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Who is Hogun?


Who is Hogun?

Hogun is a Marvel character who is a member of the Asgardian Race.  He is a friend and compatriot of the hero Thor.  Hogun is most often attached to a group of Thor's friends called "The Warriors Three".  Hogun is played by Tadanobu Asano in Thor and Thor: The Dark World.

Affiliation: Warriors Three

Alias: Hogun the Grim

Species: Asgardian

 First Appearance: Journey Into Mystery #119

Hogun News:

Hogun Multi-Media:


 Hogun is often referred to as the Grim due to his short, taciturn form of communicating and brooding personality.  He is the most thoughtful of the Warriors Three but also the most pessimistic.  He is the only member of the three who is not Aesir (With Asgard not being his native homeland).  His homeland has never been named in the comics but is known to have been conquered by the Mogul of Mystic Mountain.  The Mogul of Mystic Mountain is one of Hogun's bitterest enemies as he not only conquered his home but also killed many of his people and family.  With the help of Thor he battles and defeats the Mogul.

Despite his dour demeanor Hogun is very noble and always loyal to his friends.

He is the first to attack Loki when he usurps the throne of Asgard.  He is nearly killed but Sif jumps before him and tells Loki that if Hogun is kills he will need to kill her first.  Loki relents.


Hogun is generally seen using a mace but not always.  He collects and is a seeming master of a wide variety of weapons.

Hogun has had many adventures with the Warriors Three and Thor.  He has battled Mangog, Thermal Man, Surtur, Mogul of Mystic Mountain, the Destroyer, Loki, Flying Trolls of Thryheim, Fafnir, Mephisto, Hela, Ego-Prime, Xorr, Ssthagar's Slavers, Mercurio, Zarrko the Tomorrow Man, Spoor, Grey Gargoyle, Enchantress, Skurge the Executioner.

Hogun perishes in Ragnarok but is found reborn like most of the Asgardians by Thor.
He helps defend Asgard in the Siege event where Norman Osborn's forces assault the kingdom.

Like most Asgardians he has:
Super Strength
Super Speed
Super Agility
Super Stamina
Enhanced Durability
Slower Aging

Hogun is very good with a variety of weapons.  In particular he seems to be a master with a mace and bludgeoning weapons.
He also been shown to be an adept healer and battle strategist.

In the MCU Hogun comes from Vanaheim but joined up with Asgardians to go on adventures.  Hogun is played by Tadanobu Asano in Thor and Thor: The Dark World.

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Who are the Shi'ar?

Who are the Shi'ar?

The Shi'ar are a powerful alien empire in the Marvel Universe.  They are most known for appearing in the X-men comic stories.  The Imperial Guard attacks Earth due to the presence of the Dark Phoenix/Jean Grey.
They are currently more powerful than the Skrulls and the Kree.  X-men writer Ed Brubaker once described the Shi'ar as "smart, aggressive, and mean" like Star Trek's Romulans.

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One of the distinctive aspect of the Shi'ar is their Imperial Guard.  Originally the Imperial Guard were based off the Legion at DC.  Overtime they have slowly changed and bear less of a direct resemblance.  The Imperial Guard is a group of Shi'ar superbeings who have sworn loyalty to the Shi'ar Emperor.  The guard is led by the loyal and extremely powerful Gladiator.  Gladiator is loosely based off of Superboy and basically has the same super powers of Superman.

Government:  The Shi'ar is an Empire ruled by an Emperor or Empress they are called Majestor or Majestrix.  The Imperial Guard serves who ever holds the title of Emperor.

Emperor's of Shi'ar:
  • D'ken - Obessed with power and a crytal that can bestow upon its user the Godlike power Dken ends up in conflict with the X-men.
  • Lilandra Neramani- More wise than her father Lilandra leads the Shi'ar away from conflict with Earth.  She also is a love interest with Charles Xavier.  Through Lilandra the X-men gain critical technology like the holograms they use in the dangerroom, cloaking fields on their jet.
  • Vulcan- The evil and very powerful mutant brother of Cyclops.
  • Gladiator - The leader of the imperial guard takes the role of Emperor after Vulcan is seemingly killed with a bomb full of Blackbolts energy.

Location:  The Shi'ar Empire is located between the Skrull and Kree Empires.  Their capital is artificial planet called Throneworld.

Expansion through Violence:  The Shi'ar force other worlds to join their empire.  Their advanced technology can allow them to easily take over or wipe out empires that refuse to join.

Warren Ellis described their method of expansion with a parable in his 1995 Starjammers series:

"Sharra and K'ythri are the gods in marriage. The gods who didn't want to marry, but were forced into it. In marriage they found strength and in strength they found love. That's what the Shi'ar Imperium does. It marries other cultures. Shotgun weddings."

Key Technology:  The Shiar have stargates that allow them  to travel throughout the universe, they have cloaking and hologram devices.

One key piece of technology is the Starcracker.  The Starcracker allows the Shi'ar to destroy a star.  The threat of the Starcracker is often enough to force other worlds to surrender to the Shi'ar.


The Shi'ar empire includes multiple alien species and worlds.
The main Shi'ar species is coldblooded and avian based.  They often have a patch of feathers sprouting like upward facing widows peak on their forehead.  Like a bird the Shi'ar have hollow bones.  Shi'ar are also concieved in eggs like birds. While you may not think a hollow boned alien would be very strong the Shi'ar come from a world with greater gravity than Earth.  Shi'ar are physically stronger than humans and capable of lifting one ton on Earth. 

The Shi'ar end up defeating the Kree in the Kree Shi'ar war.   Leaving them as one of the most powerful remaining alien empires.

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Preparing for Marco Polo season 2 by Sir Kent Said!

Preparing for Marco Polo season 2 by Sir Kent Said!

Sir Kent is Toylab's resident Film Critic
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Did you miss Marco Polo Season 1?  Time to catch up now as the 2nd season of this ground breaking series is preparing to come out!

First things first you need to know about one guy and its not Marco Polo.

Kublai Khan (/ˈkuːblaɪ ˈkɑːn/;[1] Mongolian: Хубилай хаан, Xubilaĭ xaan; Middle Mongolian: Qubilai Qaγan, "King Qubilai"; September 23, 1215 – February 18, 1294),[2][3] born Kublai (Mongolian: Хубилай, Xubilaĭ; Middle Mongolian: Qubilai; also spelled Khubilai) and also known by the temple name Shizu (Emperor Shizu of Yuan; Chinese: 元世祖; pinyin: Yuán Shìzǔ; Wade–Giles: Yüan Shih-tsu), was the fifth Khagan (Great Khan) of the Mongol Empire (Ikh Mongol Uls), reigning from 1260 to 1294 (although due to the division of the empire this was a nominal position). He also founded the Yuan dynasty in China as a conquest dynasty in 1271, and ruled as the first Yuan emperor until his death in 1294.

Kublai was the fourth son of Tolui (his second son with Sorghaghtani Beki) and a grandson of Genghis Khan. He succeeded his older brother Möngke as Khagan in 1260, but had to defeat his younger brother Ariq Böke in the Toluid Civil War lasting until 1264. This episode marked the beginning of disunity in the empire.[4] Kublai's real power was limited to China and Mongolia, though as Khagan he still had influence in the Ilkhanate and, to a significantly lesser degree, in the Golden Horde.[5][6][7] If one counts the Mongol Empire at that time as a whole, his realm reached from the Pacific to the Black Sea, from Siberia to modern day Afghanistan – one fifth of the world's inhabited land area.[8]

In 1271, Kublai established the Yuan dynasty, which ruled over present-day Mongolia, China, Korea, and some adjacent areas, and assumed the role of Emperor of China. By 1279, the Yuan forces had overcome the last resistance of the Southern Song dynasty, and Kublai became the first non-native Emperor to conquer all of China.


Trailer For Marco Polo Season 2:

When you have a period piece coming from directors
David Petrarca
John Maybury
Daniel Minahan
Joachin Ronning
Alik Sakhraov
AND Espen Sandberg
You would tend to think that such a project would be lost! SURELY this many people couldn't POSSIBLY have the same vision for a series! I mean there is a clash of ego's and directing styles that simply could not mesh between so many muthuf'BEEPas! This speaks, yet again, to the vision, faith, passion and ball's to the wall style of Netflix. They has a vision, a hope a dream for telling the story of
MARCO POLO which played out more like a big budget
HISTORY CHANNEL version of Kublai Khan.

They trusted that these five director's, using the right cast, setting and writing could bring those visions, hope's and dreams to life. You know what, season one of the series was balls on, in my opinion and I look forward to season two coming out on Netflix this weekend. MARCO POLO tells the story of a young explorer named Marco Polo
(Lorenzo Richelmy). Who, against his father's wishes, joins an expedition into the Mongolian kingdom in order to open up trade for Italy and bring Christianity to the people there. They find the journey to be precarious and the saint that Kublai Khan (Benedict Wong) asked to meet dies along the way!

Upon meeting with Khan and discovering that he rarely accepts failure for his orders, Marco's father, Niccolo
(Pierfrancesco Favino) offers to leave his son in the care of the great Khan in exchange for not only sparing all of their lives but, opening trade between the two countries. What follows is a wonderful telling of drama, betrayal and just down right HATE! I mean haters gonna hate but DAYUM! For it is a little known fact but Kublai Khan was much more than a blood thirsty Mongol. His interest including expanding his country through commerce and trade. He wanted to include all dates in his kingdom and test, he even wanted to include the Chinese...even if it meant beating that ass a little first.

Much of this caused doubt (Hate) from some who longed for him to rule like his ancestors. The costumes and setting are perfect and the battle and individual fight scenes are as good, I think, as the original
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Oh yup, I went there!). So, if your like me and you're chomping at the bite for the next season of DAREDEVIL, JESSICA JONES and the new
IRON FIST, maybe you should check out season one of MARCO POLO and then, kill the rest of your weekend with season two.

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Web of Spider-Man #36 first appearance of Tombstone


The Toylab Vault holds a large collection of comic books and every once in a while one is pulled out, and dusted off.  Lets see what secrets it holds...

Published: In March 1988
Writer: Roy Thomas
Editor: Tom DeFalco
Penciler: Alex Saviuk
Cover/Artist Alex Saviuk, Keith Williams
Inker: Keith Williams
Colorist: Janet Jackson
Letterer: Rick Parker

Notable For:
First Appearance: First appearance of Tombstone
First Appearance:  Phreak

Through the late 80s and 90s there were three primary Spider-Man monthly titles.  There was the main flagship comic the Amazing Spider-Man and two other titles.  The 2nd major title was Spectacular Spider-Man which had a focus on some of the secondary characters in Spider-Man's life.  Then there was Web of Spider-Man, which had the unfortunate position of having to focus on the third tier characters.

While it may seem weird as a kid, I always liked Web of Spider-Man the best of the three.  Yes it was the red headed step child of the three but I always like the focus on some characters who had never had a chance to really be fleshed out.  One of the characters who was given a time to shine was Joe Robertson.  Joe "Robbie" Robertson is one of the oldest black characters in all of comics but he did not always get much time to shine but that began to change with Web of Spider-Man #36.

The Toylab Copy:
Our copy of this is pretty good.  There is some ever so slight creasing on the binding that I would say holds it back from a NM book.  It was signed at Denver Comic Con 2016 by Web of Spider-Man artist Alex Saviuk.  Alex also did a Spider-Man sketch for us on The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows white cover.

Alex Saviuk sketch and signature

The story begins with Spider-Man swinging toward home and where he picks up MJ.  He complains about how hard his day has been (Most Spidey days are like this though) and she explains how her hunt for an apartment is going.

Meanwhile the issues main villain Phreak is created by kids in a school basement.  One of the kids is experimenting with a new exoskeleton thingy and when the power is accidentally turned on he gains electrical abilities.

Then things get INTERESTING!!!

A mysterious man is being followed by sinister looking pale man,...TOMBSTONE.  Robbie Robbertson sees Tombstone and looks upon him horrified.

Tombstone is thus introduced immediately as having a person connection with Robbie Robertson.  This connection is not expanded on here.  In true comic form we have to wait to see more of Tomb Stone and the connections he has to Robbie.

Another scene shows the new Tarantula undergoing treatments to gain powers.

The rest of the comic involves Phreak kidnapping MJ (Man it stinks to be Spider-Man's girl friend) but good news the webslinger is hot on his tail.  Spider-Man ends up punching him into an electronic sign where he shorts out.  One of his friends to school promises to take care of him and hauls him away.

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Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes review by Sir Kent Said

Marco Polo One Hundred Eyes - Review 

By Sir Kent:
If you haven't seen the series Marco Polo be warned SPOILERS!!!

I think in our unbridled passion for the MCU/NETFLIX collaboration on the DAREDEVIL and JESSICA JONES, I think we had forgotten about another Netflix made series that is deserving of just as much fanfare. MARCO POLO was released in late 2014 and was a military drama that told the exploits of Kublai Khan (Benedict Wong). The grandson and greatest successor of Genghis Khan. There are many reasons to enjoy this series. Be it his wife, Empress Chabi who is in charge of picking out the concubines who will pleasure the Great Khan (I'm thinking that's gotta suck for a wife!).

Or one of his most trusted advisors Ahmad (Mahesh Jadu) plotting to behead him who joins forces with a concubine sent by Jia Sidao (Chin Han) to try and assassinate the
Great Khan. All of these subplots make for great watching but for me, the stand out in the entire series was
ONE HUNDRED EYES (Tom Wu). Netflix obviously agrees because they dedicated a short, 30 minute episode to tell the story of how this warrior monk came to be in the service of the Great Khan. I think if Samuel L. Jackson were to see this guy, he would definitely call him a “Bad ass muthufucka!”. For even though blinded on order's of the Great Khan, he still manages to kill Jia Sidao with the mantas technique that he had only been exposed to once!

I did mention that he is blind and beat Sidao with a technique that HE created! Ain't that a bitch?!?! I think even more fascinating than this is how and why One Hundred Eyes was blinded in the first place. One Hundred Eyes was a monk at a monastery bordering the warring states of China and
The Mongolian Empire. Like any monk would, they rendered aid to wounded warriors from China.

This enraged the Great Khan and he sent men to the temple to kill anyone there and burn the temple to the ground. The men were met by a single monk and 25 of them fell to his righteousness. He was captured but not killed. Instead he was brought before the Great Khan who asked him how he was able to kill that many men by himself? He replied not only in a disrespectful, taunting tone. When threatened by the Great Khan he replied, very defiantly “Life and death are the same thread”.

Realizing that not only was this warrior monk of too great a value to simply kill but him not having a fear of death vexed the Great Khan. He ordered that the monk be blindfolded and forced to fight. During which, the monk killed everyone in that room, including the general son of an emperor ally. This could not go unpunished but once again, Khan couldn't simply kill the monk. He devised a way of punishing him without killing and possibly forcing him to do his bidding.

He ordered the monk to be blinded using the venom of a spitting viper. The last sight the monk ever saw was this cobra being raised out of a basket and aimed at his face. However blinding him was only a first move for Khan. For despite that, the monk, through his believes, his lifelong dedication to his fighting style or sheer will, seemed to prosper WITHOUT his eyes! So Khan was left with only one option.

Either One Hundred Eyes would train his officers in his kind of kung-fu or, Khan would order the destruction of the last monastery and everything within it. The monks entire history and people would be wiped out. Having been shot and having to relearn to do basic things like, tying my shoes, buttoning my shirts, using flatware or how to throw a punch with a hand that is filled with surgical steel, pins and buckshot, I identify with this deeply. “Life and death are the same thread”. Our lives are but a star in the infinite space (Just made that up. Feel free to quote me).

One Hundred Eyes is fascinating to me in this series because with all of this insanity going on around him, he has still managed to hold on to the person he was before he was caught. He gives himself to the service of the Khan because it is not TO HIM. It's to the people he wishes to protect. That's some otherworldly deep kinda shit there bitchs! If you haven't watched MARCO POLO: ONE HUNDRED EYES or the series MARCO POLO, knock that shit out tonight after the game's

Submission by
For more Sir Kent see:

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Bullseye art and cosplay


 Villains week continues with art and cosplay of the villain Bullseye.
The ruthless Bullseye hates to miss and likes to look good while being bad.

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Bullseye Sketch

He looks a little crazy

Important symbols of Bullseyes past

 There is a new female version of Bullseye called Lady Bullseye.

Lady Bullseye throwing stars

Daredevil and Lady Bullseye battle

Black Panther and Lady Bullseye

Bullseye looking fierce

Bullseye and Silver Sable

Bullyseye with a card

Lady Bullseye

Lady Bullseye striking a pose

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Who is J'son the father of StarLord / Peter Quill?


J'son of Spartax is emperor of the Spartoi Empire and the father of Earth-born hero Peter Quill AKA StarLord.   At least in the comic books, this is changed in the MCU where the character Ego will be Peter Quill's father.

J'son is raised by the former Emperor his father E'son to be the Emperor.  He is modeled a bit after Peter the Great of Russia.  He lives on multiple worlds and does multiple jobs.   The jobs he excels at the most are as a soldier and pilot.  Bureaucrats try to delay him becoming the emperor because they see him as too enlightened.  Eventually, J'son does indeed become emperor.

On a visit to Earth he meets and falls in love with Meredith Quill.  He has to leave to become Emperor of a massive space empire the Spartoi.  In the original story he erases her memory to ease her pain in the new version seen below he does not.  Unknown to him she is pregnant with his child, Peter Quill.  He also accidentally leaves his gun behind.  The antagonistic alien race known as the Badoon end up attacking the Quill household perhaps because they detect the gun from Spartax.  Meredith is killed.  Quill ends up looking skyward and is not very fond of his father who he blames for both abandoning him and the death of his mother.

Note Movie Origin is slightly different than this:
Peter Quill's mother dies from cancer and tells her son that his father was like an Angel.  Yondu then kidnaps Peter Quill.  Apparently, he was hired by Peter's father to deliver Peter to him but instead Yondu decides to keep him.  Yondu at one point calls Peter's father a "Dick."
Keep in mind that Marvel had to alter this origin story some because they do not own the movie rights to the Aliens the Badoon.

StarLord does meet his father.  J'son at one point and J'son offers the title of Emperor to StarLord but StarLord refuses.  The two do not always get along.  J'son disagrees with how Quill lives his life.  Quill does not like anyone telling him what to do, even an emperor, even his dad.  J'son does love his son and often interferes on his behalf when he is able to.

Spartoi and Spartax:

Concept Art of Spartax for GoTG movie - Not used

Not much is known of the Spartoi.  They are a supposed offshoot of the Shi'ar Empire, they appear to be human like, and based off Starlord they can obviously mate with humans, and their home planet is Sparta.
Their government is an empire with an emperor at its head.  The empire stretches over hundreds of planets.

See a Marvel Universe Map HERE

Are they humans?  Could be.  There is an ancient race in the marvel universe called the Xorri and they were human in appearance and happened to seed many worlds.  Both the Spartoi and Humans could come from the Xorri.

Placement of Spartax in the Marvel Universe.  My guess is that it is in the Triangulum Galaxy along with the Shi'ar Empire or in a completely separate neighboring galaxy.  This is not clear for a few reasons.  First, the Shi'ar supposedly control their entire galaxy so this leaves no room for another empire.  The two being offshoots of a single empire would indicate that that the Spartoi Empire is close in proximity to the Shi'ar.


An Angel?
In the Movie GoTG, Meridith Quill says J'son was an Angel.

I thought that J'son would still be the father of Starlord for three reasons:

1) There were plans for a Spartax in the first movie,
2) Yondu met and was hired by the father to deliver Peter to him and calls him a "dick." Means that Quill's father is still a man of means, and likely a leader.
3) The father son Conflict between J'son and Starlord is a great story

No J'son?
NOW though we know that J'son will not be father of Starlord and this opens up a lot of doors.
Still there are rumors that Marvel will change the story so that Adam Warlock or Yondu will be his father.
Who is Starlord's Father?

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Preparing for Denver Comic Con


Denver Comic Con time is approaching fast.  They have added a slew of new guests since last I looked.  It is now time for the Toy Lab to buckle down and decided on the Con Plan!!!

 It is amazing how huge this thing is getting.  It has buzz being generated all around the country.  I have never entirely understood how Denver did not have a Comic Con for so many years as we have had the largest comicbook retailer (Mile High Comics) in the world in Denver for a looong time.



This will likely change and be updated as we get closer.

The full list of guests can be viewed here:

Listen to our Podcast Preview of Denver Comic Con!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some names that stand out to me:

Movies TV 

Clark Greg and Haley Atwell - These are the two actors that I am most excited to meet.  Clark and Hayley have been the faces in the forefront of Marvel TV for the past few years anchoring the shows Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter.  There are BAzillion! questions I want to ask Clark Gregg.  Who is the new director, will the Inhuman Royal Family ever show up, what about Mar Vell?

Karl Urban - Karl is the Doctor Bones in the new Star Trek films he is also set to play Skurge the Executioner in Thor Ragnarok.  Skurge is a massively underated character and I am pumped to see what Karl's thoughts are on playing him.  As Bones he has a massive new coming out soon in Star Trek Beyond.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan - That is right Negan himself will be in the mile high city.  My guess is that he will not slip who was on the other end of the bat.   It still should make for an awesome panel if he discusses Walking Dead.

Many others including actors from Gotham, Star Trek and Vampire Diaries


The Comic Book related people coming out for this con is the best I have seen at a Denver Comic Con.  Among them are some of the most proflic and greatest writers in comic history including the likes of Stan Lee and Peter David.  As well as a slew of up and comers.

A major presence from DC is expected which will roughly coincide with their relaunch of the universe with DC Rebirth:   I was actually at the San Diego Comic Con after the New 52 announcement and there were some major fireworks at different DC panels.  This time I expect the fans to be much more happy with where the DC Universe is heading.

Official Announcement from DCC:
DC Comics is changing this year more than any time since 2011’s “New 52,” and the publisher is sending its Editorial Department to DCC’16 to give YOU all the details!‪#‎DCC2016‬ ‪#‎DenverComicCon‬
Don’t miss the DC: Rebirth panel on the xFinity Stage in the Bellco Theater on Saturday, June 18 at 4:45 p.m. The panel will include editor Dan DiDio who will give you the full scoop on what to expect in the coming months, along with other DC comics creators.
Plus, in Room 607 on Friday, June 17 at 1:30 p.m., editor Marie Javins and creator Shea Fontana will talk about the new series DC Superhero Girls, a hit with kids. Finally, make sure to hit the DC: Masters of the Art Form panel with DC editor Larry Ganem, which will feature some of the publisher’s hottest artists attending DCC, on Sunday at 4:45 p.m. on the xFinity Stage. (And you’ll still have time for all that last minute shopping before the show closes!)

Stan Lee - 
Stan The Man Lee - He recently announced that he will be sticking closer to home and may have done his last NYC comic con.  The most active Marvel writer of all time is not getting any younger and now is the time to meet him.

John Romita Jr - 
Spider-Man, Punisher, Marvel, DC John is one of the most well known comic artists.  John's father was also a famous Spider-Man artist making the Romita name synomous with with the wall crawler.

Alex Saviuk - 
Alex Saviuk was a longtime artist of Web of Spider-Man and creator of the villainous Tombstone.
My first comics were drawn by Alex Saviuk and in my minds eye Spider-Man should still look the way that Alex Saviuk drew him.  This is no coincidence because he was the artist on nearly 70 issues of Web of Spider-Man along with a few Amazing Spider-Man making him one of top Spider-Man artists ever!

Georges Jeanty - 
Jeanty has done amazing work with both the Buffy and Firefly comics and he is a totally awesome dude to talk to.

J Scott Campbell -
Scott is one of the most famous artists known especially for his drawings of  dynamic females.

Peter David -
Among the most prolific and outspoken comic writers of alltime Peter David always generates interesting stories whether on the page or in a panel.  Last I looked Peter was in the top 10 most prolific Marvel writers.

Jim Shooter - 
The often controversial former editor in chief of Marvel will be in attendance.  Shooter presided over many changes at Marvel including sales to specialty stores.  He also led the company through Secret Wars and many famous Marvel stories including Frank Miller's run on Daredevil and Claremont's X-Men run.  Despite many successes and obvious talent for story telling Shooter is also known for losing some of Marvel's talent to DC.  Shooter eventually left Marvel to go to Valiant and later in 1993 to Defiance where he was embroiled in a famous lawsuit over the title Warriors of Plasm.  Marvel said the title Warriors of Plasm infringed on their character Plasmer.  Eventually, Defiant won the court battle but after spending 300k in courtroom fees Defiant's capital had eroded and the company eventually collapsed.
Shooter has been accused of some writers including fellow guest Peter David of taking too much credit for the specialty store sales model.

There are always great Cosplayers at Denver Comic Con which really adds to the fun.  There are professionals that come here as well really amazing amateurs.  No matter who they are they make the crowd really colorful and vibrant.

Ivy DoomKitty -
Ivy is a professional cosplayer known especially for her Gender Bending take on Doctor Doom.

Cara Nichol AKA AZ Powergirl
Cara has attended every Denver Comic Con and always makes a splash with one of her cosplays.  She is at the forefront of using her cosplay fame to launch comics and other entrepreneurial vehicles so I always pay attention to her.  Last I heard she was running for a seat in the House of Representatives of Arizona with the Green Party.  

Full Denver Comic Con Coverage!

Walking Dead Cosplay


Walking Dead Cosplay
There have been a few fun Walking Dead Cosplay groups walking around comic cons.  While the outfits are not hard to create, they are also less distinctive.

The All Things Walking Dead HQ






The All Things Walking Dead HQ

Awesome Gifs of the Lady Sif in the MCU


Cool Pictures of The Lady Sif  from the MCU

Actress Jaime Alexander has depicted the adventurous, The Lady Sif in Thor 1, Thor: The Dark World,  and is set to play her again in Thor 3: Ragnarok.  She has also appeared in two episodes of Agents of SHIELD.

Click Here to Return to the Lady Sif

Thor 1:






Thor 2: The Dark World:




Agents of SHIELD:



Click Here to Return to the Lady Sif

For More Fun Stuff!

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