem that lead Cage to come out of the shadows and become a hero.
His origins at Seagate are shown as well as his friend and villain Shades.

Break Down of Luke Cage Trailer by Toylab's resident film critic:

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I wanted to take a break away from the

GUILTY PLEASURE series of post that I had been working on. After watching both

LUKE CAGE trailer's like 80 times, I had such a NERD-GASM that I HAD to write my hopes, dreams and speculations on this upcoming Netflix/Marvel masterpiece. I won't concentrate too much on Luke Cage's history as I am sure many of you know it and those that don't will have it explained to you in the form of a flashback in the series. I wanted to focus more on the villains that will be appearing in the series.

Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes will be played by Mahershala Ali (Try saying that three times fast!).  He will be playing the cousin of Council Woman Mariah Dillard played by the great Alfred Woodward. We will circle back to this in a minute. In the comics, much like the series, Cottonmouth controls all the heroin traffic in the city. In the comic, however, he was known for sporting filed down teeth that he used to bite people!   During one fight in the comics, Luke Cage knocked actually knocked those teeth down Cottonmouth's throat.  An interesting fact is that, Cottonmouth, after his return, was nearly as strong as Luke Cage!

So much to the point that he fought him to a stand still and nearly bit his f 'Beeping face off! It's also worth noting (Simply because I TRULY hope this happens in the series) that at some point, Cottonmouth becomes such a threat to the city that Daredevil sends a group of HAND Ninja's to assassinate him! THAT I want to see! It will be interesting to see how Netflix works with the teeth thing. Can you say “Cannibalism”? Ewww that'll make me feel all kinds of queasy.

The most interesting and, in my opinion, the BEST character they will have on the series will be Willis Stryker AKA Diamondback. You're probably saying “Why is HE so f BEEPin' interesting?” I will tell you why. This is an opportunity for Netflix and Marvel to introduce a new villain that could be as cool as Bullseye or Capt. Boomerang. (I of course am refering to the SUICIDE SQUAD Capt. Boomerang not  the fBeeping lame cartoon Capt. Boomerang!). Stryker got his name while running in the same gang as Luke Cage did. His ability at hand-to-hand combat and edged weapons was legendary on the streets and earned him the moniker of Diamondback. However, he and Luke Cage fell for the same woman (Ain't that how it always happens?). As the two of them grew closer, the fire of jealousy burned within Diamondback. So much so that he stole a kilo of heroin from Cottonmouth and planted it on Luke Cage.   The plan was for Luke to be either be killed by Cottonmouth or arrested. The plan completly backfired when Luke Cage was arrested, and she only fell for him more. This drove Diamondback insane who swore to find a way to either win back the woman or kill Luke Cage.

After Cage's escape, he begin to make a name for himself as a Hero-for-hire in Harlem.  The two men cross paths again. This lead to an epic fight between Luke and Diamondback who was unaware of Luke Cage's new unbreakable skin.  Diamondback was blown up by one of his own exploding knives during the fight. This is what I mean about the potential of Diamondback. Not only are his blades tricked out like Green Arrow's arrow's but, his fighting skill is a thing of beauty to watch! This is an opportunity for Marvel to REALLY do something with this guy. He may not be a match for Luke Cage but, I would DEFINITELY like to see him become a regular villain against POWERFIST or even DAREDEVIL once THE DEFENDER'S are formed.

Image from the set reveal that a battle with a tricked out Diamondback and Luke is going to happen.

Now to Mariah Dillard. She spends her days being a voice for the people of Harlem. Did you know that in the comic, she used to run a gang that was known for riding around in a stolen ambulance and robbing the victims of accidents? YUP! THAT was a real plot! SO NOT making this shBeep up! She had no powers but was excellent at playing people against each other. I think, with Netflix and Marvel keeping these series grounded in reality (As much as possible) I don't think they will make much of this plot. Maybe just in a flashback as to tell how she got to her current state. I suspect that, she will have full knowledge of her cousin's evil doings.

I think she may even use his underworld connections to her advantage but, I also think that she will spend a considerable amount of time cleaning up after her cousins VERY bloody dealing’s (Cannibalism!). I even see that near the end of the series, she will be forced to hire Luke Cage in a desperate attempt to save her own political ass! THAT will lead to the fight between Cage and Cottonmouth where we will get to see how strong he is. See what I did there? I circled back around. So, there you have it.

These are my hopes and speculations for the series. What do YOU see happening? Do you think there will be an appearance by Daredevil? Or maybe even Jessica Jones or Powerfist? Once again I would like to thank all of you who leave comments and truly engage in the conversation.

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Luke Cage Review

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Luke Cage Trailer 1:
The Luke Cage trailer was shown at San Diego Comic Con 2016.  Luke previously made his debut in the Netflix series Jessica Jones.  A very brief Luke Cage teaser was also include at the end of Daredevil Season 2.

Trailer Highlights:
Luke is seen talking to a man about actually becoming a hero.  Reva Connors is mentioned during this sequence.

Luke is then seen ripping off a car door and using it to take down thugs in a building in Harlem.  He is shot repeatedly with no effect and also kicks down a metal grate door all the while being sprayed by bullets.

Cornell Cottonmouth is seen threatening Luke Cage that he is out of his league.  Luke reponds to Cornell that he is just getting started.

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