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Preparing for Marco Polo season 2 by Sir Kent Said!

Preparing for Marco Polo season 2 by Sir Kent Said! Sir Kent is Toylab's resident Film Critic  Follow Sir Kent on Twitter and Google+: Sir Kent Twitter! Did you miss Marco Polo Season 1?  Time to catch up now as the 2nd season of this grou…

Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes review by Sir Kent Said

Marco Polo One Hundred Eyes - Review  By Sir Kent: Sir Kent If you haven't seen the series Marco Polo be warned SPOILERS!!! I think in our unbridled passion for the MCU/NETFLIX collaboration on the DAREDEVIL and JESSICA JONES, I think we had forgotten abou…

Bullseye art and cosplay

Bullseye  Villains week continues with art and cosplay of the villain Bullseye. The ruthless Bullseye hates to miss and likes to look good while being bad. Related Posts: Who is Bullseye? More amazing art and cosplay! ART:  There is a new female version of Bulls…

Who is J'son the father of StarLord / Peter Quill?

J'son of Spartax is emperor of the Spartoi Empire and the father of Earth-born hero Peter Quill AKA StarLord.    At least in the comic books, this is changed in the MCU where the character Ego will be Peter Quill's father. Emperor J'son is raised b…

Preparing for Denver Comic Con

DENVER COMIC CON IS COMING... Denver Comic Con time is approaching fast.  They have added a slew of new guests since last I looked.  It is now time for the Toy Lab to buckle down and decided on the Con Plan!!!  It is amazing how huge this thing is getting.  I…

Awesome Gifs of the Lady Sif in the MCU

Cool Pictures of The Lady Sif   from the MCU Actress Jaime Alexander has depicted the adventurous, The Lady Sif in Thor 1, Thor: The Dark World,  and is set to play her again in Thor 3: Ragnarok.  She has also appeared in two episodes of Agents of SHIELD. Click…

Thor 2: The Dark World Concept Art

I think Thor 2 was one of the most visually stunning Marvel films ever.  It may have been trumped by Guardians of the Galaxy but is still amazing. Here is some concept art of characters and places from the film. Related Posts: Thor 25 Preview- First appearance…

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