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Friday, April 15, 2016

Lucifer review by Sir Kent - New knowledge comes with a price

Written by Guest Blogger and Movie Expert Sir Kent 

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What did I tell y'all? What the F'BEEP did I tell y'all? Did I not say that Maze and Amenadiel were going to shag? That was not the only dynamic that had a light shined on it during this episode. Now that Lucifer knows that Detective Decker is the root of his mortality, what is he going to do with that knowledge? 

SURELY the Devil will decide to save his own ass and find a way to either steer clear of her or possibly even just kill her? Or, has he been exposed to her for so long now that, he may decide to continue on his present course? Simply enjoying his adventures among humans too much to care about his own demise. The bigger question here is what happens when Maze and Amenadiel find out? You just KNOW they both will. Will Maze, armed with this knowledge, consider her a threat to be eliminated? 

She has already been known to stalk the detective. Or will Amenadiel himself try to kill her just to force Lucifer’s hand towards a war that he secretly wants? I think after this week's episode, I will be ready to make my predictions for the season finale. 

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